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  1. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Rangers in Div 3 helping Scottish football big time.

    7 500 watching the match between 1st and 2nd of the SPL. Amazing turnout.

    Edit: Just realized we have the same signature :D

    Motherwell have always had poor attendances' date=' and Rangers could be in trouble again! :rolleyes:

    On the plus side Aberdeen won but we rely far too heavily on McGinn[/font']

  2. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Qualification Thread

    Trouble is' date=' we were 6th seed (the same as Liechtenstein :rolleyes:) but I'd fancy ourselves as a better side than Greece.

    Hopefully, if we can finish 3rd or 4th we'll be able to get our seeding up so that a group like this would be possible.

    It wasn't a fair tackle in any way, as he fouled him on the follow through. If that was the case, McManaman's tackle on Heidera was a fair tackle. We didn't make any challenges with excessive force.

    It would have been worse if Brown was playing, but that doesn't make it any better or more acceptable.[/quote']

    McManaman was no where near the ball, Hanley takes the ball first then the man , also Wales were completely Innocent of course

  3. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Qualification Thread

    Your players were useless' date=' but they did also spend more time trying to get "stuck in" then anything else.

    You played like thugs against us, so many dirty challenges and the referee didn't give us the protection we should have had. The Grant Hanley tackle on Jon Williams is pure thuggery, and then he goes and catches Bellamy heavy on a follow through of a tackle and gets away with it or otherwise you'd have gone down to nine. It came back to cost you the game in the end with that Snodgrass challenge.[/quote']

    It would have worse had Brown be playing, Hanley won the ball first with Bellamy so it's a fair tackle, Wales were perfect I assume? :rolleyes:

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