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  1. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Any ideas on the following cause I'm a bit lost as there aren't any normal ratings reviews for all the teams in Serie A. Mexes drop or stay? Buffon drop or stay? Cavani rise? Julio Cesar drop or stay? Lucio drop? Sneider drop? Pizzaro? Montolivo? Seedorf drop? Klose drop? Juan drop? Chiellini drop? Nesta drop? Cambiasso drop? Zanetti drop? Thanks for any replies need the help otherwise my squads will be finished on 3 different gamesworlds lol
  2. Re: Selling tevez buying Eto'o, Drogba or Torres? Just want to add isn't Milito playing regularly for Inter now in both champ league and in the league or almost regularly hes Inter Top scorer with 3 goals and with Forlan injured for a while surely he'll play
  3. Re: Selling tevez buying Eto'o, Drogba or Torres? Honestly I reckon Drogba is the most likely to drop with him being rated 95 compared with Torres at 94.
  4. Questions in the title I have tevez and can get 30 mil for him, Eto'o is at an unmanaged club at 30 mil and Torres and Drogba are at another unmanaged club at 23 and 25 mil each. What should I do? As all 4 players look like they'll all drop in ratings, eto'o cause in Russia and the rest because there not playing or playing poor. Should I sell Tevez and if so replace him with whom or keep him and hope he moves clubs in January? Btw my forwards are Tevez, Gomez, Anelka, Ibrahimovic, Pato, Milito, and Berbatov and I play 3 up top, so I may have to sell or swap a few forwards in Berba, Anelka and Tevez due to rating falls, Help
  5. Re: Sell Milito, buy Berbatov, tevez or Robinho Even though he may leave City also He'll cost 32 mil and my chairman values him at 25 mil. Aguero is also available rated 94 and costs 30 mil and chairman values him at 28 mil.
  6. All are rated 93, except Tevez who is 94 and Milito is obviously gradulay falling rating wise. I have Milito and got an offer of 15mil and I can get Berbatov for that much (15mil). I can get Robinho for 19mil but he can play cf and wings. Tevez would be 30 mil but is rated 94. Out of all of them Robinho seems the most likely to stay and have a good ratings in the future with Milan. With Berbatov seemingly leving Man utd this summer or next summer and now not a starter and Tevez potentialy going back to Argentina if not this summer then the next. Also If I was to go for Tevez would be breaKing the bank i.e would only have a couple mil for wages left. Lastly Milito and Berbatov are in form perfromance wise on my gamesworld while Robinho and Tevez aren't. Who should I go for?
  7. Re: Ozil for Nasri Accepted the bid and hope the other guy doesn't cancel before he realises Ozil has become a 94 rated player. LOL
  8. I have Nasri and someone else had made and offer to trade him for Ozil. Nasri has been playing top for me while Ozil has been playing average for the other guy while Nasri plays att mid and wing both sides while with Ozil just lm and att mid. I had a look at the values and my chairman values Ozil 1 mil more than Nasri? Oh yeah both are 93. My formation needs wingers or side mids but I have Pedro and Robben as well so not lacking but need a like for like swap if Nasri goes and Ozil can only play in lm. Do I go through with it or ask for some cash as well in addition?
  9. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Are German rating changes over? On player rating changes the current leagues being reviewed are Holland, Italy, Portugal, and since Kraft increased by 2 does that means German ratings are done???
  10. Basically in your opinion will: Alexis Sanchez get a rating increase to 91 from 90 in the next Serie A changes. Similarly will gervinho at lille get a rating increase from 89 to 91? Also will M'Vila at Rennes get a rating increase to 91 from 90? What are your opinions on any of these 3 players?
  11. What do you think about 92 rated Pizzaro at Roma. I have him but with upcoming ratings changes should I try and offload him, if so who should I go for that will rise to 91/92. I've shortlisted Sahin at Dortmund, but please tell me about Pizzaro will he stay or drop
  12. I have Elia and can trade him for Perotti. Both are currently rated at 89, but all the rating forums say Perotti will rise to 90 in the spanish changes soon. But Elia came on as a sub for Holland against Denmark and was the best player on the pitch Robben esk. Will sm do a world cup ratings update once the world cup is over. So who should I try keep or sign, Perroti or Elia?
  13. Atletico won the Europa League he was a constant figure in the team, but had a poor domestic season with them. Will Simao keep his 93 rating?
  14. Re: Big risers from the big leagues-SUMMARY Can I ask about a few people, Pazzini at Sampdoria will he rise to 91? Cassano at Sampdoria will he stay 91? Cris at lyon will he stay 91? Pablo hernandes stay 90 or +1 to 91? Camouranasi will he stay 92? Giggs stay 93 still? Pizzaro keep his 91 at Roma? Kallstrom keep his 91 at Lyon? Diawara rise to 90 at Marseille? Cheers guys I really don't know what to make of these guys in the ratings? Any help much appreciated
  15. Re: Marseille defenders should get 90 shouldn't they? So out of the remaining 5 who do you think is bang on for a 90?
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