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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    The worst thing we can do for Origi is bring him back now. He is doing fine at Lille and is a pillar of the squad. Let him come back at the end of the season which gives him the whole summer to get to know his new teammates and system. Look at Balotelli, pretty much thrown in and expected to bag a hatrick.

  2. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.

    Suggs is a disgusting individual' date=' should of been chucked out the game for what he did.[/quote']

    Its rare slip of judgement from a stellar individual, no malice in it what so ever as the initial contact was with Blount's hips.

  3. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread

    ;3013810']Love this guy instinct' date=' put a link of your profile, I want to see these titles you won in the other gameworlds. Is it winning EC2932 with like four managers in it keeping all the best players? I bet you are a right stingy manager too, who would think they can get something for nothing, and two 90's for an 89.

    My brother been sitting with Watford in this championship awaiting on a big team to come available, even if you do get in you got a 1/115 chance of getting the club on offer first time, and only a handful would reject it. You have a 0.86% chance.

    In football dreams are made, and some aren't, in this case give your dream up, some dreams can't be made, and this is one of them.[/quote']

    Haha Lordy I was waiting for someone like you with a statistic as I can't do math!! All I know it's highly unlikely lol

  4. Re: Biggest Risers!! Youngsters 2014/15

    I saw today that SM has started reviewing the dutch league hence the other big leagues arent far away. Please can everyone share the biggest risers as there isnt another post regarding this. I will do my research and add some myself but please help out as this will benefit everyone!!

    Do some research on this forum, you will find multiple threads like this already. One was made about three days ago.

  5. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.

    Wow! Percy Harvin traded to the Jets!!

    Didn't see this coming, he's not overly productive but he has talent to burn and that SB performance was a major factor in Seattles victory. Think Carroll is worrying about next season and the salaries he will have to payout.

    The remaining recievers just aren't that good enough now. If they knew they were going to bounce Percy why did they let Golden Tate walk?...........

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