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  1. Are you interested in joining my set up, only under 21 players signed. Plenty of good teams available with Pulisic and Vinicius?

    1. Soccahappy


      Regret I'm under time pressures with what I have undertaken already Mate. But thanks for asking

  2. Hiya mate, just thought I'd message you to say how much your work on the thread is appreciated. I know not too many people use the forum to the extent they did back in the day, but it's given the forum an ounce of much needed life. Keep it up.

    1. Soccahappy


      Many Thanks SwanseaJack Your doing a great, Great job yourself Mate! I'll try to keep it up.

      The Inputting is coming thick and fast on my spreadsheet and I only hope I can keep up with it and keep it accurate without mistakes....

  3. How are you getting on lad? Been a while ..

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