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  1. Re: The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383) Just applied for Newcastle. Name: Jordan Styring Rep: 298
  2. Re: European Championship 2930 (OPENED!) Jordan Styring takes over as AS Roma! Englishman Jordan Styring has just signed a 2 year contract to take over the managerial reigns at Division 1 side AS Roma. He takes over a squad which already has some strong players including Papiss Cisse, Fabio Borini and Stephen Lichtsteiner. In an interview with Sky Sports News, Jordan said "I am really happy to have the opportunity to manage a team with a reputation and history like Roma's. Everyone has been great with me and that has really helped me settle in. Now its just time for me to crack on on the training ground and get this team ready for a huge game against Barcelona tonight." When asked if he plans on making any changes to the squad he replied "I have my eyes on a few signings but for now my number one priority is getting my players ready for my first game in charge."
  3. Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures|
  4. Re: Football Manager 2011 Once you have used a code on one computer can you use the same game code on another computer? Please answer...
  5. Re: Football Manager 2011 Yep, and re-installing it, any other ideas?
  6. Re: Football Manager 2011 Just finished installing the game, decided to buy it while it was on sale. I'll probably start mine with Everton, shouldn't be too easy and shouldn't be too hard. Will update you guys sometime how I go.
  7. Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures| Hi mate, i'm after a Tim Cahill avatar, really clear from about his shoulder up and really detalied, In a Everton top, thanks. Also could you make me a Tim Cahill sig please like your Ronaldo one, with blue effects in the background and Jordan17 in one of the corners in Golden writing , also no flames please like you did on a few of your previous ones. I dont mind waiting, cheers mate.
  8. Re: Snooky's avatars (requests) Long time no speak Could I please have a Tim Cahill one like your Torres one please mate, Much appreciated
  9. Re: A new Forum filled EC (English Championship 7777 Coming Soon) Whoever has been offered either the QPR job or the Bolton job, if you don't want the job send me a message so i can have them please. Struggling with this terrible Rochdale squad.
  10. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread Made 2 signings already, Obinna made permanent and Fellaini pretty happy tbh
  11. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread Joined as West Ham, haven't decided what i'm going to do with my squad yet...
  12. Re: Snooky's Graphics Awesome Mate!, Cheers again Snooky.
  13. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread I had a job offer from Newcastle like a week ago but declined because i have been with my Plymouth for a while now, but yer i think i'm playing you next, so gonna be close, i would say good look but you know, Also I Beat Sheffield United 2-0, new signing Jozy Altidore getting them both. I was actually pretty suprised to get the win because Sheffield United have a much stronger team than me and have just come down from the Premier League, but any how. C Ya
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