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  1. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread No wins in 7, 3 points out of 21, reckon we're a good bet for relegation at this point. We started out strong, but injuries to Rodrigues, Salah, Mathieu, Payet, Basta and others have left us in pretty bad shape. Really needed a win against Bury today, but despite the edge in possession we were hardly able to muster any decent chances on goal. Desperately need 3 points in our next game vs Swansea.
  2. Re: Fluff's Mixed Nations We are 1-1-1 in the league with a 89th minute victory over Zurich in the cup. Reasonably satisfied with our progress thus far, though will be hoping for a push up the table in the next two games. Also just noticed that Wolfsburg suffered a couple tough injuries from our 1-1 draw with them this past weekend. I would feel sorry for em...but Wolfsburg are so stacked player-wise I just can't. So suck it up Wolfsburg !
  3. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread alright...how the hell did we let some 41-reputation manager take over Arsenal?!? So much for finally having a competent manager at Arsenal! He might turn out to be okay but I have my doubts that a manager one week into playing SM will have any idea with what to do with the Arsenal squad left by Hammer...
  4. Re: Fluff's Mixed Nations Haven't contributed much to the thread thus far, but happy with the players I was able to nab. Didn't quite make out like Raz with his signing of Messi due to our meager resources, but pleased to have brought in Lewandowski, Verratti, and some strong up-and-coming talents. Hopefully our revenue stream isn't too bad and we're able to build on our current crop of players.
  5. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread I know how you feel Joe, both Lacazette and Griezmann were on the verge of moves to Forest only for Raz to cruelly crush their dreams; poor lads just wanted to play alongside Iniesta. Injuries have, as suspected, really hindered our progress. Without Basta, Rodriguez and Salah, we've only gotten 2 points from our last three games. Drawing with Tottenham and United is fine, but Charlton was a game we really needed to take 3 points from. Having Hoffmann fill in for Rodriguez has not been ideal. It won't be getting much easier for us anytime so
  6. Re: The New Players Thread but he has 7 goals in that UEFA youth league thing!
  7. Re: Fluff's Mixed Nations Woops, sorry. I'm in! I'll probably be late to picking my team but I'm down to jump in on this. Also just saw I've been given Salzburg...excellent! I like the team. Looking forward to getting started.
  8. Re: a new Bundesliga world Would also be interested, though Bayern are so much more stacked than any other Bundesliga team that it could be a small problem. Nevertheless, still interested.
  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Think he's angling for a move to Forest tbh. Don't blame him 4-2 win over Hudders takes us to 10 point, Movsisyan with a brace on his first start. Aside from our inexplicable 3-0 loss to Boro (don't fully understand it still), results have gone about as expected so far this season, or maybe even better. We take on surprise league leaders Derby County next up.
  10. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Reply to your messages people, it's just common courtesy. I expect it from ppl like Hammer who login once every 20 days, but not from ppl who are regularly around on chat and the forums. I would normally just stop interacting with these people, but it's such a predominant problem in this setup that I felt it needed to be addressed. If you don't like what's being offered, a simple "no thanks" will suffice. Get it together ppl
  11. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Really happy with our work in the transfer market this season. Overcame opposition to sign Dusan Basta and Andre Hoffmann; both great defensive signings who add depth and options to our defense. Lennon at 8 million will provide flexibility and width in midfield, and Movsisyan has a chance at a sneaky +1 towards the end of the season if Spartak perform well with him. Also managed to sign several great youngsters for the youth team; Adam Traore, Liam Henderson, Martins Cesar and Ahmed Hassan Koka should all get decent rises by the end of the se
  12. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Well deserved. Knew when you changed formations that it would end up being a win for you; was surprised it was as close as it was! Going to need to switch it up more tactically this season than last year; too many active managers in Division 1 who actually keep up with their teams Tons of change taking place at Forest; legendary strikers Kuyt (42 goals & 25 assists in 125 appearances) and Berbatov (55 goals & 39 assists in 163 appearances) have been sold to Yeovil Town for a combined 22 million, and Timm Klose returned home for a so
  13. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Well Sean, looks like karma bit us in the butt today. We secured an impressive 3-1 victory over the stronger Carlisle United, but picked up two injuries, one of them being a huge 7-week "back injury" to Mohamed Salah, who has started the season in top form. Ganso's arrival will help soften the blow a little bit, but will quite possibly have to cancel Timm Klose's sale (just don't trust Naughton to play well outside of 4-man defenses).
  14. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Had to sell Matt Hedges for 3.5 mil to get out of debt to make the deal happen, so effectively Hedges + Klaus + Ferreyra for Ganso (+1 mil). He may not have the same hype surrounding him now that he's moved to Sao Paolo over Europe, but he remains a top quality playmaker, and will give us a major boost of quality in midfield. Don't know if there'll be many other deals on the way, but nice to get a deal done after being out of the transfer market for so long!
  15. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Awful lot of big talk in the preseason for you to quit so quickly. I would kick you while you're down, but that would just be too easy I don't like to announce transfers before they happen as you never know when SMFA will rear its ugly head, but assuming they keep their nose out of my business, Forest will have a big transfer to announce in a few hours!
  16. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Lost 4-2 to Everton; we started well, and kept it close, but couldn't push ahead. Fair play to Everton for switching their formation up as well. Next up are struggling Carlisle; think we'll switch back to our usual tactics vs them and hope for the best.
  17. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Balde, Pasa & Lukovic all sold as the debt continues to shrink. Particularly happy to get rid of Balde for obvious reasons. I've got a 4.7 mil bid for Bautheac; likely to take it unless someone feels like offering 6 for him. Naughton can also go for 7. Gotten a few offers for Yedlin, but with him being a regular in the USMNT I wanna see if he can do anything in the next few weeks before I move him on.
  18. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread And we're off to a good start. Transfer target Jeremy Mathieu scored a goal, kept a clean sheet, and won MotM to give the manager second thoughts on selling him, and Mohamed Salah put the icing on the cake with the second goal of the game, cementing his position in the middle of the park for Forest. Next up we take on Everton, who possess a far stronger team than us. We'll have to change from our usual tactics to pick up a result against them. 1 down, 37 to go :cool:
  19. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Put up a M/R to let out some of my frustration with our transfer market struggles... Not sure I learned much from this preseason, but I'm ready to get the season rolling. Confident in the squad heading into our first game.
  20. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread Ibrahima Balde: The most unwanted player in all of 7046 On the eve of the new season, the Forest manager could not take it any longer; he was frustrated with the transfer market and let it all out on one player: Asked to articulate why he disliked Balde so much, as compared with some of the other members of the squad who get very little playing time, BigGameMo explained himself a bit: BigGameMo wrapped up the press conference with some more general observations about the squad and the transfer market:
  21. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread I thought Andres Iniesta would be the most prolific stat machine in 7046...then I saw Gareth Bale's stats...188 assists!?! That's just crazy! Well done Ben for getting that much out of him. Then again, kind of lucky that he was already at Spurs from the very start of the setup Was curious about who the most "legendary" players of Division 1 were; good to see Iniesta slot in at #2. Would be nice to see which players from Division 2 make the list as well, for whoever wants to undertake that task. Already done plenty of advertising in-game, but
  22. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Think this is all that needs to be said in response to Dom Loving the banter going around, even if some people are taking it more seriously than others. As for us, we're staying humble and focused on starting decently in the league. Hoping our friendly form carries over to the league. Seeing our first few matches in Division 1, I can tell it won't be an easy ride for us. Continuing to clean up the squad a bit; veterans Anyukov and Cheyrou will be leaving us before the start of the season. I considered holding onto them before the season sta
  23. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Fair enough, top 10 is about right for our aim this season. Also, took over Japan last night and was able to get the tactics right for a quarterfinals upset over Ben's Turkey. Next up we take on Uruguay in what should be another uphill battle for the lads. Also gonna get you that questionnaire soon Dan, should hopefully have some time to answer it later tonight.
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