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  1. Re: The truth about ec106 here is the waiting list PEOPLE if you have the chance to join then do it ok 106 waiting list No free teams at the moment,but as the set-up has become rather popular of late, we are trying to implement a so-called waiting list..The term it self is somewhat misleading there is no formal waiting list to join the set-up, anyone can join at anytime if there is a vacancy. In an attempt to keep the set-up full, what does exist is an arrangement between the set-ups active Forumers, that if offered a job at a vacant club [which they plan to turn down], they inturn hold op
  2. hey guys i have been in EC106 for like 2 weeks and i dont like that league people were mean to me because there was a waiting list for other people to come and join i mean what is up with that EC is for everyone THERE SHOULD NOT BE A WAITING LIST and i am here so that everyone can know PLZ if you have the chance to join EC106 TAKE IT forget about that waiting list i am for one 100% sure that EC106 rep will go down i was new and they never helped me EC106 is for every one not IMPORTENT PEOPLE did you know that they are saving it for MONTY why it should be for everyone i know after this my acc
  3. Re: i am not Able to join New GC why? OMG STFU i used to be a goldmember you dont now nothing go away you cant say that without PROOF
  4. Re: i am not Able to join New GC why?
  5. Re: amauri and kuyt for benzema? yh man do the deal benzema will be world class this season i hope you rep me thanks
  6. Re: Loaning great idea i would love for this to happen as i would only loan players to unmanaged clubs
  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread LOL i am doing good 2 wins out of two should make it 3 by the next match i will go up without a doubt good luck for second place
  8. hey guys i need your help i have RICHARDS, Micah he is a RB/CB where should i play him i also have IVANOVIC, Branislav and he is also a RB/CB but i think he should be a CB/RB if i play them at centre back would that mean that the will play bad coz they get bad rating like 5-6 or should i buy a CB because i only have evans there and play them at RB but i have glen johnson so i think RB is taking what should i do i will rep who ever helps me
  9. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread good luck to every one today i hope i win today
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