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  1. Re: CHEAT ! CHEAT ! Pls Mod,SM Help / Action Hi guys, instead of setting up a new thread, thought I would hijack this. Can you report a dodgy deal a 2nd time, as it dosen't appear to be working when I try and report what I believe to be cheatingl. The history is a deal was done between 2 managed clubs for a 92 rated player and the fee was pretty much the SM value, and this player was the selling clubs best player, so I thought it was a big dodgy and reported it and SM agrreed and reversed it. Then next day the buying club made another offer, so I made a an offer aswell, 10 million above SM value, as that is what I felt he was worth, then this other club immediateley withdraws and makes a new bid, and is accepted straight away, it turned out he offered 100k more than me!!, after it was accepted I send the selling manager a message that I would be able to offer more but got no reply. I know that this deal is dodgy and it is not a case of being out bid. Anyway I tried to report it again but I got message stating that the deal has being reported but I think that was my original report, anybody any ideas on this, is there another way to report the deal. Thanks
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Hopefully they gave him a 10 game ban so no travelling for him and wont miss any games for us!!!
  3. Re: What tv series are you into? 1. Prison Break 2. Law and Order-SVU 3. csi Miami 4.Lost 5. Cold Case
  4. Re: New Interfaceneeds some fixing Bring back old interface, need one sucks. :mad:
  5. There appears to be cheating in a game world that I am playing in. Where do i now report this to?
  6. Re: Cenk Tosun [Gaziantepspor Goal-Machine]
  7. Re: King Kenny is ready to Knock Fergie off his Perch! - Match Report/Discussion Thre Season1 Turn 11 Division 4 In Div 4 tonight league leaders entertain Montpellier who currently stand in 4th. Even though its early days in the league Chelsea are already looking likely to get promotion as they have a four point lead over Internacional and will be unlikely to drop points tonight but the Chelsea manager sees things differentlt, "I think Montpellier are a very dangerous side who can cause probleams on the counter attack as they have very pacy players" UNMANAGED CLUBS Ajax, Aston Villa, Ath Madrid, Benfica, B Dortmund, FC Porto, Fiorentina, Juventas, Lazio, Lyon, Marseille, Napoli, Seville, Spurs, Valencia. COME ON WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!!!
  8. Re: new custom world opened today!!!!!!!! This shoyld be in Custom Game forum and is the name of your set up a big secret!!!!
  9. Re: World Championship 10658 (Gonna be out in an hour) Just took over Athletic Club in Div 3. Seems like good league from below posts. If anyone has any players they want to loan out or sell let me know, as looking for few extra bodies.
  10. Re: Off topic : What are your best success on SM? Maybe Liverpool in WC6473. Won the first 3 Championships, despite not having much money to spend and lesser squad compared to others, season No 5 starts tonight, cant wait to get my title back!!.
  11. Re: bent. darren What has that got to with if the bent deal was a good one or not???. I think its a lot of money to spend on him, but if Villa stay up, you would probably say its money well spent, especially as the other strikers at Villa are not that good, and won't get you get 20 goals a season, well Bent may.
  12. Re: Top 4 most ridiculous transfers IMO 1. Ibrahimovic to Barcelona (£40M plus Samuel Eto'o.) Great Deal for Inter. 2. Beckham to Galaxy. (Deal was all about the money for Hollywood Beckham) 3. Steve Marlet to Fulham-11.5M 4. Shevreckno to Chelski-30m Think its unfair to put Carroll in this list as he has only signed and has yet to play.
  13. Re: King Kenny is ready to Knock Fergie off his Perch! - Match Report/Discussion Thre Season1 Turn 3 Division 4 Tonight will see Chelsea entertain Velez Sarsfield at Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea manager was talking today to the SM Website and said he is looking forward to the game. "It will be a tough game, Velez are very organised and like to pass the ball around, so it should be an entertaining game". The Chelsea manager may make changes as Drogba, Essien and Lampard are all carrying knocks. Fernando Torres is expected to return to the starting line up as he was left out of the team for the last game due to a family illness. Meanwhile in Div 1 the surprise early league leaders Spurs entertain Juventas who are in 16th. There are a couple of mouth watering games in Milan aganist Man U and Liverpool aganist Barcelona.
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