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  1. I think Michael Obafemi only getting a rating increase to 78 is definitely harsh. 13 games this season for Southampton, 6 of which have been starts, as well as his first cap for Ireland. He's only scored twice, but has been good for them, and they are quite high up in the table now. 

    I guess with players like this, they'll get their deserved ratings eventually as they're reviewed at least twice a season so it's not the end of the world. 

  2. 45 minutes ago, Soccahappy said:


    I really take exception to SM evaluation of only a +2 for Ben White he has been Leeds Utd best player and with 100% minutes should have actually got +5 This is  because the championship rating has been a minimum of 85 for regular players and u don't get any higher regularity than 100%! .... 82??? Ben White will be an eventual 90+ player in my opinion and I have watched him play maybe 20 times for Leeds.

    Also while we are talking about SM's rating evaluations. The much better overall ratings of Premiership and Spain show just how BAD A JOB SM did of the first 3 Leagues of the BIG5!

    For the Championship, the maximum rating is 85. SM tend to increase the ratings very slowly towards that rating, but it's usually very difficult for a player playing in the Championship to get an increase to that level.

    What tended to happen last season was that players would get small increases every few months, when the Championship review was made in March/April and when the Championship Team of the Year was named in June. For instance, Max Aarons got to 82 in April and then to 83 in June. Dan James got to 78 in February, 82 in March, 83 in June. I'd expect Ben White to be similar, all be it from a higher start point. 83 in March/April, 84 in June possibly. 

    What I will say is regardless of his rating now, he is a must buy in a competitive set up. If you'd compare his career progression to someone, I'd say Fikayo Tomori this time last season. He's not someone you can afford to pass up on, and will be a Premier League player this time next season pushing for an increase to 88. 

  3. Rating Changes

    Steven Alzate, 78 > 82

    Alzate gets his deserved rating increase, after his performances for Brighton and his first caps for Colombia. I fully expect him to remain a key part of this Brighton side with his versatility, and I expect him to be hitting 85/86 come the end of the season. He's come a long way very quickly, and we picked him up at the start of the Premier League season as a 72 rated player for just £340k, so we are going to have to be patient with him until he gets the rating he deserves as it has been a very quick rise for him as a player. What has been good out of this is he's had the position change that he's warranted due to his versatility this season, and is now able to play as a right-back, right-wing-back, and can play across the pitch in both midfield and on the wing which is going to be very useful for us in terms of the strength in depth that he'll provide to the team. It's difficult to say where he's most likely to get minutes, but I'd say if anywhere it'll probably be as a back-up centre midfielder. 

    CM: Brooks (87), Davies (86), Cantwell (85), Cash (82), Eze (82), Alzate (82)

    Aaron Connolly, 78 > 80

    A disappointing rating increase for Aaron Connolly, who I definitely think is worthy of a higher rating than 80. He's been a first team player for Brighton this season, but perhaps hasn't had enough minutes, as he often only features for an hour or so when starting matches. I do think his first two caps for Ireland have been overlooked though, and given that he was picked for such an important match to start, and presumably will now feature in the play-offs, I think 82 would have been more than fair. I think by the end of the season he may well be our highest rated striker, or at the very least in competition with Josh Maja for that position, but given his disappointing review he's likely to say out on loan. It also means that Penaranda might well stay around for a little bit longer, as our highest rated forward for the rest of this season. 

    ST: Penaranda (83), Maja (82), L. Nmecha (82), Connolly (80), Matondo (80)

    Jayson Molumby, 73 > 78

    Molumby gets his deserved rating increase, finding his way in to Millwall's side under Gary Rowett and being a very important part of the side that is now surprisingly pushing for the play-offs. He needs to get more first team football under his belt before he can argue to be a higher rating than that, however I do think that he'll maintain his place in Millwall's side and will be pushing for a rating of 80/82, when the Championship is reviewed towards the end of the season. It certainly justifies his signing last month for a fee of around £600k, and adds to the depth in quality that we've got at the club. We're really building a very strong side, with lots of depth in a couple of years we could be filled with first-team quality that could push the club forward. 

    CM (Reserves): Molumby (78), Kane (78), Dasilva (78), O'Brien (77), McGuane (75)

    Premier League Predictions

    Max Aarons, 83 > 84/85 (85)

    Jamal Lewis, 83 > 84 (85)

    Todd Cantwell, 80 > 84/83 (85)

    Aaron Ramsdale, 80 > 84 (83)

    Chris Mepham, 83 > 84/83 (85)

    Mark Travers, 73 > 75 (76)

    Dwight McNeil, 83 > 85/86 (86)

    Ben Wilmot, 78 > 80 (78)

    Jayson Molumby, 73 > 78 (78)

    Aaron Connolly, 78 > 82 (80)

    Steven Alzate, 78 > 82 (82)

    Ben White, 82 > 83 (82)

    Michael Obafemi, 76 > 80/78

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka, 87 > 89

    Daniel James, 85 > 88/87

    Billy Gilmour, 75 > 78

    Marc Guehi, 73 > 75

    Conor Gallagher, 77 > 80/82

    Reece James, 82 > 85/84

  4. Minutes played - 2019/20 

    Premier League

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka, 2211 mins, 1 assist, 1 MotM

    Daniel James, 2049 mins, 3 goals, 6 assists, 1 MotM

    Dwight McNeil, 2010 mins, 1 goal, 4 assists, 1 MotM

    Aaron Ramsdale, 1980 mins, 1 assist, 4 clean sheets

    Max Aarons, 1902 mins

    Todd Cantwell, 1718 mins, 6 goals, 2 assists

    Tom Davies, 1368 mins, 2 goals

    Steven Alzate, 1305 mins, 1 assist

    Jamal Lewis, 1255 mins

    Chris Mepham, 1171 mins, 1 goal, 1 MotM (INJ)

    Reece James, 1135 mins, 2 goal, 3 assists, 1 MotM 

    Aaron Connolly, 946 mins, 3 goals, 2 MotM

    Michael Obafemi, 424 mins, 2 goals, 1 assist

    Mark Travers, 270 mins, 1 clean sheet

    Billy Gilmour, 169 mins

    Dylan Levitt, 90 mins

    Tommy Doyle, 90 mins

    Big Five Leagues

    Josh Maja (Ligue 1), 777 mins, 7 goals, 2 assists, 1 MotM

    Rabbi Matondo (Bundesliga), 423 mins, 1 goal


    Ben White, 2765 mins, 1 assist, 1 MotM

    Antonee Robinson, 2506 mins, 1 goal, 2 MotM

    Ebere Eze, 2495 mins, 10 goals, 6 assists, 8 MotM

    Matty Cash, 2427 mins, 2 goal, 5 assists, 3 MotM

    Conor Gallagher, 2310 mins, 6 goals, 3 assists

    Jayson Molumby, 1953 mins

    Marcus Tavernier, 1884 mins, 2 goals, 3 assists

    Lewis O'Brien, 1795 mins, 2 goals, 3 assists, 1 MotM 

    Jayden Bogle, 1769 mins, 3 assists

    Josh Dasilva, 1719 mins, 6 goals, 4 assists, 3 MotM

    Nathan Ferguson, 1659 mins, 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 MotM

    Tosin Adarabioyo, 1616 mins, 1 goal, 1 MotM

    Thomas Edwards, 1292 mins, 1 assist

    Ben Wilmot, 1414 mins, 2 goals

    Joe Rodon, 1149 mins, 1 assist (INJ)

    Ben Cabango, 855 mins, 1 MotM

    Jake Clarke-Salter, 799 mins, 1 goal, 1 MotM

    Lukas Nmecha, 354 mins

    Patrick Roberts, 352 mins

    Herbie Kane, 339 mins

    Marc Guehi, 180 mins

    Jack Clarke, 151 mins

    Nathan Wood, 90 mins

    Smaller Leagues

    Sam McCallum (League 1), 2210 mins, 3 goals, 3 MotM

    Marcus McGuane (Eerste Divisie), 1196 mins, 1 goal

    Michael Johnston (SPL), 1007 mins, 5 goals, 5 assists

    Ewan Henderson (SPL), 819 mins

    Adalberto Penaranda (Belgian Pro League), 383 mins, 1 goal

    Arvin Appiah (Liga Adalente), 255 mins

  5. Rating Changes

    Dwight McNeil, 83 > 86

    As expected, Dwight McNeil gets a strong rating increase on the back of a solid year of consistent performances as a regular in Burnley's side. He's been one of their best players, and we're hopeful that he can get a move to a bigger club as he's not a mile off the highest rating he could hope to achieve as a Burnley player. For the time being, he's the strongest rated winger at the club now, although we'd expect Dan James to over take him within the next week. 

    He's only recently turned 20, and is one of our very top prospects over all. He's a very well rounded winger and we expect him to play a really big part with things in years to come. He was a strong performer for us last season with a combined twelve goals and assists for us, although this season he's struggled so far to adapt to Division 2 level and only has the one goal, so hopefully his rating increase can lead to some improved performances.

    WF: McNeil (86), D. James (85), Roberts (84), L. Nmecha (82)

    Strongest XI

    Ramsdale (83)

    Wan-Bissaka (87) - Adarabioyo (82) - Mepham (85) - Aarons (85)

    Brooks (87) - Davies (86)

    McNeil (86) - Cantwell (85) - James (85)

    Penaranda (83)


    Pre-Review Strongest XI

    Ramsdale (80)

    Wan-Bissaka (87) - Adarabioyo (82) - Mepham (83) - Aarons (83)

    Brooks (87) - Davies (86)

    McNeil (83) - Roberts (84) - James (85)

    Penaranda (83)

    Premier League Predictions

    Max Aarons, 83 > 84/85 (85)

    Jamal Lewis, 83 > 84 (85)

    Todd Cantwell, 80 > 84/83 (85)

    Aaron Ramsdale, 80 > 84 (83)

    Chris Mepham, 83 > 84/83 (85)

    Mark Travers, 73 > 75 (76)

    Dwight McNeil, 83 > 85/86 (86)

    Ben Wilmot, 78 > 80

    Jayson Molumby, 73 > 78

    Aaron Connolly, 78 > 82

    Steven Alzate, 78 > 82

    Ben White, 82 > 83

    Michael Obafemi, 76 > 80/78

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka, 87 > 89

    Daniel James, 85 > 88/87

    Billy Gilmour, 75 > 78

    Marc Guehi, 73 > 75

    Conor Gallagher, 77 > 80/82

    Reece James, 82 > 85/84

  6. 1 hour ago, hoochy koochy said:

    Declan Rice 90. Random!!! What’s the thoughts on Harry winks then? By that logic he should get to 90 too? Thoughts?

    Very generous. I'd go as far as saying he's been bang average in a bang average team, that have been in relegation trouble. I guess because he's been playing for England he's got 90, and that could well be the same for Winks. I'd still say he's most likely to get 89, but definitely a chance at 90 now. 

  7. Rating Changes

    Chris Mepham, 83 > 85

    It's a really good rating increase for Chris Mepham, perhaps due to his accomplishments with Wales, given that he hadn't played too many minutes for Bournemouth given his injuries. He's recently undergone surgery, and will be out until April, so had he not been given a generous rating increase now then he certainly wouldn't have got one later in the season so it's much needed for us and gives us some real strength at centre-back. Mepham should now be certain to start for us in our campaign to reach Division 1, and I expect that his likely centre-back partner will end up being Reece James when he gets his rating increase in the next week or two. 

    CB: Mepham (85), R. James (82), Adarabioyo (82), Clare-Salter (82), White (82), Rodon (80)

    Aaron Ramsdale, 80 > 83

    This was the first real disappointment with for us, as despite out performing fellow HJK players who have got rating increases to 85, such as Chris Mepham, he gets a disappointingly stingy increase. He deserves to be 85, and will be for sure when he's next reviewed, but we're going to have to wait now until the April/May review. His rating increase does cement his place as our first choice goalkeeper though, and helps to improve the spine of the side in what was previously the weakest position in the side. We're hoping that his performances can warrant a rating increase mid-season, as is sometimes the case for some of the top prospects. 

    GK: Ramsdale (83), Peacock-Farrell (80), Travers (76)

    Mark Travers, 73 > 76

    A nice rating increase as well for Mark Travers, who looks to be established as Bournemouth's back up goalkeeper. He's on his way to potentially challenging Peacock-Farrell as our reserve goalkeeper, and he is still very young for a goalkeeper at 20 so we're pleased with his progress. 

    GK: Ramsdale (83), Peacock-Farrell (80), Travers (76)

    Strongest XI

    Ramsdale (83)

    Aarons (85) - Adarabioyo (82) - Mepham (85) - Lewis (85)

    Brooks (87) - Davies (86)

    Wan-Bissaka (87) - Cantwell (85) - James (85)

    Penaranda (83)


    Pre-Review Strongest XI

    Ramsdale (80)

    Wan-Bissaka (87) - Adarabioyo (82) - Mepham (83) - Aarons (83)

    Brooks (87) - Davies (86)

    McNeil (83) - Roberts (84) - James (85)

    Penaranda (83)

    The next player due for a rating increase is Ben Wilmot, who we're hoping will get a small rating increase for his game time out on loan at Swansea. It shouldn't be enough to provide competition for a place in the first team, but provides us with good depth in that position with one of our original signings who's making solid progress in the Championship.

    Premier League Predictions

    Max Aarons, 83 > 84/85 (85)

    Jamal Lewis, 83 > 84 (85)

    Todd Cantwell, 80 > 84/83 (85)

    Aaron Ramsdale, 80 > 84 (83)

    Chris Mepham, 83 > 84/83 (85)

    Ben Wilmot, 78 > 80

  8. Ramsdale missed one game this season, through a clearly reported injury, other than that he's been an ever present and other than Nathan Ake has been Bournemouth's best player this season. I don't understand the plus three at all, especially when they were generous with other players who've not performed as well (Mepham, Wilson). 

    Bizarre really, hopefully because he is such a stand out performer he gets his rating corrected in the next month or two.

    If Cantwell's an 85, Jamal Lewis is an 85 and Mepham's an 85 then Ramsdale must be.

    First thing they've got wrong so far for the Prem.

  9. Transfers Out

    Joao Carvalho

    Age: 22

    Rating: 82

    Original Rating: 82

    Appearances: 76; Goals: 24; Assists: 24; Average Rating: 6.85

    With the current rating increases coming in, we've decided to let go of Joao Carvalho, given that his game time was going to be extremely limited and was only likely to feature in cup competitions. We've felt that he wouldn't have justified his wages, or his place in the sixty man squad cap, with him unlikely to increase his rating any time soon as he currently struggles to find himself a regular starting place in Nottingham Forest's side.

    He's one of the best players to ever player for us, and was key to our promotion to Division 3, whilst also featuring as a back-up player in our promotion to Division 2 and scoring a couple of important goals. He's our seventh all time appearance maker, scoring the third most goals for the club and is behind only Adalberto Penaranda in the top assists charts for the club. 

    It does give room for players like Todd Cantwell and Steven Alzate to try and carry on the mantle, and hopefully one day eclipse the marker he's set for goals and assists for the clubs. 

  10. January Transfers

    After Patrick Roberts, we've had another three of our prospects re-assigned loan moves by their parent clubs who feel they could do better elsewhere which is becoming a growing trend. It's certainly a good thing for us though, as it means loan moves that aren't quite working out can be addressed and hopefully our prospects are a bitter fit for another club. It also gives us a much better understanding of whether a player is going to make it, as any good prospect can fail in a loan spell, but if a player isn't rated at all by more than one manager then you can start to question it with more validity. 

    Conor Gallagher, Chelsea > Swansea City (Loan)

    This is an interesting one, as Gallagher was actually doing really well with Charlton, starting every week and scoring six goals as their stand out player. He's been recalled and sent out to a slightly stronger Championship club in Swansea, which is a bit controversial, but is great for us as it's another player at the club I support. I can keep a close eye on him and see just how good he is, and I expect him to play every week given that Chelsea have hand-picked Swansea for the loan move over other clubs, presumably on the basis that he gets lots of guaranteed playing time. 

    Lukas Nmecha, Man. City > Middlesbrough (Loan)

    Nmecha's loan move was going okay at Wolfsburg, and enough to earn him a rating increase in the recent Bundesliga review, but perhaps it was a step too high for him at this stage. He's been sent to the Championship with fellow Man. City and HJK younger Patrick Roberts to Middlesbrough, where he'll be expected to get a lot more football under his belt and hopefully establish himself as a regular start for the club. He's definitely developed since he was at Preston, and looks a lot more stronger physically which means he can operate as more of a striker than in the wide role he played in when he was last in the Championship and it'll be interesting to see how he gets on. 

    Jack Clarke, Spurs > QPR (Loan)

    Clarke's loan spell at Leeds has been a bit of a nightmare, joining the club as a big prospect and one of the young players we had that we thought would really push on this year, but he's barely featured at all for Leeds and he's rightly been recalled and sent out to QPR presumably on guarantees of more first team opportunities. It'll be interesting to see how he gets on with more minutes, and hopefully it's more successful than his last loan spell. 


  11. Rating Changes

    Todd Cantwell, 80 > 85

    Cantwell's been superb this season, and was always due a rise but given Norwich's position at the bottom of the table we weren't quite sure if it'd be enough of a rise to push him in to our first team. However, he's generously been given an 85, which is better than we expected and sets the Premier League review up nicely for hopefully plenty more rating increases of a similar nature. Cantwell now becomes one of our highest rated players, and slots in to our strongest starting eleven as our attacking midfielder. Whilst featuring in cup competitions, until now Cantwell has only featured twice in the league for the first team but that is set to change, and as well as offering us strength in attacking midfield he also offers us strength in depth as cover for either David Brooks or Tom Davies. 

    If he can keep up his form then he may well get a further increase at the end of the season, even if Norwich are to be relegated, and we're hopeful that he can attract enough interest for a summer transfer move to a more permanent feature of the Premier League. 

    CM: Brooks (87), Davies (86), Cantwell (85), Cash (82), Eze (82)

    Max Aarons, 83 > 85

    Aarons is probably the most likely of our Norwich trio to get a permanent move to the Premier League, and he gets his expected rating increase to 85. Aarons has been a permanent feature at right-back for Norwich, and a stand out performer, and given that Emi Buendia has managed to increase to 87, then I think that's a rating that Aarons could potentially hit by the end of the season even if Norwich were to get relegated. Long-term though, it's all about him trying to earn his move to clubs like Tottenham which he has been heavily linked with in order for him to get to the next level. His rating increase has offered us lots of strength in depth at full-back though, given that he's still able to play on both sides of the defence. 

    FB: Wan-Bissaka (87), Lewis (85), Aarons (85), R. James (82)

    Jamal Lewis, 83 > 85

    Despite starting the season strongly for club and country, in recent weeks Sam Byram has taken his place at left-back in the Norwich side. I personally think Norwich look better with the more natural left-back Jamal Lewis in the side, and I think eventually he will break back in to the team, but due to him losing his place I was only expecting him to get an increase to 84 so this is encouraging. 

    For the long-term, he'll need to get back in Norwich's side if he wants the bigger move that he's being touted for, but for the time being he's now one of our best players and offers us some really strength at left-back. 

    FB: Wan-Bissaka (87), Lewis (85), Aarons (85), R. James (82)

    Strongest XI

    Ramsdale (80)

    Aarons (85) - Adarabioyo (82) - Mepham (83) - Lewis (85)

    Brooks (87) - Davies (86)

    Wan-Bissaka (87) - Cantwell (85) - James (85)

    Penaranda (83)


    Pre-Review Strongest XI

    Ramsdale (80)

    Wan-Bissaka (87) - Adarabioyo (82) - Mepham (83) - Aarons (83)

    Brooks (87) - Davies (86)

    McNeil (83) - Roberts (84) - James (85)

    Penaranda (83)

    We've got Bournemouth due to be reviewed tomorrow, with Aaron Ramsdale and Chris Mepham both set to get reviews. With the Norwich players getting better reviews than expected, we're hoping for 84's for both Ramsdale and Mepham which would significantly improve the strength of our defence going in to our next league fixture. 

    Premier League Predictions

    Max Aarons, 83 > 84/85 (85)

    Jamal Lewis, 83 > 84 (85)

    Todd Cantwell, 80 > 84/83 (85)

    Aaron Ramsdale, 80 > 84

    Chris Mepham, 83 > 84/83


  12. Season 5, Turn 11 - Update 

    Since the last update, we've won all five league games, and whilst being knocked out of the shield to Division 1 side Celaya, we've progressed to the third round of the cup as well. This has been really encouraging for us, and has propelled us all the way up to top of the table above Goteborg and Persepolis who are both still undefeated in the league. 

    Due to the nature of the league, we haven't got nearly as comfortable a lead at the top of the table as we would have in the other leagues, as Division 2 has quite a lot of disparity between the sides and there's quite a few sides that will give us some really strong competition for promotion.

    Here's the top five players for each of the sides currently competing for automatic promotion, and as you can see we are certainly punching above our weight with our league form as it stands. 

    HJK: Wan-Bissaka (87), Brooks (87), D. James (85), Roberts (84), Mepham (83)
    Goteborg: Roca (89), Diawara (88), Caseres (87), Calvert-Lewin (87), Maitland-Niles (86)
    Persepolis: Mbappe (94), Dembele (91), Upamecano (90), Eggestein (89), Rice (88)
    Melbourne Victory: Rashford (91), Calabria (89), Martin (88), Sanches (88), Augustin (88) 

    If we were up against the odds in terms of player ratings all season, then I'd really struggle to see us continuing this sort of form. However, we've gone top of the league just as the Premier League review has begun, and with a lot of our top players due to be reviewed we should catch up a lot of ground on some of these sides in terms of player ratings within the next couple of gameweeks which will give our promotion chances a huge boost.  

    Division 2 League Table

    1. HJK (27 points) 
    2. IFK Goteborg (26 points)
    3. Persepolis (24 points) 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    4. Melbourne Victory (21 points)
    5. BATE (21 points)
    6. Wigan Athletic (19 points) 
    7. FC Tokyo (17 points)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    8. Brondby IF (15 points)

    Clubs Top Scorers: D. James (3 goals), Maja (3 goals), Roberts (3 goals)
    Clubs Top Assists: D. James (7 assists), Brooks (3 assists), Maja (2 assists)
    Top Average Performances: Brooks (7.37), Maja (7.19), Penaranda (7.14)

  13. 1 hour ago, NickTheBiz said:

    I think you're a little weird and obsessive.  Happy to ignore you now.

    You were the one bringing it up all the time, saying that I can apologize now if I want.

    I'm not bringing it up now because I'm obsessive, I'm bringing it up because of how rude and arrogant you were. 

    Yes, I'm sure you are happy to ignore it now, because you've made a bit yourself out to look foolish after giving it the big one.

  14. 8 hours ago, NickTheBiz said:

    Quoting random people on twitter is beyond ludicrous.

    It's the thousands of people that have liked the tweet that give the point credibility. Or do all of those need telling that he's not their right-back?

    Here's some articles for you, from journalists across football, if that wasn't credible enough for you. 





    "The Chelsea captain (Azpilcueta) may have been a fixture on the right flank in recent years. But his versatility has allowed Lampard to plug a hole at left back, while James's exceptional introduction to top-flight football has made the transition seamless."


    "James could quickly become a first-team regular and this will increase the need for an effective attacking left-back to provide balance to the team. Cesar Azpilicueta isn’t a natural on that side, while Lampard doesn’t seem enamoured with either Emerson Palmieri or Marcos Alonso."



    "The 20-year-old is expected to maintain his place in the team in the coming weeks and Lampard believes the defender has a massive future in front of him at Chelsea."



  15. January Transfer Rumours

    Max Aarons, Norwich > Tottenham Hotspurs (£30 million)

    Aarons has gone to odds as low as 6/1 on to join Tottenham this transfer window. Spurs look keen to bring in a right-back, having sold Trippier in the summer and with the fans not having an overwhelming amount of confidence in Aurier and they seem to think the man to solve their problems in this position is Max Aarons. 

    Ebere Eze, QPR > Tottenham Hotspurs (£20 million)

    There's also reports that Tottenham are looking to complete the signing of Ebere Eze, and are close to agreeing a deal that will see him join at the end of the season. Both these moves would be really good for us, and really increase their highest potential ratings.

    Todd Cantwell, Norwich > Man. United/Liverpool (£20 million)

    Despite Norwich's poor start to the season, Cantwell has scored plenty of goals and grabbed plenty of headlines which has led to him being linked to Man. United and Liverpool as a potentially cheaper viable option than a James Maddison or Jack Grealish.

    Conor Gallagher, Chelsea > Various (Loan)

    It looks like Conor Gallagher's going to be recalled from Charlton, with the view to him being loaned out to a better side. There's pretty much every Championship club competing for promotion interested in him, as well as supposedly a couple of Premier League sides. 

  16. 13 hours ago, Ski13th said:

    Appreciate the amount of effort that must go into your model. Seen the call out for Harry Wilson which got my thinking about how your % expression predicts the likelihood of increase/decrease.

    Wilson has 18 appearances (14 starts) with 1,000+ minutes and 6 goals this season so I would expect +2 this review at least.

    Disagree. He's largely played as much as he has due to injuries, despite his goals has disappointed for large periods and Bournemouth are really struggling. I struggle to see any justification for any higher than 85.

  17. January Transfers

    Marc Guehi, Chelsea > Swansea City (Loan)

    Interestingly, Marc Guehi becomes the fourth centre-back we own that's now at Swansea City as he joins on loan until the end of the season with the potential to extend his loan for next season. I'm not sure if there's going to be room for all of our centre-back to play, and Guehi may well find himself playing as a left-back, but for the time being the minutes will be divided between Ben Wilmot, Ben Cabango and Marc Guehi. Given their current ratings, they should all be in a position to increase in rating whilst all at the same club. It's going to be good to get a closer look at Guehi and to see what he's really made of. 

  18. Rating Changes

    Ben White, 80 > 82

    Ben White gets a rating increase, prior to the Premier League review, which with the way things are currently going is probably the best part of two weeks away. I expect that he was given this rating increase after he impressed for Leeds in the FA Cup away at Arsenal, and I'm hoping that he's reviewed against along with Brighton and edges to a higher rating of 83 or 84 which could put him in the starting line up for us.

    As it stands, White is level in rating with plenty of other options to be Chris Mepham's regular centre-back partner. With Tosin Adarabioyo currently performing well in the side, he'll remain as Mepham's partner, although it's great to have yet another player of an equal rating to Tosin for the strength in depth of the squad. 

    In the long-term, I see Ben White as our best centre back. He's performing incredibly well for Leeds, and despite being in the Championship he's attracting lots of Premier League interest, including from top six clubs. Next season I think he's nailed on to be a Premier League regular, whether it be at Brighton, Leeds or a bigger club and I think in a year's time we'll be looking at somebody in a similar position to Dan James, and a player pushing to be rated 87 or 88. 

    Overall it's remarkably progress considering we signed him for just £0.5 million in July, without any competition for him, as a 76 rated player after hearing that he'd replace Pontus Jansson at Leeds. Now we're looking at somebody who could be a permanent feature of our defence in our long-term future.

    CB: Mepham (83), Adarabioyo (82), White (82), Clarke-Salter (82), R. James (82), Rodon (80), Wilmot (78), Nyambe (78) N. Ferguson (77), Guehi (73), Otasowie (70), Cabango (70), Mengi (70), Wood (67)

  19. The Originals

      Position Age Original Rating Current Rating Value
    Bailey Peacock-Farrell GK 23 70 80 0.8
    Chris Mepham CB 22 77 83 2.6
    Tosin Adarabioyo CB 22 75 82 2.4
    Ben Wilmot CB 20 70 78 1
    Aaron Wan-Bissaka RB 22 70 87 14
    Thomas Edwards RB 20 73 78 0.6
    Jamal Lewis LB 21 76 83 2.6
    Antonee Robinson LB 22 75 80 1.4
    Marcus McGuane CM 20 73 75 0.6
    Mikey Johnston WF 20 73 80 1.4
    Lukas Nmecha WF 21 73 82 2.3
    Josh Maja ST 20 70 82 2.4


    Here's a look at the twelve players that we signed initially, and how they are currently doing in comparison to then. I think it's an impressive number of players to have been able to pick out with limited funds at the beginning of the set up, to still be showing potential to succeed nearly two years on, as it certainly isn't easy to have stayed at HJK given how many talented players we've let go.

    The biggest stands outs are the players that are still regulars in the side, and in particular Aaron Wan-Bissaka who's developed tremendously since originally signing for us, and holds the record for the most appearances at the club for an outfielder. Also impressive are how well Chris Mepham and Tosin Adarabioyo have come on in defence, as well as Jamal Lewis at full-back and in attack Lukas Nmecha and Josh Maja who are both beginning to realise their potential. 

    The main disappointment has been Marcus McGuane, who's close to a potential exit. It's also been fairly slow for Thomas Edwards who hasn't been helped with how poorly Stoke have done in this time and Ben Wilmot, who only really began to play regularly as a loanee at Swansea this season and we expect to get a solid rating increase shortly. 

  20. Current Squad

    Transfers In:  Tom Davies (86), Joshua Dasilva (78), Lewis O'Brien (77), Nathan Ferguson (77), Conor Gallagher (77), George McEachran (75), Tommy Doyle (73), Sam McCallum (73), Jayson Molumby (73), Bobby Duncan (73), Teden Mengi (70), Ben Cabango (70), Arvin Appiah (70), Owen Otasowie (70)

    Transfers Out: George Hirst (78), Allan Campbell (78), Andre Green (78), Mallik Wilks (78), Rakeem Harper (76), Glenn Middleton (76), Tom Dele-Bashiru (73)


    We see the squad at the moment as being in three distinct parts, in the first team players that are players currently either playing for us regularly or competing to play for us; the reserves who are largely out on loan and pushing to become players in the first team in the short-term and the U19's who are players that have talent and plenty of time on there hands to convert that in to gametime and rating increases. 

    The first team players can for the most part, get away with not necessarily being long-term prospects. Players that fit in to that category are the likes of Penaranda and Joao Carvalho who don't really show any signals that they're going to improve. The reserve players have to show some form of progress, or signs that they can improve their rating, or they will be sold on. Whilst we're trying to bring in plenty of players to increase the amount of players in the squad that are in the U19 category, that may have the ability in time to become first team regulars. 

    First Team

    GK: Ramsdale (80)

    CB: Mepham (83), Adarabioyo (82), Clarke-Salter (82)

    FB: Wan-Bissaka (87), Lewis (83), Aarons (83), R. James (82)

    CM: Brooks (87), Davies (86), Eze (82), Cash (82), Carvalho (82)

    WM: D. James (85), Roberts (84), McNeil (83)

    ST: Penaranda (83), Maja (82), L. Nmecha (82)

    Ramsdale (80)

    Wan-Bissaka (87) - Adarabioyo (82) - Mepham (83) - Aarons (83)

    Brooks (87) - Davies (86)

    McNeil (83) - Roberts (84) - James (85)

    Penaranda (83)


    GK: Peacock-Farrell (80)

    CB: Rodon (80), White (80), Wilmot (78), Nyambe (78) 

    FB: Robinson (80), Bogle (78), Edwards (78), Ferguson (77)

    CM: Cantwell (80), Kane (78), Dasilva (78), O'Brien (77), McGuane (75), Molumby (73)

    WM: Johnston (80), Alzate (78), Tavernier (77)

    ST: Matondo (80)

    Peacock-Farrell (80)

    Bogle (78) - White (80) - Rodon (80) - Robinson (80)

    Cantwell (80) - Kane (78) - Dasilva (78)

    Alzate (78) - Johnston (80)

    Matondo (80)

    In the reserves, we've got a growing amount of quality, as the barrier for the first team is growing. In net, Peacock-Farrell isn't playing regularly, but will be afforded time due simply to the lack of options there are with young goalkeepers. We do feel though that he can go on and play in the Premier League, although we're fairly confident Ramsdale will be our long term first choice. At centre-back Joe Rodon, Ben White and Ben Wilmot are all players due to increase in rating and push for first team places, whilst Ryan Nyambe is a player we're looking to let go of, given the amount of options we have ahead of him.

     Todd Cantwell should shortly join the first team, whilst nearly all the other centre-midfielders are playing regularly in the Championship. Marcus McGuane is the player that's not quite showing enough promise, and isn't playing at a particularly high level, and we may have to take the decision to let go of of him shortly. In attacking areas, all of our players all look like they're pushing on and can achieve far higher ratings. 


    GK: Travers (73)

    CB: Guehi (73), Mengi (70), Cabango (70), Otasowie (70), Wood (67)

    FB: McCallum (73)

    CM: Gallagher (77)McEachran (75)Gilmour (75), Doyle (73), Henderson (73), Levitt (70)

    WM: Clarke (77), F. Nmecha (73), Appiah (70)

    ST: Connolly (78), Obafemi (76), Duncan (73)

    Travers (73)

    Otasowie (70) - Guehi (73) - Cabango (70) - McCallum (73)

    Gallagher (77) - McEachran (75) - Gilmour (75)

    Clarke (77)

    Connolly (78) - Obafemi (76)

    We've had lots of additions in this part of the side, and now have lots of new blood and potential that can hopefully push on in the way that some of our current first team players have been able to. All of these players have plenty of time, and are only really going to be needing to get first team games by the time they are 20, to stay at the club. However, many of these players are getting game time now, in particular Conor Gallagher, Aaron Connolly and Michael Obafemi. 

    At Risk of Sale: Ryan Nyambe (78), Joao Carvalho (82), Adalberto Penaranda (83), Marcus McGuane (75)

    The barriers for what constitutes as a player good enough to be part of the side is increasing all the time, ultimately if we don't think a player can reach 82 in rating then there's very little point in having them. Ultimately, I think eventually all four of the above players will be sold, but after that stage we'll eventually need to cut out other players, and it'll be interesting to see who ends up being those players as on the face of it it'd be a surprise to let any of them go.

  21. January Transfers

    Patrick Roberts, Manchester City > Middlesbrough (Loan)

    Patrick Roberts was inevitably recalled from Norwich City, where he's barely featured, and sent on loan to Championship side Middlesbrough. It's a good move for him, as he needs regular football, and having been thrown straight in to the starting line up this weekend in the cup, I think he'll start every game for them at Middlesbrough along with fellow HJK player Marcus Tavernier. His 84 rating should be safe whilst out on loan there, provided he does as well as he's expected to do, but it might be some time before he gets a step back up to the Premier League.

    Herbie Kane, Liverpool > Hull City (Loan)

    This was a signing that really should have happened in the summer, I'm not sure why it didn't, but Herbie Kane eventually gets the Championship loan he deserves. He rejoins his Doncaster Rovers manager Grant McCann, who's now at Hull City, and given the quality has, I'd expect him to be playing every week for Hull which should see his rating increase to 82 by the end of the season. The standards at the club are raising, and we are looking for players who can push on to be much more than good Championship players, but he's somebody that doesn't turn 22 until October, so we'll be in a position to trade him even if we don't think he's got it in him to step up to the Premier League.

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