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  1. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Quantum Sheeps 82.76 - 82.66 Muffed Punts

    1 player each left to play.

    Golden Tate - Reggie Bush

    Going to be very tight.

    Was going to saying about this myself, will be very intriguing. I am however fairly confident in Reggie.

  2. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.

    Saints cost me big time! (£506) J Byrd should give me that money for missing a hit on Antonie Smith of all people! Big play by the little man. Well done to Matt Ryan also, Drew Brees looked a little deflated at times. Best team won, only positives for the Saints is Cooks, he got game!

  3. Re: The Random Thread

    What's that? :P

    It's an old time tradition of having to iron your clothes as you will be in the public domain. Driving endless around a slow moving one way system looking for a parking space (once found a space having the honour to pay obscene amounts for the privilege) then walking a half marathon looking at 'stuff' for 4 hours before returning to your car with absolutely nothing as you know you can get it cheaper on the internet.

  4. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Couple of changes, I have dropped the greatest receiver of all time Ben Gordon for obvious reason & Jared Cook due to the Rams QB situation despite him being a very good player. In their places I brought in Tim Wright and Jonathan Stewart.

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Rodgers team at the minute will win either the Cap Cup, FA Cup, Champs\Europa or maybe (33%) the Prem. We have a larger talented and confident group of players compared to last season, but we are missing an X-factor which Luis provided but we should win something.

    For this season I would take a Champs League spot and a domestic cup, considering two seasons ago this was simply not the case.

    The transition I look most forward two is that hopefully Sakho and Lovern will be a partnership by the end of the season (Hyypia Henchoz mkII). I believe Lovern will establish himself as a world class centre back within a year or two, whilst Sakho will complement him as a more ball playing defender or someone to track the faster opposition players.

    Right Rodgers get some Northern Irish players through the ranks like McLaughlin.

  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    So with the breakdown of the Remy deal who would people rather we sign?

    Jay Rodriguez?






    Really devastated about not getting Remy, he scores goals wherever he has played and with the service he would get from Gerrard, Hendo, Coutinho, Sterling etc would of maybe elevated his reputation.

    Demba Ba would of been another can't believe Mourinho sold him, and for nothing (althought they did sign him originally for that amount)

  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    source for this please? If that's true it would be a stupid deal as if he does poorly he goes back and if he does well he goes back. Really can't see that being true.

    Im sure Rodgers will be able to gauge his ceiling by a few matches here and there and what he does on the training ground, he is not a starter.

  8. Re: The Official NBA Thread

    Is LeBron getting more money at Cavaliers then he was getting at Miami Heat?

    He's taken the max contract available for two years, he can then opt out and sign an even larger contract with the new TV deal possibly coming into place.

    As for a marketing stand point he is the largest grossing athlete in the world I believe, and with the arrival of Johnny Football (Manziel) at the Browns and both belonging to the same agent company this opens up even more avenues.

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