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  1. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    What a season fell apart a bit after the League cup win, but overall much better than was expected.

    Gutted to be cheated out of 2nd due to shocking referring oh well onwards and upwards. Sad to see Vernon go, good luck Scotty!

    Well done to Peter Pawlett baby and Reynolds for great seasons!:D

  2. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Aberdeen bottled it, Celtic still dive and annoy the heck out of me, refs are useful and incredibly bad whats new. Really annoyed Celtic were there for the taking but we let them play and lost, despite how bad the ref was it got stuck it might have helped. Oh well, onwards and hopefully upwards.

  3. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    C'mon Scotland tonight! :D

    And Aberdeen have no chance of winning the league there are so many reasons why it wont happen (finances, awful refs, lack of depth, injuries) All these factors and more are why we wont win also if we did the best players and manger who leave hence no stability so a team outside the Old Firm wont win the league for a long time.

  4. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Might only be 7-0 this season :P

    Hectors got a lot of promise as well' date=' thought highly of around Reading[/quote']

    We have a chance Celtic are massively overrated and could struggle at the back. Hector has been good taken too many risks trying to play passes that aren't on but with Anderson so injury prone, Hector should get a decent run of games.

  5. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Aberdeen win a game :eek:. Also we scored the first ever goal in the Scottish Premiership, a good win for us today should have scored more but our finishing was poor!

    In other news, well done to St.Johnstone and Celtic again in Europe

    Rangers out the League cup

    Romanov is going to be arrested if hes found

    Rangers board is a mess

    SPFL still has no sponsor

  6. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    I think St. Johnstone will get threw to the next round, although its weird seeing Fallon in Europe. Celtic should also get threw although they will eventually miss Hooper and Wanyama.

    League will now be called

    Scottish Premiership


    League 1

    League 2

    Imaginative stuff and the badge is awful. Good old organisation and the name SPFL just sounds stupid.

    The upcoming season could be interesting as no team really stands out, Celtic will win the league and Hearts are probably relegated so in fact next season is pointless good old Scottish football.

  7. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    I'm liking the look of our squad for next season, another keeper and full back and I'll be over the moon. We seem to one of the few teams that has strengthened so far.

    This is what I hope for next year:


    Shaughnessy Reyonlds Considine Robertson

    Hayes Flood Jack Wylde

    Zola McGinn

    Hope the youngsters such as McManus, Smith, Masson are all given a fair chance.

  8. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Hearts are in administartion good old Scottish Football.

    Other news

    Killie want there chairman out

    Tommy Wright new St. Johnstone manager

    Zola joins Aberdeen

    Johnstone looks to be Killie favourite

    Celtic sign Balde

    Celtic new kit is poor

    Ross County are loosing there best players

    New fixtures announced

  9. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Scotland won, magic can happen. First away win in 18 months against the 4th best team in the World, not bad just hope we can turn a corner now.

    In other news:

    Dundee United kits are horrible

    Hughes has been released :D

    Shiels could get sacked

    Lomas has joined Millwall

    Callum Elliot has joined two clubs :rolleyes:

    Scottish FA is still a farce

    Aberdeen have signed Flood and Robson

    Motherwell and Ross County have lost a lot of there sucessful squads

  10. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread

    LOL true' date=' what happened to that young CB that was once the talking point of Dundee United if im not mistaken, a strong bald guy[/color']

    Haha he was never good just overrated Kenneth is the guy

    For a player I haven't really heard of before' date=' I'm excited to welcome Chris Humphrey (Motherwell) to the club! I've watched a few youtube clips of him (that doesn't really give you a fair judgement of a player, but you can get a rough idea of what they're like) and he does look really good. He scored a similar goal to Nugent in the respect that he took it from his own half and did all the hard work himself before slotting home (as Nuge did against Palace in the FA Cup all those years ago). Apparently we beat off interest from Reading, Leeds and Rangers, so that was good. It's always a good sign when you manage to shake off competition of a higher standard (That maybe doesn't apply to Rangers anymore :P).

    He's rapid, so that's good. Him and Jeffrey together out wide... ahh :D





    Ben, he either good, average or bad very inconsistent but he can be a good winger on form.

  11. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Incredible to think that we drew 2-2 with Bayern only six years ago and they've been in 3 of the last UCL finals and we've done nothing.

    Delighted for Munich however, there 2nd goal wouldn't have happened in Ribery and Dante were correctly sent-off and Lewandowski as well so who knows what would have happened. It will be interesting to see how Dortmund cope next year

  12. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Well done to Alloa back into Division 1, Feel sorry for Dunfermilne though hope they can find the money to save the club. Shame Peterhead lost. On another congrats to Cove Rangers Highland league champions.

    Hearts what is going there, they could be relegated and Dundee could be back in the SPL. Rangers are still a mess.

    Good old Scottish Football :rolleyes:

  13. Re: Official Everton FC Thread

    Wilshere doesn't play for the reds?
    In MY signature. Thought you'd change it. DO so.

    He copied my sig first hence the Red bits and they changed the sig pic to Wilshere he just other members avas and sigs

    Back to Everton good to see Naismith getting a goal and whats the latest on Jelavic?

  14. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Good game to end the season pity we couldn't win, shame too see Osbourne and Rae leaving all the best to them. On a more positive next season looks positive Smith, Low and McManus all played well. Still need a few signings. Do like our next kit as well, This is what I hope for next year


    Jack New Cb Reynolds New LB

    Hayes New CM New CM Low

    Smith/Mcmanus McGinn

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