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  1. I've clarified what I meant in my original post, even though I was under no obligation to do. Your bandwagoning on Soccahappy's ridiculous behavior does nothing constructive here and only serves to inflate his ego and validate his threats. 95% of the people I know in-game don't use this sub anymore, and I have to say, after this, I'm very likely to follow suit.
  2. You are welcome to report whatever you'd like whenever you'd like to SM. You have no class using this as some sort of threat to get me to change my opinion.
  3. I don't owe an apology to SM for a damn thing. It's my opinion and I've stated and stand by it unequivocally. You've stated your disagree--fine, to each his own opinion. But an apology? Get out of here.
  4. Listen, it might just be that they're ignorant/incompetent, I concede that. I'm not trying to build a hard and fast case for racism here. But I'm saying there are few, if any, cases of missing rises that are more definite than Salah, and it does make you wonder if it is more than just incompetence at work here. After all, Strootman, Nainggolan, Dzeko, Emerson were all given risers...the only other definite riser on Roma's team was Salah.
  5. To be clear, I'm not talking about blatant racism of "he's not white so we won't give him a rise." I'm talking more subtle... you get an English player or European player with Salah's stats and he's a definite 92, perhaps even a 93. I believe subconsciously that whoever does the ratings for SM (we all know it's not soccer wiki consensus, but some guy behind the curtain) saw Salah's stats or his name or whatever and subconsciously thought that based on his background, it probably wouldn't be wrong to make him wait longer to get his rise. That's subtle racism, even if you consider racism to be a
  6. Salah's no rise is such bull. Screw your bull SM. The guy put up 20 goals and 15 assists in 40 games. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM HIM?! Racism is the only explanation I can think of.
  7. Ahead of the new season, I wanted a permanent post where I could provide a little information on the players I was selling as justification for their price, and add or remove players as I saw fit without needing to post the information on the newsfeed all over again. So I am using this thread to do just that. My top needs this offseason are an elite or young central midfielder and elite or young highly-rated GK, ideally with Hart going the other way. However, I am open to most young talents or players with potential for growth. I also would not say no to an improved left-back, though it is not
  8. Thoughts on Camacho's chance at a +1? 40/60 is my guess but would like to hear other opinions.
  9. Hi, As the title says, I've tried submitting a bug on the new and old interfaces in multiple browsers, but no luck. Any advice? The bug I am trying to address needs urgent attention.
  10. Hey guys, I've decided to quit SM at the end of this season. There are many reasons for my decision: it is partly due to limited time, partly due to frustration with SM as a game and partly due to hitting a ceiling with Forest. I've done a lot of terrific work with Forest over the years, building up the squad from very little, signing top talents and roaring back from relegation twice to finish in the top four twice. At this moment I am in the setup's top five managers of all time by points, and should manage to overtake Ben & Dan by the end of the season. Although I am very pr
  11. They got a massive cash injection after you left, something like 30 mil or so. So manager's had a little money to play with. SMFA continue their campaign to put Forest down by moving player after player to other, bigger teams. No matter tho, we will overcome!
  12. Well, that was abysmal. 1-0 loss with zero shots on target. We had a great preseason, but it didn't seem to do us any good. Will rotate heavily in the next game and give Badstuber, Ben Yedder & Ozyakup a chance to impress. Surely they can't perform worse than the front men did today.
  13. Somewhat interested, although would depend on what I'd be giving up. I always like to start a season with at least one big transfer to reinvigorate the squad, and so I've been throwing bids around and sending PMs here and there. But I'd be very happy to receive offers as well. As anyone will tell ya, I always reply, whether to bids or PMs. In the market for a young RB rated 88 or higher first and foremost, and would not object to an upgrade on the wings either. Giovinco & Ben Yedder have gotten a good amount of interest, but will only be going in a p/e deal for an RB or better winger.
  14. Bid's in. Big fan of him, still unclear if he'll get the chance to shine at Monaco this time around but I'm rooting for him!
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