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  1. Afternoon all - Some advice for me for a change. Dybala or Chiesa and Ruben Neves? Finding it difficult to call this one as the duo have a lot of room to grow and Dybala may only have a +1 left in him, but will Neves or Chiesa get to 93/94 level.....
  2. Spurs. - Hats off to the lads for that one. Two amazing comebacks back to back (pun not intended). Amazing stuff.
  3. Where does it say Mane to 95 in that sentence?
  4. Paqueta and Neres stand out here. Dias is a little over rated for me, Alena could be top level but as with most Barca youth there's lots of hype and not always the talent to go with it. The rest aren't near Paqueta and Neres. The duo, i just think the two lads will peak higher than the trio. Silva, Sterling, and probably Ederson all to rise. Sane has got no chance. 50/50 i'd say. Keita. Younger and if he settles like he has the later end of the season will rise. Quite possibly yes. Chelsea will need to have a very good season for him to get 93, there's been nothing to suggest him rising to 93 so far for me. Paid to lose is a bit of a statement, to me they were just outplayed and bullied by Liverpool. Too slow getting to the ball, not enough energy, not enough work, and over reliant on Messi. This /\ Several players in that side should rise. Robertson, Mane, Wijnaldum, Van Dijk, Fabinho, TAA +2. Sturridge likely to drop i think though. Keep Havertz in, i'd take him over Sancho personally. Other two are fine, but you should keep in mind Jovic, Paqueta, Aouar, Joao Felix, Vinicus.... Duo definitely. Bonucci can only drop, the other two can only rise and both are class. Too much for me. TAA will get to 91 these changes, but Joao Felix will get there himself soon enough. Absolutely, been great this season, it'd be a travesty if he didn't.
  5. I'd take Skrinniar. I'm a massive fan of Laporte, i think he's great and 100% for a +1 next changes, also at the best team of the 3 mentioned, but Skrinniar has the most potential for me, with the right move i think he'll peak the highest. All top level CB's though. Fairly good chance i'd say, but unsure when it would be. If you're thinking of selling, don't. Well, +1 is nailed on. I know others have mentioned the rating cap for EF being 89, but he'll move in the summer or at worst go back to his parent club, so i think +2 is pretty likely if i'm honest. Regardless, if not next changes then the ones after, he's a 92+ player in the near future. 50/50. United need to keep performing at a very high level, but he's definitely their best player. LOL'd at this. Surely safe for me, been an ever present for a team doing better than many expected. If you can get Kane for Coutinho then you 100% have to, its a no brainer. Take the deal and run before the other manager comes down off the drugs.
  6. Gotta be safe I'd say, he's doing fine up there and 85 is fair. One for me for a change if people would be so kind. Bruun Larsen and Lautaro Martinez or Leon Goretzka? I'm thinking long term and potions aren't important.
  7. I concur, Jovic will peak a fair bit higher, and sooner.
  8. Agree with the other opinions. Chiesa, Lukaku. I think he might get it if they get through the next round. Verratti did and i don't think Verratti is as good as Mbappe. 97 at PSG though, no i can't see that personally unless they do go on to win the CL, and it would be a few years down the road for me.
  9. So, just to quickly come back to this. From the games i've seen, i would regard Milenkovic as the better tackler. One on one he also seems to do very well against the attacker whereas Romagnoli likes to slow them down and not tackle if he can avoid. Both read the game equally well so no points there. Milenkovic seems to always play the more forward balls where as I see Romagnoli as playing shorter safer balls, again both are fine. Milenkovic is much better in the air, Romangnoli is very composed and calm on the ball. So the question comes down to potential more than anything else. In 2 years which will be better. I do agree Milenkovic needs to develop, but I think the attributes he shows now give him an edge over Romagnoli, in my personal opinion. In terms of Soccer Manager, I think both will rise again next changes by 1. Of course it’s a subjective opinion, in 2 years Milenkovic might stall and net get much better at all, we’ve certainly seen it before. That stats site is interesting, I’ve not seen it before but might look to use that on games/players I’ve missed. Just as an aside, i don't use performance stat sites too often other than to check who's been playing, but this one of the sites i sometimes use to look at players if i've missed games. Here's their stats for both players. Romagnoli Milenkovic They have Milenkovic slightly ahead, which is similar to the way i saw it.
  10. Ok apology accepted, no problem. Language barrier can be an issue, no harm done. Let me come back to you about the rest a little later though, i'm about to head into work now.
  11. Let me just quote something i said in my earlier comment that i'm not sure if you noticed before posting your salty comments. "If anyone had a different opinion though i wouldn't try and dissuade them, you could make a case for all of these, all likely to be top class. " You may also notice that Francesco asked about long term, not current form. Is Romagnoli in a better team? Absolutely, by miles. Has be been better recently? He certainly has. Will he peak higher in 1-2 years. I'm not convinced of that. As i've already said though, if others have a different opinion i wouldn't argue too much, you could take any of these and have a top CB in 2 years. Feel free to post the stats though, i'm sure i can find a differing opinion somewhere and i'd be interested to have a look at yours.
  12. Wow, now there's a tough call to make this early in the day. I would probably drop Romagnoli, i don't think he's quite as good as the others. Personally i'd take Milenkovic (been great this season and very likely to move end of season), then maybe Akanji. If anyone had a different opinion though i wouldn't try and dissuade them, you could make a case for all of these, all likely to be top class. On a unrelated note, you really should change your forum user name, having your mail address as your username leaves you open to anyone wanting to hack your account or spam your mail address.
  13. For me it would be better to do the main league 3 times rather than twice and 1 load of random changes. I get that it's been beneficial for your team, but that shouldn't really be a consideration for the players ratings. Am i misunderstanding your point here? 85/86 for Zagadou.
  14. I don't agree. I'm all for them updating players more regularly, in fact i'd be over the moon if they did, but they should stick to the ratings schedule. Doing the odd player here and there means its too easy to miss players that should have been reviewed and get missed.
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