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  1. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 what will happen to Miroslav KLOSE? thanks.
  2. Re: Tactics Help Thread hi can you tell me a good formation for my team? i usually go with 3-5-2 GK ENKE,robert DEFENDERS LAHM, Philipp MORETTI, Emilian RAFINHA, Marcio SAGNA, Bacary BRUNO ALVES DEMICHELIS, Martin LUCIO, Ferreira MIDFIELDERS SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian DIARRA, Lass TOULALAN, Jérémy FLETCHER, Darren CARRICK, Michael DAVID SILVA, Josué EDERSON, Honorato ARSHAVIN, Andrei TURAN, Arda FORWARDS ZARATE, Mauro KLOSE, Miroslav DI NATALE, Antonio DEL PIERO, Alessandro GOMEZ, Mario NEGREDO, Álvaro thanks for any advice!
  3. Re: Miroslav KLOSE or Antonio DI NATALE? anyone can help me??
  4. i need to sell a forward but they are both 93 and both 31 years old. Di natale in italy is doing well, he is the top scorer with 6 goals in 3 matches, but he doesn't play for the NT. Klose i think he plays well for the NT. who is better??who will mantain his rating? thanks all for the replies.
  5. Re: Di natale. Will he rise or will he drop? i'm italian and actually Di Natale is the top scorer with 6 goals in 3 matches. If he continue scoring i think that he will mantain his rating.
  6. Re: Length of the game. at 22.00 GT(game time) the results are in.
  7. hi all i control Bayern Munchen in 3844 world championship . when i do an offer for Lahm that is in the Manchester United and the MU player accepts the SMFA keep blocking the deal. I dont have any links with the MU player and i dont know him. Lahm value il 25 million and i offero 30 million. thanks all for the help.
  8. currently i have DEMICHELIS in my squad, but i would know if in the next changes he will rise, stay or drop. is there also a good replace for him? THANKS ALL!
  9. Re: Clarence Seedorf/Esteban Cambiasso seedorf 92/91 but for me cambiasso should stay
  10. i've just bought this young player, he will rise or stay in the next changes? he plays also for the spanish national team? he is doing well at valencia? THANKS ALL!
  11. Re: TONI for ADEBAYOR ok thanks all
  12. i'm buying ADEBAYOR for TONI+10mil. it is a good deal? I know that toni will drop but adebayor will rise, stand or drop!?
  13. He is a good buy? he will rise? thanks
  14. Re: Lee's list of 88+ risers very nice work! i hope you go on
  15. Re: my squad ratings thanks all for the reply! i'm italian and lucio is playing well for Internazionale with Samuel, i think he should stay. I'm trying to sell Toni and Abidal and to buy David Silva and Rakitic(is he a riser?)I've also bought Zarate. Are you sure that Schweini will have a drop?
  16. hi all this is my bayern and i would know if my player should rise, stay or drop: Toni del piero klose di natale lucio toulalan demichelis abidal hleb carrick ze roberto schweinsteiger squillaci sagna hitlzsperger l.diarra enke negredo a.turan ederson fletcher rafinha THANKS ALL!
  17. Hi all! I'm Thinking to buy diego CAPEL,rated 90 age 21. he will rise, stay or drop?
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