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  1. Re: Custom ideas.....? Have to agree with gazza... Having the last manager sacked is a good idea, because you need to do you best to stay in the setup... also I'd have to agree 8 team, only the best of the best
  2. Re: MPW World League Championship ============================================================ Zenit News: FC Zenit sign a new manager for Croatia, well known by his roll of managing Zaragoza in Georges Elite, Luka Drezga. Young, seventeen year old manager, stated that he thinks that with the quality, and variety of players he has in his team, he can win the Div 3 title easily. "I love taking challenges, and this is definitely a tough one. Zenit has a great team, but lacks a good strikers, thats why I contacted Zaragoza regarding one of their star players. I'll have some trouble
  3. Re: Gold Championship 7 =========================================================== Basel News: FC Basel fans seem really happy as their favourite club gained a new manager. Old sneaky ******* Luka Drezga. Drezga was scouting for a team suitable for him in Gold Champ 7, and found one in Basel. Since this great club was unmanaged for a long time, a lot of its great player were sold, and Drezga faces a tremendous challenge. Will he be able to achive glory with this skeleton of a club. Its on us to see, and Drezga to comment. "I am extremely happy to be joining this great setup, and t
  4. Re: Simple Chatroomers Setup Luka Drezga, if I could have VFB Stuttgart ^^ plsss
  5. Re: MPW World League Championship Have applied, am waiting for you reply, manager name Luka Drezga
  6. Re: MPW World League Championship then can I take Zenit?
  7. Re: Darijo SRNA I also thing he should get a rating increase... at least to 92
  8. Re: MPW World League Championship I'd be interested in Roma if available
  9. Re: Georges Elite Setup ============================================================== Since I have a bunch of time on my hands because i'm sick, and cant go to school this week, I've decided to return to this nice forum and bump Georges thread a bit. It used to be one of the hottest threads, what happened to it ? Gonna write a bit about my Zaragoza team... News Flash: At the end of 7th season it seems that Zaragoza is getting back to Div 1... After a successful season in Div 2, Luka Drezga is looking for some new signings... The "hottest" target is Didier Drogba, from Barcelona
  10. Re: Georges Elite Setup ============================================================ Long time since my last post , sry about that... Been busy lately, so this one is going to be a keeper ... BTW, George *bump*-ing your thread Zaragoza News: I can express my joy, as I see how my club plays... Tears of happiness come to my eyes, all I have to say is "Congards to my boys, for winning the 1st div title... What more to say than we will try to do it again, so far we are doing great, being 1st on the tables with 4 points ahead." Zaragoza Team: [ABBONDANZIERI, Roberto] - [DIOG
  11. Re: Georges Elite Setup ========================================================= Zaragoza News: Drezga's butt whoping machine, whoped another butt, this time it was Arsenal, Zaragoza took 3 points in a great away win 5-4... Robinho singned on the score sheet twice... Drezga is nicely settled in the 2nd place of Div 1... And plans to stay there... Transfer News: Two new singnings came to Zaragoza through this afternoon... IGNASHEVICH, Sergei, BEYE, Habib... Beye Habib
  12. Re: Milan available... inc Kaka I took them if someone does not have anything agains it
  13. Re: Save a club from relegation took them... Gonna make them shine
  14. Re: Save a club from relegation Rangers are impossible to save from relegation... If you could give me another club
  15. Re: Save a club from relegation Have taken stafford rangers... Its going to be tough... Lets rock EDIT: There is no chance they can get saved... there is only 2 games left and I am falling 30 point behind the 19th...
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