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  1. Pedro, I agree with half and disagree with half of what you've written. I think Solanke is being given a raw deal, should've gotten to 80 for sure, but I think it's part of SM's new policy to raise players, even youngsters, slowly. Despite that, 80 was the right raise at a minimum imo. Nevertheless, I think Saponjic was fine, probably a little generous by +2, but hard to say he didn't deserve; as someone else mentioned, he was an absolute star at the U20 World Cup, which Serbia won. People here don't seem to value these international competitions, but for kids his age it's one of the high
  2. I recently bought Oblak and it'll be joke if he doesn't get a +1; he's a great, undisputed #1 keeper for one of the best teams in the world. +2 wouldn't be out of order, though SM will likely make him wait for that. I don't really see a reason for a +1 for Alba, but SM love Barcelona, so it's always possible. He hasn't been as good this season as previous seasons, but he also hasn't been bad.
  3. Ya, Bertolacci's raise was questionable. But SM have always treated Milan like a top 4 Serie A team, even though they haven't been top 4 for some time now. Bertolacci also benefits (perhaps unfairly) from the much higher transfer fee, and being a squad member for Italy's NT..
  4. Yup. To be fair, he didn't deserve a +1, even if he did earn a big move to Roma. He's not done enough in Salah's place while he's been injured, and is nothing more than a sub when everyone's fit. 88 suits him until he becomes a bigger player for Roma, or Roma do better in Serie A or the Champions League.
  5. Don't do this on this thread. I'll answer it for you: Soccerwiki isn't getting dropped. It's flawed, but it's the way SM have decided to proceed with rating changes. I felt Salah should've gotten a +1 with his form for Roma this season, but I think his injury and the fact that they only gave him his previous plus one in September worked against him. Gonzalo Rodriguez also continues to be underrated and stuck on 89 in a Fiorentina team that he captains but also basically runs defensively. Didn't have players in the Italian league other than those to tho, so the changes didn't really affect
  6. Managed to get the win, though was lucky that Wigan played mostly their reserves. And Walsall's youth keeper managed to keep a clean sheet! Would be nice to get the forum back up and running; more conducive to longer posts and extending banter.
  7. I didn't write anything to suggest I would be acquiring another club, it was clearly stated that it would be a partnership with an existing club. Nevertheless, if you misunderstood, no point in dragging it on. Moving on... Tough match against Wigan in the cup tomorrow. Really need to keep one of these cup/shield runs alive, otherwise I won't have any games to play all my backup players in.
  8. Loaning players and selling players to one club more than others is the same as having two clubs? Guess you can report me for deals with Yeovil & Liverpool then, since there's been a couple of season where I've hit 3 deals (the maximum) with them. Or is the part where I tell them about risers the part that upset you? It was mostly a joke, but you're full of crap if you think my idea was even on the edge of cheating. Stupid thing to suggest.
  9. The wizard that is Ribery keeps doing his thing in the absence of Iniesta. Ganso's value going from 5.4 to 12 million has also helped his form improve significantly. Forest is in decent form this season, though I don't think we'll hit top gear until Iniesta returns. So far I'm a big fan of the new SM economy, tho I do still wish it was easier to make money. We'll see how I feel a couple of months down the line. A couple reminders: Looking to sell the following guys: Jefferson (5), Rodriguez (3.5), Noor (3), Roniel (3), Fernandes (5) Looking to loan the following guys: Ahmed Hassan Ko
  10. Good job bringing this back pedro. Subscribing for now, and will share some of my own guys once SM return the old interface (temporarily).
  11. chill, Ruts is a respected member of 7046. no reason to be blasting people because they're having trouble adjusting. I still don't even know who you are in the game lol. The biggest bug in the new game now is the bug that doesn't allow you to flip through concern list, transfer list, shortlist, etc. But they're working on it. Otherwise, while some things are hard to navigate, they work fine. The new SM is a major step forward; just need to be patient as they fix small bugs here and there. Ruts, with the score center, there should be a small play button in the bottom left corner to get
  12. Fair enough. Definitely a low priority issue, bugs should come before something small like that. In addition to there being no previous and next buttons for the shortlist, they are also missing from the transfer list and concern list. EDIT: Also, when I try to take my player off loan list, the option for me to leave has status as Unknown is gone. I have to either mark him Available or Unavailable to Loan, even when neither is the case.
  13. Good to hear, came here to report the same bug. On an aesthetics level, the new design looks great, but I do have to say the breaking news bothers me quite a bit with it being on every page, and it doesn't really provide any new information as I check the newsfeed often enough. Would be nice to have an option to remove it, or for it to just go. Otherwise, no other bugs to report so far. Really like the changes and layout, and the SMFA Economy improvements with regards to player values are spot on. Keep up the good work.
  14. New forum doesn't look half-bad. Pretty similar to what we used to have. Might be a good time to bring it back...
  15. Been quite a while since actually criminally underrated players were posted on this thread. Last two-three pages are filled with players who maybe deserve a +1/+2, or on whom reasonably minds can differ. Just thought I'd remind everyone that while the occasional convo about all that is fine, this thread's true purpose and uniqueness comes from addressing players who somehow have been overlooked and are deserving a +3 at the very least. And the more unknown, the better. For example: Bart Ramselaar is arguably 10 points below where his rating should be. +8 is the minimum boost he should get.
  16. Tough 3-2 win over Northampton; could've gone either way in truth. We have a tough 3-game stretch against Sunderland, Chelsea and United, followed by a visit from the manager who loves to bid on all our targets, but only after we bid on them: Ipswich. Very few "easy" games left in this division; even the newly promoted and weaker teams in the division are dangerous. Chairman wants us to go for an SMFA place, but for now our goal is to stay clear of relegation and get off to a good start. Would be nice to finish ahead of Ipswich as well.
  17. Honestly, at this point I don't find the new forum to be all that bad. Yes, it's more of a hassle than it used to be, but I think the biggest problem is that some of the liveliest characters in 7046 have gone missing. I used to always check in here for the banter from Jooles, Dom, SoP, or even Infernito when he was in the setup. Those guys never post here anymore so the thread isn't as exciting anymore. I need to pick more fights...maybe I'll start watching Carlisle's transfer activity again and bid on all their targets at the last second
  18. Long overdue win over WBA ends our six-game winless streak. A number of very harsh results in that run, but what're you going to do. Maybe next season SM's new game engine will be introduced and we'll get some instructions on how to score more goals. Or maybe I just need to upgrade on my strikeforce of Musa, Salah & Soldado. Or maybe SM need to get it together and give them all +1s that are way, way overdue. Who knows. Satisfied with where the club is at as we wind down the season. Arrivals of Narsingh and Johnson bring good depth to defense and wings, and Narsingh may get a +1 soon if he
  19. Birmingham City currently available; would prefer a manager with some experience but any manager is better than the team losing all their best players.
  20. Good deal for both teams. LMK if you'd like to take Daniel Hoegh on loan. Amazingly my chairman will let him go and he's due to rise +2 or +3 by Nov-December I would say.
  21. Since I'm a little bored, here's an update on every player I've bought this season: Parigini - Bought for 2.0, sold as part of package to bring in Narsingh. Philipp Malicsek - Rising star in Austrian Bundesliga, getting minutes with first team. Should be +5 by December. Krotov - Sold for 340k profit Ablaye Mbengue - Senegalese Striker signed from Senegal to play in Russia, started off with a bang last season but struggling this season. Mauricio Lemos - Taken on loan by Rubin Kazan and given good minutes, but Rubin in terrible form currently. Edoardo Goldaniga - Promising CB brough
  22. We lose 1-0 to Swindon Town but beat Chelsea 1-0...sums up our season really! With a record of 6-1-9, we are definitely still a work in progress, and will refrain from media comments till we get our stuff together.
  23. Just posted my first post on the match thread in who knows how long. Enjoy.
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