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  1. Re: Deal or No Deal I know I think i will accept also should i buy dzeko?
  2. I've been offered Tevez,Garay and 20 million for Vidic should i deal or not.
  3. Re: De Rossi I'm not selling him that's the offer i've had accepted to buy him for my team.
  4. Re: Need a RB who is rated at least 90 Sanga 16.8 Million Done.
  5. Is he worth the 30 millions i've had accepted on him or not. I've currently got Carrick and Scholes as My CM
  6. Re: Need a RB who is rated at least 90 So Sagna is worth a punt then I've tryed for santon.
  7. Re: Need a RB who is rated at least 90 Yes all of the ones you have mentioned are taken by other clubs at the moment.
  8. I need a RB who's rated at at least 90 for my sqaud with the potential to go up a few ratings in the future. Sagna is available in my game world as he's currently at an Unmanaged team what do you think.
  9. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread does anyone run aleague on fifa for ps3 via this forum
  10. Re: Players to buy I know mate i have plenty of young players who are rated from 72 to 85 some have risen already and some will in the future.
  11. Right I'm investing in some players in my squad looking for high 80's who will rise soon or in the nest month or so. So far i've bought Elia and Falcao and also bought Goucruff as well I have around 25 million left and have been looking at the following: Ramires/Benfica Feliepe LB/LM Deportivo Thiago from Milan Granero/Real Madrid Who should i buy i need a good defender what do you think of the above or is there better ones you can recommend
  12. Re: Help with risers What about Elia he gonna be rising ?
  13. I have 40 million left to spend on my team and i need a few risers that have the potential to go over 90 and will get some rise in the nest updates so far I have the following. Falcao Hulk Ronaldo Has a bid accepted for Elia for 5.5 Million Also thinking about bidding on Ramires,Granero and Felipe LB for Deportivo would these be good buys if not can anyone recommend anyone else.
  14. Re: Looking for CB Riser what about bassong do you think he will rise much
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