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  1. Re: Snowy's Superleague under 22 championship. Roma v West Ham United Friendly Match - Wednesday 17 Jun 2009 Stadio Olimpico (82,922) Referee Attendance - 78,208 rhys oo (180) Mohamed Benouza josh bryan (97) Roma 1 - 0 West Ham United Half Time: (1 - 0) G.TORJE 5 Match Line-UpsMatch StatisticsMatch Commentary Home Team Player Ratings Away Team 1. M VANHAMEL 6 2. M SAKHO 8 3. H NORDTVEIT 5 4. R SIDNEI 5 5. P MAMAEV 7 6. D LUIZ GUSTAVO 6 7. G TORJE 1 8 8. D TADIC 8 9. C ÁLVARO JIMENEZ 7 10. P PIATTI 8 11. S JOVETIC(60) 9 Roma Substitutes 12. T KROOS
  2. Re: Penalty Controversy Well i f u saw the slow motion, indeed is a penalty. But once the referee blow for a corner then is a corner, the most is that after the match he will apologise after viewing the video. But if the 4th official saw the video n comm the referee, it is definitely not fair to Egypt. Egypt at least deserve a point. What a misfortune.......
  3. Re: moutinho + 40 = raul Well, IMO just seal the deal.
  4. Re: Fernando Torres = Pato + Benzema + Some Cash? Personally the deal is very tempting. But dont sell cause Torres will get better and his rating will definitely increase. Furthermore, you dont have any establish CF.
  5. Re: Snowy's Superleague under 22 championship. Roma v Rangers Friendly Match - Wednesday 10 Jun 2009 Stadio Olimpico (82,922) Referee Attendance - 78,521 rhys oo (179) Mohamed Benouza Ben Shepherd (105) Roma 2 - 1 Rangers Half Time: (1 - 1) G.TORJE 26 T.KROOS 72 R.SHAWCROSS 36 Match Line-UpsMatch StatisticsMatch Commentary Home Team Player Ratings Away Team 1. M VANHAMEL 7 2. R SIDNEI 5 3. M SAKHO 6 4. S KJAER 6 5. D LUIZ GUSTAVO 7 6. P MAMAEV 7 7. N MILLAN(60) 5 8. D TADIC 6 9. S OKAKA CHUKA (40) 4 10. G TORJE(60) 1 9 11. S JOVETIC 7 Roma Substi
  6. Re: Kevs League Forumers {Under New Ownership} Hi, I'm interested to join. If possible, can I manage Barcelona as I never manage the club before. If not, then let me know what teams is available.
  7. Re: Torres Deal Do you have any class CF in your squad if you sell Torres? If no, dont sell. Torres IMO will get a rise soon in the near future.
  8. Hi, is there anyone with a new setup in need of a manager pls let me know. Thanks:)
  9. Re: Man Utd Zhangy seems that u dont like korean?
  10. Re: Coming Soon - Euro SuperLeague: The Rivals Hi Hibee, I thought u let me manager Real Madrid the other time but now it seems u let another person manager it. Pls advise.
  11. Re: Coming Soon - Euro SuperLeague: The Rivals Can i manager Real Madrid?
  12. Re: PR Euro Pro-League Ok after searching all the clubs, can I take Kalmar FF from Sweden. But if you have already chose the club you want me to manage is fine with me too.
  13. Re: PR Euro Pro-League Hi Patrick so m i in? If i m, wat clubs r left?
  14. Re: PR Euro Pro-League Hi, I'm very interested in managing a team in your setup. Can I have a team either from Northern Europe or Western Europe? Thanks:)
  15. Re: Anyone can buy top players Hi Doc, I've just taken control of Shakhtar Donetsk.
  16. Re: The forumers choice - Match reports, transfer news. etc A.Madrid will be travelling to France to face Lyon tonight. Lyon will be looking for revenge for the cup loss and expected to field its strongest side. "I hope the players will concentrate on the game till the end and not conceding late goals like the last game."
  17. Re: Who Should I Buy Ya agreed with JINKY, you need to beef up your strike force as that is the only weak link you have at the moment.
  18. Re: Benfica's losing streak There is no point getting frustrated and swearing. A lot of forumers went through this stage before and understand how you feel.Trust me, things will get better. By the way, can you list your squad and the tactics you have been using so that we can give u better advice.
  19. Re: Pls Help My Manchester United Team!!! Hi i will recommend you to use 3-4-1-2 it will suit your team better. VDS NEVILLE RIO VIDIC RONALDO CARRICK SCHOLES GIGGS TEVEZ SAHA ROONEY TACKLING STYLE : HARD/AGGRESSIVE MENTALITY: DEFENSIVE (AWAY) / ATTACKING (HOME) PASSING STYLE : MIXED ATTACKING STYLE : MIXED TEMPO : FAST PRESSING : OWN HALF COUNTER-ATTACK TIGHT MARKING USE PLAYER But will suggest you to buy another CF it will give you more option in attack. Good luck
  20. Re: The forumers choice - Match reports, transfer news. etc Atletico Madrid's manager Rhys was very disappointed that they did not came away with at least a point at Weserstadion. "We had more possession, more shots on target and corners but we still end up as losers. If the strikers had capitalised their superior chances we would have end up winning by 2-3 goals. After taking the lead through a breathtaking strike by Forlan in the 58th minute, the whole defence seems to switch off and conceded 2 goals within the next 10 minutes. After this game there was still a lot of things to sort out b
  21. Re: The forumers choice - Match reports, transfer news. etc Rhys had just signed a 3 years contract to manage A.Madrid. He will officially be present to the fans and players after he comes back from holiday.
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