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  1. GW ID: 345322 New standard Private English Championship, to avoid problems with users with multiple accounts
  2. GW ID: 345322 New standard Private English Championship, to avoid problems with users with multiple accounts
  3. New GW, which is yet to open. I have tried to make the League as clean a slate as possible and installing factors which will make it economically competitive as all managers should be generating roughly the same amount of income.
  4. Season 1 is pretty much at a close. So plenty of time for new managers to get adjusted before season 2 starts. There are now some decent clubs available and plenty of forumers and EC 106, 7046 & 7777 vets within the setup. Everton; Higuain, Banega, Vertonghen, Insigne, Stones & Barkley AFC Bournemouth; Douglas Costa, Leno, Mustafi & Danilo Ipswich; Willian, Eriksen, Firmino & Mangala Burnley; Reus, Laporte, Coentrao Too name a few clubs, GW id 238622
  5. I have currently been trying to figure out a strategy to implement into a new Gameworld. I would like to create a GW which would essentially put everybody onto an 'even-keel', I know this has been done before by using the generic features in a custom gameworld such as; all teams start with no players and the exact same amount of funds. This starts off well for a season or two before Real Madrid seriously out gains revenue in comparison to Falkrik for example who started out with 500million but have ended up with negative funds. I have yet to work out a couple of components such as starting f
  6. Yes Sept would be best, I am away on ex for two weeks and will have no Internet from the 13th August
  7. Flip that filled up quickly despite the lack of replies on this, shows the forum is dead!
  8. As would I! Would be interested in either a Div 1 squad or a team like Farsley Celtic, Fc United of Manchester or Stafford Rangers. What sort of economy would be in use?
  9. Reading and Watford doing their dodgy dealings again.
  10. Stevenage sign Gylfi Sigurdsson for £12m & Bernado Silva goes to 88
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread My gold membership runs out in three days and it says I have 36 club slots? I am currently move active in Ec these days having 5 teams, will I loose most of these when my membership expires?
  12. Re: The Official NFL Thread.
  13. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. I am happy again, don't mind who wins the SB out of the remaining teams, just happy it won't be the Cowgirls
  14. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Yes I am happy with the season considering all of the controversy early on. Positives for next season; CJ Mosley' date=' Brandon Williams & John Urschel. When are DB's are fully healthy that will be a scary unit as well, keeping Will Hill is important so is the return of Jimmy Smith. Would be tempted to dump Webb to save cap if its possible. Just remember the haters haha
  15. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Packers slaughter the Cowgirls. Seahawks narrowly defeat an aggressive Carolina. Colts beat the Broncos. Battle of the kickers, Tucker is a beast but Brady gives his man better field position throughout the game giving NE the W.
  16. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.
  17. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.
  18. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League I understand fantasy football a lot greater now, I guarantee victory next season
  19. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Think the Steelers could of had the game if they had Bell, there was no run game whatsoever. Ben had to do it all on his own and he was looking good, linking up well with Brown abused Webb. Justin Forrsett ran the ball well in the opening drives for Baltimore which kept the Steelers D honest, James Harrison got to Flacco alot but could'nt force a sack I think, but the old man can play. Terrell Suggs was the player of the game, the Steelers could not contain him. They had quite clearly devised a game plan to avoid him and keep him pegged back which allowed El
  20. Re: Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Coman is a real talent await abuse from Gaudino fanboys
  21. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread STEVENAGE: Bring in Brazilian Anderson Talisca from Dagenham & Redbridge for a whopping £5,272,000 & Naby Keita. Looking for deals, I have a little bit of cash left so am I able to make deals.
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