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  1. Re: Bayern Munich - New Wonderkid - David Alaba IS HE GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE PL ? LOL come to lfc! your bound to be welcome, anyways everybody check my dj myspace kk
  2. Re: Sebastian GIOVINCO sell or keep? thanks, for your help giovinco guanco
  3. i have got barca and i have loads of fwd's and mids but not that much defence should i sell giovinco or will he be a future talent and rise? your thoughts people thanks
  4. Messi-Torres


    Re: Snow! in oldham, manchester it is still snowing bits and its FEBRUARY!
  5. Re: Micah Richards? Rise or Drop? can somebody tell me a good affordable rb as i have none and i am playing albiol at rb
  6. im wanting to buy him as he is cheap only 12 million but in the future is he going to rise or drop its just that i dont watch spanish footy that much only barcelona sometimesss...
  7. Re: Tevez To Go Up Again YOU DONT NOTICE HIM WTH? He IS A MAIN MAN" !
  8. Messi-Torres


    You Should Come Down to Oldham it is Flooded With Snow ii loveee itt!everywhere you lookk snowww!
  9. Re: Jamie Carragher Down and Vermaelen Up?! Hes gonna be better than scholes but maybe not anderson!
  10. I Just Dont Understand As Carragher is having a wonderful season. EXCLUDING THE TEAM LOL
  11. Re: Help with Yaya Toure. yep good deal let it go through as i think throught yaya toures performances this season i really think he has a chance of rising and a suggestion for the tactics play 442 play Counter-Attack Tight Marking Playmaker that should defo help as this has helped me won millions and trillions of times
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