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  1. Rating Changes Herbie Kane, 73 > 77 Another unexpected, but more than welcome rise for Herbie Kane, who might play a part in the squad depth for us this season. Fantastic season for him at Doncaster, and we'll keep hold of him as long-term we're expecting a move to the Championship next season and the way he's playing I'll expect him to do incredibly well at that level. You can see from his goal contributions just how much a talent he is, with seven goals and nine assists from central midfield at an average League 1 side.
  2. Could you do Scotland next?
  3. Top Goalscorers (2018/19) Name Rating League Goals Josh Maja 76 League 1/Ligue 1 16 Matty Cash 82 Championship 8 Herbie Kane 73 League 1 7 David Brooks 85 Premier League 6 Glenn Middleton 70 SPL 5 Andre Green 77 Championship/Ligue 1 5 Eberechi Eze 80 Championship 4 Mikey Johnston 73 SPL 3 Joao Carvalho 82 Championship 3 Marcus Tavernier 77 Championship 3 Daniel James 78 Championship 3 Max Aarons 80 Championship 2 Lukas Nmecha 78 Championship 2 George Hirst 70 Belgian Division 2 2 Allan Campbell 76 SPL 2 Jack Clarke 77 Championship 2 Top Assists (2018/19) Name Rating League Assists Herbie Kane 73 League 1 9 Joao Carvalho 82 Championship 6 Max Aarons 80 Championship 5 Dwight McNeil 70 Premier League 4 David Brooks 85 Premier League 4 Jamal Lewis 82 Championship 3 Jayden Bogle 78 Championship 3 Eberechi Eze 80 Championship 3 Daniel James 78 Championship 3 Lukas Nmecha 78 Championship 3 Josh Maja 76 League 1 2 Reece James 80 Championship 2 Todd Cantwell 77 Championship 2 Jack Clarke 77 Championship 2
  4. Youth Club Record Real-Life Transfer Fees Joao Carvalho > Nottingham Forest (£13.2 million) Chris Mepham > Bournemouth; Patrick Roberts > Manchester City (£12 million) David Brooks > Bournemouth (£11.5 million) Adalberto Penaranda > Watford (£9.5 million) Josh Maja > Bordeaux (£3.5 million)
  5. Ranking of Potential (28th February, Season 3 - Turn 1) 1. David Brooks (85) 2. Aaron Wan-Bissaka (85) 3. Patrick Roberts (84) 4. Max Aarons (80) 5. Joao Carvalho (82) 6. Chris Mepham (83) 7. Reece James (80) [New Entry] 8. Jake Clarke-Salter (82) 9. Jamal Lewis (82) 10. Adalberto Penaranda (83) [New Entry] 11. Tosin Adarabioyo (80) [-1] 12. Bailey Peacock-Farrell (80) 13. Tom Edwards (78) [-2] 14. Michael Johnston (73) [-1] 15. Joe Rodon (77) 16. Jack Clarke (77) 17. Dan James (78) 18. Glenn Middleton (70) [-4] 19. Todd Cantwell (77) [-1] 20. Dwight McNeil (70) 21. Rabbi Matondo (73) [New Entry] 22. Antonee Robinson (80) [-3] 23. Michael Obafemi (73) [-2] 24. Jayden Bogle (78) [-2] 25. Ebere Eze (80) [-2] 26. Matty Cash (82) 27. Lukas Nmecha (78) 28. Josh Maja (76) 29. Marcus Tavernier (77) 30. Billy Gilmour (75) [New Entry] 31. Ryan Nyambe (78) [-7] 32. Felix Nmecha (73) [New Entry] 33. Harry Cochrane (76) [-8] 34. Rakeem Harper (76) [New Entry] 35. Ben Wilmot (75) [-5] 36. Allan Campbell (76) [-5] 37. Herbie Kane (73) [-1] 38. Ewan Henderson (70) [New Entry] 39. Andre Green (77) [-2] 40. Marcus McGuane (75) [-5] 41. George Hirst (70) [-3] 42. Aaron Ramsdale (73) [New Entry]
  6. Transfers Window 1: Season 3 Ins Adalberto Penaranda (83) #10 Matty Cash (82) #26 Reece James (80) #7 Billy Gilmour (75) #30 Felix Nmecha (73) #32 Rabbi Matondo (73) #21 Aaron Ramsdale (73) #42 Ewan Henderson (70) #38 Outs Reece Oxford (80) #7 Keinan Davis (78) #33 Ryan Ledson (78) #32 Jordan Thorniley (77) #39 Ashley Baker (75) #40 Ellery Balcombe (67) #41 Strongest XI Peacock-Farrell (80) Adams (80) - Clarke-Salter (82) - Mepham (83) - Lewis (82) Cash (82) - Brooks (85) Wan-Bissaka (85) - Carvalho (82) - Roberts (84) Penaranda (83) Back-Up XI Ramsdale (73) James (80) - Nyambe (78) - Adarabioyo (80) - Robinson (80) Ledson (78) - Tavernier (77) Bogle (78) - Eze (80) - James (78) Nmecha (78) Third XI N/A Edwards (78) - Wilmot (75) - Rodon (77) - Matondo (73) Campbell (76) - Cantwell (77) Clarke (77) - Harper (76) - Green (77) Maja (76)
  7. Transfers In Reece James Age: 19 Rating: 80 Predicted Rating: 82 On the deadline day of the window, we've managed to pull of a great signing as Reece James joins internally for a fee of £3.9 million. I think this represents excellent value for us, as he's such a great talent for the future. We are now absolutely overloaded with quality at right back, but fortunately James can play as a centre back as well and also in holding midfield, so he's effectively replacing Reece Oxford in the team. James has had his break through season this year at Wigan and has been sensational. He's been by far and away their best player this season and will contest fellow HJK player Max Aarons as the number one right back in the Championship come the end of the season. He is currently on loan from Chelsea, and could potentially be brought in to the first team squad for next season but if not then it's likely that he'll get a loan move to a lower Premier League side as I imagine any of the teams going up from the Championship this season that have had the opportunity to see him properly will be more than happy to bring him in on loan. Transfers Out Ryan Ledson Age: 21 Rating: 78 Predicted Rating: 78 Appearances: 52; Goals: 4; Assists: 2; Average Rating: 6.16 Leaving the club to finance the deal is Ryan Ledson, who leaves for his market value. He of course does have talent, but his career has stalled a little this season as he's not been impressive enough in the Championship to establish himself in the Preston side. In time, I'd definitely expected him to be a good player in the Championship, but that may take a couple of years so we've had to let him go to bring in a talent like Reece James. He's been a really good player for us in the first two seasons, but the signing of Matty Cash should have kept him out of the side this season anyway. Right Backs Aaron Wan-Bissaka (85) Max Aarons (80) Tosin Adarabioyo (80) Reece James (80) Tom Edwards (78) Ryan Nyambe (78) Jayden Bogle (78)
  8. Transfers In Adalberto Penaranda Age: 21 Rating: 83 Predicted Rating: 83 We've broke our transfer record, spending a hefty £4.7 million on Adalberto Penaranda. It's a lot of money, and it's the maximum fee we could have paid for him but he came available at an external club and we had to pay the maximum fee to give ourselves a chance with nearly ten teams in for him. We won the raffle, in being selected randomly out of the several sides willing to pay the maximum fee for him. We were willing to spend the maximum fee on him, because we want to keep to signing British based players, and whilst he is Venezuelan and the second foreigner to play for the club, he is ultimately based at Watford. He's just got visa at Watford, and made his debut for them last month. We're hoping he can now push on and start getting minutes for them, and finally showcase the talent that he is. We were also quite weak up top going in to the season, with it being our weakest position before this signing. Penaranda provides immediate quality with his signing, and replaces Keinan Davis who was our top scorer last season and was sold for £2.4 million. Ewan Henderson Age: 18 Rating: 70 Predicted Rating: 73 He's been touted as a top talent for years in Scotland, and has recently got his Celtic debut in which he was Man of the Match and set up a goal. Hopefully he'll continue to get football towards the end of the season, but we had to pick up a player of his potential when he's been added to the database. Strongest XI Peacock-Farrell (80) Adams (80) - Clarke-Salter (82) - Mepham (83) - Lewis (82) Cash (82) - Brooks (85) Wan-Bissaka (85) - Carvalho (82) - Roberts (84) Penaranda (83) Back-Up XI Ramsdale (73) Edwards (78) - Nyambe (78) - Adarabioyo (80) - Robinson (80) Ledson (78) - Tavernier (77) Bogle (78) - Eze (80) - James (78) Nmecha (78)
  9. Rating Changes Jamal Lewis, 78 > 82 Nice and deserved rating change, with Lewis overtaking Antonee Robinson as our strongest left back. He's had a really good season, and looks like he might well make that step up to the Premier League next season so he's definitely worth keeping hold of. Max Aarons, 78 > 80 I know he's only recently been added to the database, and it is only his first season professional but I was still slightly disappointed he didn't increase in the way that Jamal Lewis did. Phenomenal talent. Bailey Peacock-Farrell, 75 > 80 This is the most important rating increase for us in terms of results this season in the game, as we've finally strengthened the rating of our first choice goalkeeper. He might have had a bigger rating increase had it not been for Leeds signing of Kiko Casilla last month, but nevertheless we're definitely happy with Peacock-Farrell as our first choice goalkeeper given that it's always going to be a hard position to do well in with so few goalkeepers playing regularly in the football league. Marcus Tavernier, 76 > 77 This was a nice bonus for us, given that he was only recently reviewed and offers us some nice depth in midfield. Jack Clarke, 75 > 77 Again, a nice bonus for us, as he was only recently reviewed and he's increased his rating by 12 in the last month. Another really big talent, and we're glad that he should play at least some part in the first team for us this season. Todd Cantwell, 73 > 77 I think this was slightly harsh to say the least, as he's been in the Norwich team for a lot of this season as they've pushed for the Premier League. He'll be back up this season, but is definitely one to keep hold of as a player of his ability should be rated 80 in no time. Reekem Harper, 73 > 76 This rating change has probably come a little soon for Harper, who's only recently had his break through in the West Brom side. Hopefully he'll keep hold of his spot in the West Brom side, and will increase in rating again before long.
  10. Full Internationals Name Age Rating International Team International Caps International Goals David Brooks 21 85 Wales 9 0 Antonee Robinson 20 80 United States 6 0 Jamal Lewis 20 78 Northern Ireland 6 0 Bailey Peacock-Farrell 22 75 Northern Ireland 5 0 Chris Mepham 21 80 Wales 4 0 Michael Obafemi 18 73 Ireland 1 0 Rabbi Matondo 18 73 Wales 1 0 Dan James 21 70 Wales 1 0 U21 Internationals Name Age Rating International Team International Caps International Goals Aaron Wan-Bissaka 21 85 England U21 2 0 Joao Carvalho 21 82 Portugal U21 20 6 Jake Clarke-Salter 21 82 England U21 7 1 Lukas Nmecha 20 78 England U21 3 0 Joe Rodon 21 77 Wales U21 9 0 Allan Campbell 20 76 Scotland U21 13 0 Billy Gilmour 17 75 Scotland U21 8 1 Ashley Baker 22 75 Wales U21 3 0 Michael Johnston 20 73 Scotland U21 6 1 Glenn Middleton 19 70 Scotland U21 6 0 U20 Internationals Name Age Rating International Team International Caps International Goals Patrick Roberts 21 84 England U20 8 4 Ebere Eze 20 80 England U20 2 0 Tom Edwards 19 78 England U20 2 0 Ryan Ledson 21 78 England U20 3 0 Andre Green 20 77 England U20 2 0 Marcus Tavernier 19 76 England U20 4 0 Ben Wilmot 19 75 England U20 1 0 Aaron Ramsdale 20 73 England U20 5 0 George Hirst 20 70 England U20 9 5 U19 Internationals Name Age Rating International Team International Caps International Goals Max Aarons 18 78 England U19 4 0 Harry Cochrane 17 76 Scotland U19 5 0 Marcus McGuane 20 75 England U19 4 0 Felix Nmecha 18 73 England U19 1 1 Rekeem Harper 18 73 England U19 5 0
  11. Transfers In Felix Nmecha Age: 18 Rating: 73 Predicted Rating: 73 We've picked up Lukas Nmecha's younger brother, Felix, despite him playing very little competitive football. He's made just the one appearance for Man. City this season as a substitute against Burton Albion, but we've signed him on the basis that he's really highly rated by Man. City fans, and is regularly playing and impressing for the U23 side. We fully expect him to go out on loan next season, and at this stage of the game I think he's an invaluable talent to be bringing in for purely cash so we've beat off competition to sign him for £600,000. Rabbi Matondo Age: 18 Rating: 73 Predicted Rating: 75 Joining the club in exchange for Reece Oxford was Rabbi Matondo. Matondo was having a good season at Man. City, playing regularly for their U23 side and doing enough to earn himself his Welsh international debut before his first professional club appearance. What makes Matondo very valuable though is that he has recently joined Schalke for an £11.3 million transfer fee, and since then he's been given opportunities in Schalke's first team having picked up 150 minutes in three first team appearances since joining late on in the January window. He's likely to get a similar amount of minutes to Oxford in the Bundesliga, is two years younger and it's of course always nice to bring in a Welsh talent as well. Aaron Ramsdale Age: 20 Rating: 73 Predicted Rating: 75 In comes Aaron Ramsdale, a Bournemouth goalkeeper that's playing regular League 1 football on loan at AFC Wimbledon. He seems to be doing well enough, and is the only English goalkeeper aged 21 or under that's playing regular football in the top three tiers of English football that isn't Dean Henderson (a player we'd certainly sign if we were able to). If he is ever needed, then I think his current rating would be much less likely to let us down that Balcombe, who's rating was too low to stomach ever playing. Youth Club Record Real-Life Transfer Fees Joao Carvalho > Nottingham Forest (£13.2 million) Chris Mepham > Bournemouth; Patrick Roberts > Manchester City (£12 million) David Brooks > Bournemouth (£11.5 million) Rabbi Matondo > Schalke (£11.3 million) Josh Maja > Bordeaux (£3.5 million)
  12. Transfers Out Reece Oxford Age: 20 Rating: 80 Predicted Rating: 80 Appearances: 63; Goals: 4; Assists: 0; Average Rating: 6.49 Leaving the club is Reece Oxford, who was initially our marquee signing at the beginning of the set up. He leaves in a deal for £3 million plus Rabbi Matondo (see below), which is a considerable profit on a player who hasn't progressed since we've signed him and has only aged. Oxford's career seems to have generally stood still, and despite the odd loan move out to the Bundesliga, manager after manager at West Ham haven't rated him enough to play him. Despite West Ham not having the solidest of defences, Oxford didn't come close to playing a minute at West Ham this season. He's now out on loan to Augsburg until the end of the season, which might see him play enough minutes to rise to 82, but he had a loan spell at Borussia Monchengladbach last season at a stronger club where he was getting minutes, but not enough for him to increase in rating. On the whole I still definitely think he's a talented footballer but we're not in need of him at centre back next season, so we were happy to cash in on him when a good deal was offered which allowed us to bring in a really talented player that is destined to shoot up the ratings in exchange. Keinan Davis Age: 21 Rating: 78 Predicted Rating: 78 Appearances: 60; Goals: 28; Assists: 17; Average Rating: 6.85 Last seasons Division 4 top scorer and key player has also left the club. In game, his 28 goals led us to the play-offs in Season 1 and came close to doing the same in Season 2 but despite being our all time top scorer we decided that his lack of first team football meant that we had to look elsewhere. We were offered a cash bid double his value, of £2.4 million, that we felt we just couldn't turn down for a player that's only played a few minutes off the bench this season in a game that was already lost for Villa. He's not even making it on to the bench, and is behind 17 year old academy prospects, and when he was playing for the club last season I wasn't fully sure what to make of him as he was hardly prolific in front of goal. This does leave us short up top, but as it stands we've got Lukas Nmecha to lead the line for the new season and we'll hopefully be able to bring in an attacking option that we've got our eye on to replace Davis and his goals. Ellery Balcombe Age: 19 Rating: 67 Predicted Rating: 67 Appearances: 0; Average Rating: NA We've let go of Balcombe in a deal for Aaron Ramsdale (see below), he's not played in the Football League yet and he may well be talented but it's really hard to pick up young goalkeepers and be sure if they are any good at such a young age. We've ultimately just decided to bring in the goalkeeper that's playing more football at a higher level.
  13. Rating Changes Matty Cash, 80 > 82 Very pleased with this. It was a possibility, but not necessarily expected because whilst he's in the Forest side at the moment he's spent large parts of the season on the bench as well but we've got an immediate return on our signing and this definitely does boost our team going in to the season. Joe Rodon, 70 > 77 Disappointed with this one. He's picked up an injury in January, that I guess has effected the rating he'd have earned, and I think his performances definitely warranted an 80. We'll definitely keep hold of him, as he's still quite likely to earn a big money move in the summer, and if not he'll be a star man at Swansea City next season. For this season, he'll start out on loan, but may be recalled for cover if required.
  14. Frustrating that Joe Rodon's only got a 77, purely just because he picked up an injury. Otherwise he was surely set for 80. Definitely one to keep hold of.
  15. Rating Changes Eberechi Eze, 78 > 80 Expected, but nice nevertheless as it really adds some depth to our side in midfield. Hopefully he can keep playing well at QPR and push on when next reviewed as he does look to have good potential. Tom Edwards, 76 > 78 He's started to establish himself as a regular in Stoke's side, so might have had a greater increase in rating if it wasn't for Stoke's poor form. If he keeps playing at this level he'll be a real asset for us. This rating increase does provide us with depth, but now that we've got so much quality at right back he'll likely go out on loan next season if possible. Jordan Thorniley, 73 > 77 Lost his place in Sheffield Wednesday's side in December, and they've not been doing great themselves. It's still a decent rating increase and his value has increased enough for us to make a profit on him, but he doesn't look to have the most potential and is low down on the pecking order at centre back so he'll be now let go. Ashley Baker, 70 > 75 Not a great increase in value, as he's also lost his place in Sheffield Wednesday's side since December. We'll let him go now and take a small profit on him, as he's really low down the pecking order at right back and doesn't have much potential. Strongest XI Peacock-Farrell (75) Adarabioyo (80) - Clarke-Salter (82) - Mepham (83) - Robinson (80) Cash (80) - Brooks (85) Wan-Bissaka (85) - Carvalho (82) - Roberts (84) Davis (78) Back-Up XI Balcombe (67) Aarons (78) - Nyambe (78) - Thorniley (77) - Lewis (78) Ledson (78) - Oxford (80) Bogle (78) - Eze (78) - James (78) Nmecha (78)
  16. Transfer In Billy Gilmour Age: 17 Rating: 75 Predicted Rating: 75 He's very much a long term signing, as he's yet to make his professional debut, but he does look to be really talented having signed a long-term deal with Chelsea and already cementing himself as a regular in Scotland's U21 side. He's still very much in Chelsea's youth set up, and given his age it might be a while before he's even loaned out but if he does manage to turn in to even someone like Ethan Ampadu then he'll be invaluable in a set up like this at a fee of £600,000.
  17. Ranking of Potential (13th February, Season 2 - Turn 38) 1. David Brooks (85) 2. Aaron Wan-Bissaka (85) 3. Patrick Roberts (84) 4. Max Aarons (78) [New Entry] 5. Joao Carvalho (82) [-1] 6. Chris Mepham (83) 7. Reece Oxford (80) [-2] 8. Jake Clarke-Salter (82) 9. Jamal Lewis (78) 10. Tosin Adarabioyo (80) [-3] 11. Tom Edwards (76) [-1] 12. Bailey Peacock-Farrell (75) [-1] 13. Michael Johnston (73) [-1] 14. Glenn Middleton (70) [-1] 15. Joe Rodon (70) [-1] 16. Jack Clarke (75) [+14] 17. Dan James (78) [-1] 18. Todd Cantwell (73) [-1] 19. Antonee Robinson (80) [-1] 20. Dwight McNeil (70) [+11] 21. Michael Obafemi (73) [-2] 22. Jayden Bogle (78) [+4] 23. Ebere Eze (78) [-3] 24. Ryan Nyambe (78) [-3] 25. Harry Cochrane (76) [-10] 26. Matty Cash (80) [New Entry] 27. Lukas Nmecha (78) [-5] 28. Josh Maja (76) [-5] 29. Marcus Tavernier (76) [-4] 30. Ben Wilmot (75) [-6] 31. Allan Campbell (76) [-2] 32. Ryan Ledson (78) [-5] 33. Keinan Davis (78) [-5] 34. Rakeem Harper (73) [New Entry] 35. Marcus McGuane (75) [-2] 36. Herbie Kane [New Entry] 37. Andre Green (77) [-3] 38. George Hirst (70) [-3] 39. Jordan Thorniley (73) [-3] 40. Ashley Baker (70) [-3] 41. Ellery Balcombe (67) [-3]
  18. Transfer In Matty Cash Age: 21 Rating: 80 Predicted Rating: 80/82 We've spent some of our money from the end of the season on bringing in some more quality to centre midfield, as Matty Cash joins for £1.8 million. He may not necessarily increase in rating, but he is currently starting for Nottingham Forest and playing well. In terms of players with a strong current rating, Matty was the highest rated player left for us playing in Britain at an external club so he was a must for us really even if he isn't going to turn around and guarantee us a profit short-term. We're happy to add him to the squad, and he'll be competing for a place in our starting line up for sure.
  19. Rating Changes Dan James, 70 > 78 A bit of a random one really, considering that Joe Rodon hasn't been reviewed at the same time. Good news for us none the less though, as he will challenge for a place in the side now going into next season and at the least provide some additional depth for us out wide. He didn't get the transfer to Leeds that he was hoping for on deadline day, but the whole saga shows that he's currently valued at somewhere between £6 and 10 million which is not bad at all for a player who only got his break through in the Swans side four months ago. We've got an unbelievable amount of attacking talent for a club that is trying to run the way we are, there's so much British talent breaking through this season out wide and we've got an awful lot of it in the likes of Dan James, Glenn Middleton, Jack Clarke amongst many others.
  20. Season 2 - Review Divison 4: 8th (59 points) We really bottled the prospect of promotion this season. It's been a really mediocre season for the most part, but following the Premier League review we really picked up our form and went in to the last game of the season needing a win at home against struggling FC Vaduz to reach the play-offs. We lost the game 2-0. I'm a lot more optimistic that next season will be our first promotion winning season, we've got quality all over the pitch now bar the goalkeeping position and go in to the season with just a much stronger squad all round. Keinan Davis wins the clubs Player of the Season, having been joint top scorer of Division 4 with 20 goals.
  21. Transfer In Rekeem Harper Age: 18 Rating: 73 Predicted Rating: 75 We've brought in 18 year old prospect Rekeem Harper for the bargain fee of £300,000. He's only just broke in to the West Brom side in the last month or so, but has really impressed and it does take some doing to break in to the side at that level given the players they have and the wages that they must be on. He looks like a real prospect for the future, and I'd already project him for a rating increase. West Brom are in the hunt for the promotion, and he could well play a big part in that.
  22. Rating Changes Chris Mepham, 80 > 83 Jake Clarke-Salter, 80 > 82 Marcus Tavernier, 73 > 76 Jayden Bogle, 65 > 78 Jack Clarke, 65 > 75 Previous Strongest Line-Up Peacock-Farrell (75) Adarabioyo (80) - Clarke-Salter (80) - Mepham (80) - Robinson (80) Brooks (85) - Oxford (80) Roberts (84) - Carvalho (82) - Wan-Bissaka (85) Davis (78) New Strongest Line-Up Peacock-Farrell (75) Adarabioyo (80) - Clarke-Salter (82) - Mepham (83) - Robinson (80) Brooks (85) - Oxford (80) Roberts (84) - Carvalho (82) - Wan-Bissaka (85) Davis (78) Don't ask me why some of the Championship players were reviewed, but the other weren't, I've got no idea. I can't complain though, as going in to the closing stages of Season 2 we have been given a strong boost in the centre of defence. We've also improved on our strength in depth at right back, which might be handy if we are able to make the play-offs and there's no harm in an additional couple of forward options who are now viable cover and could get some minutes in the first team. We are definitely seeing the rewards of our policy, but we will be a lot stronger when the Championship is fully reviewed, particularly in goals where we are now noticeably weaker than the rest of the pitch, but also when Lewis, Cantwell, Aarons, Rodon, Dan James, Ez and company get their increases.
  23. Transfer News Josh Maja, Sunderland > Bordeaux (£3.5 million) Some more good transfer news within the club, as Josh Maja gets a relatively big money move to Bordeaux after a successful six months in the Sunderland first team. Whilst in terms of his development, it may have been good for him to keep on playing regular football and then made a natural step up to the Championship in all likelihood next season, in the game this is definitely good news. Whilst he might not start for Bordeaux initially, I'd back his talent to earn him games before long and he's moving to a division where he'll be reviewed twice a season from a division that isn't consistently reviewed every year. He gets himself on to the record transfer fees list at number four, and as the fifth member of the side to command a £1 million transfer fee. This is still obviously a baby step of progression, but we're starting to get the ball rolling and really building a side long-term from nothing with Maja originally bought for £240k in the game with a rating of 70. Youth Club Record Real-Life Transfer Fees Joao Carvalho > Nottingham Forest (£13.2 million) Chris Mepham > Bournemouth; Patrick Roberts > Manchester City (£12 million) David Brooks > Bournemouth (£11.5 million) Josh Maja > Bordeaux (£3.5 million) Ben Wilmot > Watford (£1.5 million)
  24. An update on some of the Championship players. Joe Rodon's out for a couple of months with a metatarsal injury which might effect his potential rating increase. Kiko Casilla has signed for Leeds in their push for promotion, which should relegated Peacock-Farrell to number two as his form has dipped in the last month or two. Chris Mepham (80), not on the list, has also got a move to Bournemouth and he's on a similar trajectory to David Brooks so one to watch out for. Max Aarons is definitely the one to get out of the lot of them though.
  25. Transfer News Chris Mepham, Brentford > Bournemouth (£12 million) Good bit of news for us, as Chris Mepham has got his Premier League move, following Welsh team-mate David Brooks to Bournemouth. The benefits for us are clear, as Premier League players get reviewed twice as often as those in the Championship, and the rating cap of 85 is lifted. It's particularly beneficial that he's going to a side like Bournemouth who suit his style of play, and aren't particularly strong at the back at the moment so I expect that whilst it may take him a month or so to get going that he'll establish himself as a regular starter. Youth Club Record Real-Life Transfer Fees Joao Carvalho > Nottingham Forest (£13.2 million) Chris Mepham > Bournemouth; Patrick Roberts > Manchester City (£12 million) David Brooks > Bournemouth (£11.5 million) Ben Wilmot > Watford (£1.5 million) Ryan Ledson > Preston (£0.7 million)
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