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  1. Re: The Official NBA Thread Dayton shock the world for the second time! Shades of FGCU from last year
  2. Re: The Official NBA Thread This sentence should never have come to fruition at any point in our existence. Returning to the sane world, Russ 100% travelled for his earth shattering dunk IMO, Meeks was absolutely unconcious, Jimmy Butler is more clutch than Lebron and Noah for MVP
  3. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Props to MourinhoSearcher, he actually, err, "won" an argument, a momentous and historic day for us all. Daily Mail saying that we're going to sell Danny in the summer and that he's going to be axed from Roy's squad for, wait for it, Andy Carroll. Why they produce guck like that then actually do decent articles like the one today with Pellegrini talking about home-grown players, they ruin their own credibility and quality perception.
  4. Re: The Official NBA Thread I looked on that ship and couldn't find it? DM me a link to Gunnin for #1 spot if you have it please
  5. Re: The Official NBA Thread You wouldn't be able to tell me where I could find these to watch? Can't find them PS Fab Five is a great documentary about the Michigan team of freshman that could have been the first to win a championship.
  6. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Moyes: "We're still in the hunt for the title" After dropping points each and every week. EDIT: How on earth do we have a joint away record in the league with City? (21 points)
  7. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Also screams a public servive announcement to all United targets, we're willing to throw obscene amounts of money at you to play for our football club.
  8. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Don't know what I'll do if Rooney becomes captain. Just isn't an embodiment of what a Manchester United captain is. Is not a Vidic, Keane, Robson, Bruce or Charlton type of person.
  9. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I know you have a massive serial vendetta against Young but some of your statements here have been ridiculous. Only cross when a player's in space in the box? When does that honestly occur regularly. I suppose that Nani's cross to Rooney for the overhead kick was a terrible cross also (took a deflection to get to him if memory serves). I suppose that Scholes' cross to Ronaldo vs Roma was awful because our two biggest players in the box were Park and Rooney while they had maybe 8 defenders in the box and the cross went no where near either of them. I'm not advocating crossing by any stretch of the imagination but categorising a "successful" cross is not as black and white as you seem to think.
  10. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Because he has been in very good form recently? Regardless of your opinion of his overall ability, when a player is in good form they merit a start in my eyes and in the eyes of any sane manager. Linked well with Evra today, won a serious number of those headers back post from crosses from the right and also put in his fair share of quality balls. He can only do what is asked of him and obviously Moyes wanted him to cross it a lot and he did that very effectively so he cannot be made any sort of scape goat in this occasion. Blame RVP for his idiotic lob attempt at 2-1 rather than smashing the ball across the keeper
  11. Re: Official Red Devils Thread So devoid of ideas and creativity. Lumping in crosses is such a cop out.
  12. Re: The Official NBA Thread
  13. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Cleverley trying to bring the ball forward and Rooney literally intentionally tackles him and takes the ball off him. Please ship him out to PSG or somewhere ASAP. Don't care what you may have against Cleverley but a player tackling his own teammate is just ridiculous.
  14. Re: The Official NBA Thread
  15. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Horrific luck befalls us again, two centre backs off injured in the first half with none on the bench. No doubt this result will still be blamed on Moyes by some people.
  16. Re: Official Red Devils Thread United U18s vs City's U18s at the mo on MUTV for those interested, not the best conditions and United 1-0 down but worth a peep.
  17. Re: Official Red Devils Thread In today's transfer news; LOANS: Will Keane -> QPR Sam Byrne -> Carlisle Charni Ekangamene -> Carlisle Tyler Blackett -> Birmingham Tom Thorpe -> Birmingham Federico Macheda -> Birmingham Sam Johnstone -> Doncaster Tom Lawrence -> Yeovil TRANSFERS: Larnell Cole -> Fulham Ryan Tunnicliffe -> Fulham
  18. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Incorrect, played 31% of his games in the number 7 and played 50% in number 11! Can't let you get away with trying to belittle fans whilst being wrong yourself.
  19. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Yeah when you are bringing through all those foreign imports from Africa, you guys added another 3 Africans to your ranks a couple weeks back, in addition to your 6 Ghanaians you already have out on loan! Youth production eh! Your most recent academy imports; Iheanacho, Nwakali, Mohammed, Diaz, Faour, Garcia, Tasende, Maffeo! Not saying we're perfect either since Januzaj is a 3/4 year old import and we have others eg Pereira x2, Gollini, Janko but we don't hoover up masses of foreign teenagers like you do! On a side note, much praise to Lingard and MCFC's Devante Cole, both played well earlier. Really hope Lingard gets a chance this season even with Mata's arrival, kid has buckets of ability.
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