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  1. Re: Can I Have A List Of 77-80 Risers, Rising To About 85 Please? :] Personally I think he should rise to a bit higher, maybe 84/85?
  2. Re: EVANS or CHYGRYNSKIY? Both are good. It may be too early to say who's better in the future. By the way, Paladin shouldn't use that tone. But from what I have seen so far, utkarsh86's habit of disproving other people's opinions is a bit annoying to those you disagree with. Hope you two can improve on the way you talk.
  3. Re: pato He's good so far. If Milan can completely get out of their bad form, a rise to 93 seems quite possible to Pato.
  4. Re: Who's the better buy? Srna is capped at 91. He will probably never rise any further in Ukrainian league. But he's indeed a decent player. Arbeloa's future is hard to predict. If he is just a sub in Real Madrid, he won't rise. But if he becomes a regular starter, he should have higher rating in the future.
  5. I have Kuzmanovic. I have the chance to sell him for cash and then use the money to buy Denilson. Should I do the deal? I knew that Kuzmanovic was due a rise to 90 long long time ago. But I heard that he's not playing much for Stuttgart. So do you think he will be capped at 89 again? Also, is Denilson a definite riser to 90? Or at least better than Kuzmanovic in short term? Thanks.
  6. b4mu


    Re: Iniesta What are you talking about??? Do you imply he's out due to injury? No! He came back from injury last month and he's getting back his form now. There's nothing wrong with him and he will be at his peak soon.
  7. Re: senna for simao If it is a straight swap, then it's a good for you. Senna has been out for too long and age has caught him up. He will probably drop to 93 soon. Simao is so far safe at 93.
  8. Re: Juan Manuel Mata 50/50 chance to rise by +1. He's shown brilliant performances to warrant a small rise. To rise him straightaway from 91 o 93 is too optimistic and this kind of rise is very rare in SM.
  9. Re: My Barca team Then who will play at Yaya's position is he is helping out at the left side? In my opinion' date=' complicated runs do not actually do much good to your team If you go with attacking, why not fast tempo? In my opinion, slow tempo is used for defensive purpose.
  10. Re: The worlds best Totally agree! The name Ronaldo only refers to Lius Ronaldo, not C. Ronaldo
  11. Re: Quick Improvement List for Discussion I'm afraid this idea is a bit flawed. Buyout clause is usually much higher than Chairman value. And if you buy a player for a price much higher than chairman value (and if the player is not 93+), your chairman will definitely block the deal;) The other ideas are good:D
  12. Re: Advanced Transfer Search I like this idea! Hope this can come true one day!
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