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  1. Re: The Politics Thread

    If think once the stark reality of ( notional) independence is pointed out to the Scottish people' date=' they will turn out in their droves to vote against it..:)[/color']

    Most people dont want and those who do probably wont care enough to vote, It would be an awful move for us if we did gain independence, although it won't come to that hopefully.

  2. Re: The Politics Thread

    I doubt independence will happen, the only people who want have read/know enough about it. I highly doubt unless there is a massive attitude swing we'll be independent in two years time.

  3. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread

    It definitely does beat that. Those positions/formations and poor chem strikers are an abomination.

    Most of the players look terrible anyway. :o

    It was a joke :P (Ill play you tomorrow if you want), they aren't as bad as you would think, actually it's the defence. The silver team are fun to play with but also have no special players either yet. The strikers have nine and eight chem btw!

  4. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread

    An MLS bronze team without Kandji..? What?! :confused:


    Only played 2 non friendly matches with them and got d/c in one and drew the other 0-0 (against golds in division 2) - they're a great team. The front 3 and RCM have 4* skills too.

    Doesn't beat: http://www.ea.com/uk/football/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#boGHWJPqnHqoE:ps3 haha, SPL/Scottish team are actually quite good and fun to play with this year :D

  5. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread

    Winning even when we ain't playing well' date=' sign of champions surely!?[/quote']

    Dont get a head of yourself, this is Cardiff you're talking about you find someway to do yourselfs over :P. However, I would love Cardiff to go up with all the Scottish connections, Big Kev still solid?

  6. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread

    How long has Lee Clark got left? Watched them today and they looked very poor, lack bite and don't seem to do much. I rated him at Huddersfield but have seen him at Birmingham I'm not to sure. I'm really enjoying the Championship this year, have no affiliations, so just love watching such a open league.

    Shearer for Blackburn?! Also Keane is a possibility, not sure either would be a good appointment personally.

  7. Re: The Official Scottish Football Thread

    Two wins on the bounce, up to 3rd. If we could have been more lethal at the start of the season we'd be top atm which is disappointing but were showing now what we are capable of, my only concern is what we'll do once Fraser get injured which we do as defenders just take him out :rolleyes: Delighted for Vernon to get a goal well overdue.

    COYR! :D

  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Dont normally stick up for Liverpool, but the irony of the article is incredible Burley himself comes with heaps of rubbish on ESPN, at least Rodgers has done something and I quite like Rodgers. Burley is the ultimate hypocrite. Burley will have a big car, a big house he's got a massively overinflated ego himself (not that Rodgers has)

  9. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread

    Anyone else had problems with the Catalogue ?

    Brought the chairman booster and also the international management and the chairman booster still hasnt been put into my balance and im at jan window and i still havent got a offer from a international side :o any help on what to do would be appreciated!

    My Chairman boost worked fine and straight away, have you got more than one career saved?

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