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  1. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread

    Ochoa is a really good keeper' date=' remember him having a couple of stormers with Ajaccio last season.[/quote']

    Aye at the start of the season against PSG, ruined a mad accumulator I had going. PSG at one point starting throwing the kitchen sink at him at the end and eventually did score but the game finished a tie.

  2. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread

    This is hilarious, the sheer desperation to show that the goal line technology works is utterly bizarre. Firstly saying "No Goal" when nobody would dispute that it was when it hit the post firstly. Obviously when it went across the face of the goal in passed the line.

    Now its been listed as an own goal, boules de feu!!

    Allez les bleus!

  3. Re: Official England Thread

    Nothing wrong with the centre of the park, the problem was down the left side. Darmain & Candreva showed their attacking class last night, they battered poor Baines as he was given no help by the United pair who where too busy prancing about and changing wings.

  4. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread

    Not sure what to make of that game, Neymar is being over congratulated about his performance tonight. Brazil were the better team for longer periods of the game but the referee gave them an advantage tonight with numerous decisions.

    Would of like to of seen Rakitic play more of an offensive role and was impressed at times by the old boy Olic (apart from the Cryuff turn). For me however Paulinho had a really good game, was solid and motored on well.

    *Extra- Srna was pap, the other full back Vrsaljko who I have never seen play before looked very controlling at times getting forward and constantly tracking back.

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Agree with all this...

    If his name was Lillaninho or summit most if the people on this thread would be all over him like a rash :rolleyes:

    Embaressing reading some of this thread the last few days...

    I have no qualms with him being English, it's just the rumoured fee is ridiculous. Far cheaper, proven options available.

  6. Re: Official Red Devils Thread

    You didn't need a striker at all. A solid central midfielder and you'd have probably still won the title' date=' and been set for the future.

    FYI, you scored 89 goals in 2011/12 without RVP and 86 a year later with him.[/quote']

    I don't need him :P (Can't stand United)

    Comparing goal totals from different seasons is like comparing apples and oranges.

    The simple fact is he scored against every big team (I am counting my Reds, Liverpool in there who he scored against in both games, one a game winning penalty)

    Also picked up the points with hat tricks against Aston Villa and Southampton (which United were losing 2-1).

    Injury time winner to beat City

    These are the deceives ones, he bagged another 17 I haven't mentioned.

  7. Re: Official Red Devils Thread

    RVP was needed, he was absolutely class in his first season. Ferguson knew it was his last season and wanted to go out at all costs as a Champion (again)hence spending a rather large fee on a player with only a few good years (injuries permitting) left.

    If Fergie was younger he would of bought another (much) younger striker who could contribute to his dynasty for many more years.

  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I'd like you to go in for some of the Spurs players. Not that Levy would be likely sell but from a neutral point of view I'd like to see Vertonghen/Paulinho/Eriksen in your team

    Vertonghen has been making noise about leaving for Champs League football. Say he'd be a hefty fee think he's a quality player.

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