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  1. Nottingham Forest Manager Rejects Spurs Offer In the past couple of days, speculation has been rife that Nottingham Forest manager BigGameMo would leave Nottingham for Spurs, the club he always supported as a boy. Today, BigGameMo has decided to address these rumors: Giving his thoughts on the season, BigGameMo had this to say:
  2. Glad I could prove Dan wrong; we've got a great team this season but Div1 is always a tactical minefield and some teams (Everton, United, Sunderland, etc) just have much better ratings than us. Nevertheless, when Iniesta & Ribery are fit, we've got a shot against any team in the league, especially those on the same level as us. Exciting that new seasons are starting all over Europe, can start scouring the globe again and forcing Carlisle to overpay on each of their players Should have some big news to announce soon. Might even use that dusty old match reporting thread to do it...
  3. Couldn't access the forum over the weekend as apparently the forum is incompatible with Firefox. Anyways.... Things are looking good at Forest. Not too much has gone on on the transfer front since our signing of Ribery. After a few seasons of upheaval, this will likely be a quieter one, although then again you never know. Also, Rodriguez, Mathieu, Salah and Musa are all overdue for +1s imo, though I know I'll be lucky if SM gives even half of them +1s. Beauvue and Jemerson due for rises as well. Will do a M/R if things keep chugging along for Forest. I feel like everytime I post in the forum
  4. I warned you that SM are very harsh on brothers in the same gameworld. You did not heed my warning it seems. Sorry SM came down so hard on you. Hartlepool manager, Ryan Holmes, has the Watford offer. No idea if he's ever on the forum, but that's who you'd have to reach out to. No idea if he'd give the club back to you either, but just passing along the message. Jooles did let him know that you wanted to get back in tho (sort of anyway).
  5. we appreciate you no matter how much your crystal palace might struggle hahaha
  6. Hilarious post on the match reports thread by Jooles, for those of yall who can find it. Tried to rep, but best I can do now is like I think. Some quick sales I'm trying to make: Matej Vydra can go for 6, Lennon can go for 12.
  7. You've done a terrific job with that Chesterfield team. Keep it up.
  8. Like a few have said, it's because of this garbage forum. Cheers SM, a company with a great product and poor management. Quite pleased to pickup a strong win over Jooles in our second game of the season. Ganso picked up a six-day injury, but we've got plenty of cover for his position thankfully. Also very pleased to pickup Nikao; one of the bright stars at the start of this year's Brazilian Serie A campaign. Jhon Murillo, recently transferred to Benfica, should follow.
  9. Are you saying to wait until Suarez transfers to make the deal? Agree on all the points but still no clue on whether that points to doing the deal or not.
  10. Offering Lennon + Yedlin for Mario Suarez. Am I offering too much? Or is it fair for both sides?
  11. Joachim Andersen and Tomas Vestenicky available at Forest.
  12. Great work Dan, and honored to take home the Houdini Award by such a margin. Hopefully I won't be the running for the trophy again this season...
  13. Anyone else hate the new forum layout. Thank you SM for another pointless change...would rather see my dollars spent on better customer service than this crap.
  14. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Sent mine in much earlier than usual this season.
  15. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Hard luck Anth' date=' most seasons your point total would've been enough to keep you up. No doubt you'll be back in a season's time. A little disappointed that we weren't able to beat Swansea by the point margin we needed to go above them in the table, but we got the win we needed and luck was on our side to see us escape the relegation zone on the final day. Think most people (looking at you Jooles) had us pegged for relegation after five straight losses, but we managed to get it together to pick up three crucial wins down the stretch.
  16. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Just my luck that just about every other result that I needed to put myself in a more comfortable position did not go my way. Liverpool drew with Fulham to finally guarantee themselves Premier League football next season. MK Dons picked up a crucial 2-0 win over Bolton that also definitively guarantees them survival unless they suffer a 4-0 loss. Swansea and Carlisle drew 3-3. Still, we're alive with one game to go, and it is highly likely that the winner of the Swansea Forest game will survive and the loser will be relegated. Should be fu
  17. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Think that might have to do with Boro's imminent return to the Premier League IRL... In contrast, our attendance dropped to 21.5k; you'd think the fans would show up to support the team as they desperately fight to stave off relegation. Plastics, the lot of 'em... Also crazy that SoP gets 30,000 more fans in attendance per game than the next closest team...wonder if there's an connection between that and the five titles he now has to his name Suppose I can't complain too much, there are seven teams with weaker average attendance than Fores
  18. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Somewhat amazed we haven't been relegated already. After 5 straight losses were still only 2 points (or really 3 with GD) from safety. Onto the next game.
  19. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Lucky for you half my "old looking backline" is injured, so instead you will be facing a "young looking backline" filled with inexperienced players. Sad thing about SM is that even if I know your formation there isn't too much I can do to counter, all the conventional wisdom about formation counters has more or less flown out the window this season. Will give it the old college try tho.
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