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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Gold Championship 68: Barcelona have seen a rare explosion in the transfer market bringing in Thiago Silva and Cambiasso for cash deals from unmanaged clubs. However, also managed some human deals although paying hefty prices: Signed Xavi for Mascherano + Kaka - Expensive but i wanted him back in my squad he will stay 97 a couple of years at least yet and that is 6 seasons of SM, i might not even be around on SM then... Signed Joe Hart for Valdes + Aurtenetxe - Although i have tried to get a real Spanish feel to this squad the chance to remove the Barca weaklink (Valdes) for the Hart was too good to turn down. I like the young LB but i have Evra for now and Alba for the future already sorted. Signing Eden Hazard for Ander Herrera + Fernando Torres - I really like both these players but my plan is to move Ronaldo upfront with Messi this season making a spot on the wings for Hazard to fight out with Pedro, Silva, Mata, Cazorla and i still have Villa, Aguero and Bojan for the Cups.
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread If you reserve a team and don't have enough credits, does SM hold the team for 15 minutes while you add credits and then pay for the reserved club? Or do they just release it as i don't want to put credits on unless i am 100% getting the team i want in a future GC. Credits seem like a bit of another scam to me, what was wrong with just paying in cash for what i wanted?
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Gold Championship 68: Barcelona complete the cash signing of Thiago Silva for just over £62mil from unmanaged Frankfurt at last. It was the second time the club had a bid accepted for the Brazilian Beast CB although the first time a good friend of Roxas Heart Kingdom (Forum) came in collapsed the bid and then promptly sold him to Roxas for a shockingly low deal despite rejecting all my considerably better offers and the resigned just days later... After dismissing all three of my tickets despite giving solid evidence (A confession from the friend that it was cross gameworld favour) SMFA closed all three of my tickets. However, someone else must have reported it also and now both managers have been suspended and Thiago joins Barca.
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Gold Championship 140: Wolves have finally completed a deal after a couple of months of inactivity from myself. As mentioned above we have brought in Argentine CM Ever Banega, LB Nacho Monreal and squad player Cheyrou. Hopefully we should be able to bring in a couple of risers in the next 24 hours with several bids lodged to help grow some cash for next season. The season has been a relative success so far with 6 games remaining as we have already bagged the English Shield making it 3 seasons in a row with some silverware (2 X Shield, 1 X Cup) and we currently sit 4 points behind an SMFA Champs Cup spot although in all fairness it is a 9 way shoot-out with such a tough English league reaching its climax. Squad wise, like many of the other usual run of the mill clubs in this setup compared most other GC's we look fairly solid with some decent prospects including De Gea, Balotelli, Pjanic, Gourcuff, Menez, Walcott, Marin, Banega, Miranda, Rafinha and a few other decent players like Tino Costa, Kjaer, Monreal, Rodwell, Isco, Djuric among the other squad members.
  5. Re: Smfa Manager Name: Daniel Walmsley Player Name: Phil Jones Game World Name: Gold Championship 140 Game World ID: 54881 Team: Wolves I had Phil Jones and agreed a deal with Pixie at Real Madrid that would see Marin and Boateng come to Wolves for Jones. I offered him Jones and 8.5mil for Marin which was accepted and complete. Next day i offer CV cash for Boateng and the deal collapsed continiously even after max amount of cash allowed. Now i am left with only Marin and have lost one of the most promising young stars on the game to one of the big clubs when i am one of the smaller clubs. Is there not a way of reversing the original deal so we are back to fair square one at least? Thanks
  6. Re: EPL Ratings First of all your very first sentence shows how immature you are and i will look forward to the next childish post your 'brain' can come up with. Of course he concedes goals he shouldn't every keeper in the world does that include being beaten at their near post believe it or not... I said he is a solid keeper i dont remember saying top keeper or world class. The job he does i.e sweeping and his calmness on the ball to play out to the defence even under immense pressure fits right in with Barca's way of building from the back and keep ball. Why is anyone who says anything a little positive about any Barca player a fanboy? I hate how arrogant the club is and the way their players cheat and deceive referees especially Busquets but i will come down to your level with my next comment just so you can write something abusive back to me in the hope that we lose someone who can't accept a different opinion to that of his own from this forum. The reason you are so paranoid of Barcelona is that they can play the football of Arsenal BUT actually win things as well...
  7. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 A rise for Silva? He has been fantastic so far this season.
  8. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Like i said in the original message i had tried PM'ing you made direct offers for the players i was interested and even had sent you messages in the new chat feature... ...Oh doesn't matter now anyway you just quit the Udinese in GC140 after less than 4 days in charge (See first post quoted ).
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread To say how many deals you complete on a daily basis with your ever-changing clubs i just don't know how you do it. You never reply to Pm's, offers or on the new chat...
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Been a very long time since i did one of these so why not. Gold Championship 68: Barcelona have done really well of recent securing a third League title in a row, Spanish Cup and SMFA Cup treble last season. Opening up this season with Charity Shield and SMFA Super Cup success. The squad looks very impressive although admittedly it's one of the worse GC's out there. If it wasn't for Mark Wallis and his Madrid for a challenge i would've been gone a long time ago: Valdes De Gea Evra Cissokho Criscito Vidic Puyol Pique Reinartz Ramos Azpilicueta Busquets Mascherano Javi Garcia Fabregas Hernanes Chantome Kaka Silva Gourcuff Valero Herrera Ronaldo Pedro Mata Salvio Alba Messi Villa Torres Llorente Derdiyok Bojan Got most of the Barca youngsters such as Thiago, Fontas, Jonathan Dos Santos, Kiko, Romeu, Muniesa and all the other lower rated ones. A few other youngsters include Lamela, Mlapa, Pogba etc. Gold Championship 140: Wolves are a team on the up with some decent name players. Nowhere near as good as some of the teams i see Forumers have built up with much smaller clubs than Wolves but not too shabby for a Wolves. Just into the third season now. Neuer Mihaylov Criscito Jose Angel Rafinha Hummels Miranda Phil Jones Trasch Buyens Chantome Javi Marquez Gourcuff Tino Costa Illicic RodriguezMilevskiy Borriello Tchite Casnos Have a few youngsters like Toivomaki, Savic, Djuricic etc.
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Very simple. Don't sell Robben until you've decided which club you are at. I'm sure the next Dortmund manager would prefer Robben than the poor deal you get for him.
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC140 Wolves sell Manuel Neuer to Bayern Munchen for Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott in a 2part deal this morning and yesterday only to see the shambolic SMFA reverse both deals. Quite hilarious considering both managers were very happy with the deal, never knew each other or have ever competed in any other same GC never mind deal in one. This GC has got to be the most shocking out there, every week there is a new newspaper condemning a different manager of cheating and the SMFA keeps letting dodgy deal and blatant cheating stand. Penguin agrees to sell Iniesta for Ribery and Bale in a two part deal and gets screwed out of the second part. SMFA does nothhing. Several deals include players like Sakho, Carrol, Pastore and a host of other players being signed for outrageously cheap deals with the manager leaving either the same day or just a couple of days later with no action taken. Joke.
  13. Re: GC19 discussion / rumours etc thread Glad my old team went to a worthy manager. I don't have much time for this game or forum anymore but i'm always guilty of checking out this great GC and my old United every now and again. Goodluck with United Studge.
  14. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Third time i have advertised this team on this thread. Athletic Club GC68 Llorente, Iraola, Munian, Victor Ruiz, Jose Angel and loads of other 89's 88's and talents. Please someone stick with them and Barcelona will pay richly for Llorente!
  15. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Someone on here before made a suggestion that perhaps there are different levels for a player to reach in different setups which is randomised such as playing 40% of games in GC1 but maybe in another GC it could be just 25% and i think there is a chance that i am in a low percentage GC.
  16. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Not had any player concerns as of yet, regular squad rotation has helped to ensure that everyone gets enough game time. Sent a couple out on loan but no concerns for that either. Touchwood if i keep rotating then we should be okay!
  17. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Gold Championship 68: Barcelona complete the signing of Stefan Reinartz from Bayer Leverkusen for £8.7million. Here is the current 3 teams we can field: Gk - Valdes 92 LB - Evra 94 CB - Puyol 96 CB - Vidic 96 RB - Ramos 94 CM - Fabregas 95 CM - Mascherano 94 RM - Silva 93 LM - Ozil 93 F - Messi 98 F - Villa 96 AvR = 95 Av age = 26 GK - Valdes/ De Gea 92/89 LB - Cissokho 90 CB - Pique 95 CB - Chiellini 94 RB - Azpilicueta 89 CM - Busquets 93 CM - Gourcuff 92 RM - Pedro 92 LM - Mata 91 F - Torres 95 F - Balotelli 89 AvR = 92 Av age = 24 GK - Valdes/ De Gea 92/89 CB - Ansaldi 90 CB - Bonnucci 89 CB - Reinartz 88 CM- Javi Martinez 90 CM - Semshov 90 RM - Pablo Hernandez 90 LM - Jordi Alba 87 AM - Borja Valero 89 F - Gomis 89 F - Bojan 88 AvR = 89 Av age: 24 Unused subs: Ander Herrera 87 Jeffren 85, Gundogan 86 and most of the original youth team incl Muniesa, Fontas, Dos Santos, Thiago, Rafa, Romeu, Rochina and more.
  18. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) milan 140...
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