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  1. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Do you have a complete and utter failure in your ability to read?

    Glasgow Rangers no longer exist!

    Does that make it clear to you?

    If someone dies and I buy his house' date=' it does not mean I am that person does it?

    I am fairly sure I have made it clear time and again that the SHAM football club playing in the Scottish Third Division, owned by Mr Green, is NOT the same club as the one I supported as a boy/teen/youth/man - perhaps it's too tricky for an Aberdonian to understand that! :)[/quote']

    I sense a little bit of bitterness? :D. Just wait until there in the SPL :rolleyes:

  2. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    that div 1 table is looking pretty good right now.

    Morton got promoted on my save on FM13 just saying, as much as I'd like Morton up I think they need a season more because look at Dundee admittedly different circumstances.

    Our injury list is ridiculous and Considine has apparently broken his leg, great :rolleyes:

  3. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Is there still football in Scotland?

    Seems a bit pointless everyone else playing on after the greatest domestic club of all time vanished from the league - judged guilty by their peers before being found innocent by an independant panel of judges.

    Get over it Ian it's getting boring now...

    It's SCOTTISH football so you still talk about the 3rd Division if you want. Elgin and Peterhead doing well is nice to see;)

  4. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread

    3rd time of asking and I won the PL with Swansea, and just won my first Champions League game. Team is looking so good now


    Clyne(83) Hummels(88) Zouma(79) Santon(82)

    Pogba(83) Xhaka(81)

    Cuenca(82) Sterling(80)




    Richards(78) Bartley(78) Bradley(72) Boufal(73)

    Ki(79) Edwards(72)

    Redmond(76) Bruno(72)



  5. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Ian, they have cost us points due to the inconstancy of the ref it's so stupid. Magennis pulls the boy shirt pen fine, bet the Hearts player did the same thing, Hearts go on to win. Inverness boy fouls our boy no freekick they go and win game. Killie player dives win pen, keeper sent-off they score and win the game and that just the last three games

  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    My thoughts : City best time for 15 mins but didn't create enough clear cut chances, we score great, Kompany off was great news for us, We score the 2nd, City come back in, Half time.

    We slacked off let City although Evans and Valencias injuries didn't help. We were unlucky as far as we should have been 3-0 up. Although didn't think Evra was a pen, Smalling was a blatant pen and we rode our luck. Thanks to Nasri been such a woos we won the game :D

    The city fan was an idiot but he is one in a minority

  7. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread

    Into my 4th season with Swansea, 3 points clear with 10 games to go. Loved the team, El Shaarway wanted to leave despite playing most of the time I got £42 M for him so all good and helped the depth a bit.


    Clyne(82) Zouma(79) Chico(80) Santon(81)

    Merkel(84) Pogba(81)

    Sterling(79) Dyer(82)




    Richards(76) Williams(79) Bartley(77) Robinson(74)

    Xhaka(80) Ki(79)

    Kelvin(76) Free agent(71)



  8. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Aye Mike Tumilty sent one of our boys packing after only 90 seconds against Kilmarnock at the weekend there. Complete joke of a decision and gave us a mountain to climb. :mad:

    Trying have Alan Muir missing a clear trip for Foran from which Inverness go on and score from and win the game, booking your player for celebrating the equalizer but do nothing to merit the yellow, yet Mulgrew celebrated in front of nothing happen, also missed numerous other fouls in 45 mins.

    And Collum well need I say more :rolleyes:

  9. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Some papers have linked us with Ryan Fraser of Aberdeen' date=' any good?[/quote']

    No :P, hope he doesn't leave seems the loyal kind. He's a great winger who is not a afraid to take on his man SPL teams can't handle him hence in his 10 games or so he's played he got 15 booked and 1 sent-off. Our best player this season. He's injured from all the batterings he got atm.

    Massive game for us we got top for a day at least. COYR!

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