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  1. Re: Who Would You Want BACK On The Forum? OMG dont you ppl know the great MOHAMMED ISMAIL he was a legand infact i might send him an email telling him to come back how can you guys forget about him
  2. Re: Who Would You Want BACK On The Forum? lol i thik i want roy kean back he was great and a world class manager always had the best youth in all of his teams i would also like the see the great mohammed ismail them 2 were the best not the ppl u guys are saying RAZ WHO
  3. Re: Lee HODSON great will be world class in a few years
  4. Re: ** NEW Forumers Standard @ 12:00/1:00? yh i wanna join when well i be created
  5. Re: Should I buy SINAMA-PONGOLLE ????? lol always happy to help
  6. Re: Bundesliga Season Predictions 2009-10 come on ppl start replying
  7. Bundesliga Season Predictions 2009-10 Goal.com have looked at the runners and riders for the upcoming Bundesliga season and have made predictions for the new campaign… Bundesliga Winners: Bayern Munich Champions League qualifiers: Hamburg, Stuttgart UEFA Cup qualifiers: Wolfsburg, Schalke Relegated: Freiburg, Bochum DFB Pokal Winners: Borussia Dortmund Best Goalkeeper: Diego Benaglio (Wolfsburg) Best Defender: Serdar Tasci (Stuttgart) Best Midfielder: Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich) Best Attacker: Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich) Best Summer Signing: Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich)
  8. Re: Joshua King the next Wonderkid thanks mate
  9. Re: Joshua King the next Wonderkid lol kl il be repping you then mate
  10. Re: Aboutrika HEY im talking about the national team not the clubs
  11. Re: Joshua King the next Wonderkid lol copy past lol il keep it quit yh since its your first one look at mine take some tips
  12. Re: Manchester city to div 1 yh if man city do well this season and finnish in top 4 they should be but not now
  13. Re: Aboutrika YES england are soooooooo over rated they are not good most africans cold beat england also italy will smash england bu could not beat the african champs
  14. Re: Manchester city to div 1 NO zenit are in the Cl and mancity are not not even europa league
  15. Re: Aboutrika hey i know Egypt but Egypt are as good or even better then england so he desrves to have a better rating then ppl like bently and modric and crouch kalou 92 and this guy 89 OH MY OH MY
  16. Re: Aboutrika this players desrves to be 90+ that should not even be a question if kaka played for a team in egypt but still played for brazil he would still easly be over 94 and yh i know soccermanger wont consider him as a world class player because he playes his trade at egypt but that is soccermanager own fault not him and yes the egypt league is way better because they KEEP thier stars they are comited unlike in those south american clubs
  17. Re: your chairman telling you who to buy NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if you love this game then you should do all the work and when your winnig you have this feeling of achievement so I think that we should do all the work our self also tha idea would be crazy as the ywould all say the same thing get messi
  18. Re: Loans LOL yes yes he will
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