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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    Since Beckham is finishing at MLS does anyone think Fergie will offer him a chance to come back to United? I think it would be good.I miss him as a United player.:)

    Yes, also get Gary and Phill Neville back and Nicky Butt. No we don't need Beckham and if we need a midfielder it's a young one in his early 20s in their prime not in their twilight years.

  2. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread

    Started a fresh career with Stoke a few days ago on WC.

    Anybody else find the bigger teams easier to play against. :P

    I beat Man City 2-1' date=' Lost 1-0 against Arsenal and 2-0 against Chelsea.

    Dont want mention how many Wigan and Swansea put past me. :rolleyes:[/center']

    Same with me, I've trashed United, did the double over Liverpool and Arsenal. Chelsea are the only one I struggle with, yet Fulham and the like are much harder to play against. Not Wigan for me I've beaten them 6-1 at home in both seasons.

  3. Re: James McClean refuses to wear a poppy on his shirt.

    After 'Bloody Sunday' it's not surprising that the Irish refuse to acknowledge the wearing of the poppy' date=' I don't think a fuss should be made, each to there own as long as they don't kick off about it. He's not British I don't think O'Shea wore one either so in terms of nationality they've both seen Innocents shot by British Troop's in their backgardens. Just a slow news day really to make anything out of this because anybody with an ounce of education in them would understand the decision.[/quote']

    O'Shea wore one for the first half and then changed his shirt for the 2nd half as many players do.

  4. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Alright' date=' Lennon clearly isn't a very popular man with Rangers fans but he is a good manager. Yes it hasn't gone brilliantly in the league so far, but they'll walk away with it in the end which is all that matters.

    In the transfer window Lennon has been probably the most impressive manager i've seen in recent years:

    [b']2010/11:[/b] Joe Ledley (Free), Charlie Mulgrew (Free), Gary Hooper (£2.4 million), Beram Kayal (£1.2 million), Anthony Stokes (£1.2 million), Emiliano Izaguirre (£600k), Tony Watt (£100k), Kris Commons (£300k)

    2011/12: Kelvin Wilson (Free), Adam Matthews (£400k), Victor Wanyama (£900k), Mikael Lustig (Free)

    2012/13: Fraser Forster (£2m), Miku (Loan)

    Think that was main due to his head scout, who himself is being scouted. The main reason no one likes Lennon is the way he comes across (mainly people can't stand Celtic because of him)

    I am talking about the lack of any quality of football.

    The league is closer because C**tic are letting the rest stay with them (due to having an utter moron for a manager*) and because Rangers died - otherwise it would be the most one sided season in history.

    I will admit that I haven't watched even half as many games as I have when Rangers lived' date=' but the ones I have seen have been Conference Premier level or worse.

    My Christmas wishlist is for Hearts to be the first to go bump, closely followed by some of the others, Aberdeen being top of that list! DunUtd, St Mirren and ICT can all survive :)

    *1 result does not make a man a 'hero', but I can only hope that C**tic fans 'love him' and keep him in charge because if they had another manager they would be dominating the league beyond belief

    **no idea why Dundee United don't offend me :)

    Of course - every word above is written with the bitter spite of an "Old Rangers" fan who watched the club he supports die, namely due to the fault of it's own owners and board. ;)[/quote']

    SPL has become equal, the quality is still there Ian watch a few games. Obviously it no where near what the SPL used to be like but we all know that. I do agree about Lennon though can't stand the man he does himself no favors. You're just bitter :P

  5. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread

    Butland is absolute quality for me. Heard Leali is insane too.

    Butland is good think he's 72 atm' date=' but I'll have to buy once his loan is finished he's been inconstant so far he's been in and out of the team but now I've sold Ulreich he'll be No.1. But I do like him, Loving the Swansea team I've got. Got Jack Robinson, Varane, Kane, Powell on loan as well not sure who to buy I'd like Robinson as cover not sure about the rest.


    Clyne Williams/Varane Chico Taylor

    Ki Veleso

    Hernandez Dyer



  6. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread

    My main beef with the game is that a defender always start too far back at a goal kick' date=' playing everyone onside.[/quote']

    Ye, that really annoys me as all it does is just wastes their energy

    Only had a couple of players getting concerned but the main thing I hate is players forcing a transfer. Had Koscienly wanting to leave due to being home sick and ends up moving to spain.

    Also doesn't help that for most the season I only used like 15 players.

    I've had a few over homesickness, gametime and contracts especially when they are good players it can be a pain, Graham wanted to play more and felt he was being replaced yet he plays most games? :confused:

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