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  1. I've been playing SM for 9 years and if I am forced to use the new design on the 1st June, that's it for me, its horrible to use on a desktop and far too slow. Time to get a new hobby SoP
  2. Al Sadd's 2 Asian players are - Kosta Barbarouses (82) and Riley Woodcock (75) With 28 players bought in - a total squad value of 41.1 Miliion and no 1st team starter under 80 rated we are good to go
  3. With 7 games to play and currently on a 28 game unbeaten streak - tonight Chelsea win the 1st Division title with a win over Spurs
  4. After waiting 5 years to get there man after choosing to sign Pique instead at the start of the set-up, Manchester United this morning after his medical will unveil Sergio Busquets as the latest addition to the 5 times Champions 1st team squad
  5. Hiya Pip - If there are any places left, stick me in, not fussed which team, any opportunity to beat Izod is a great one
  6. Are Boro doomed is the question on everyone's lips - a massive 6 points behind safety after 14 games of the season, OAP side Boro look like they could be doing a Carlisle and dropping a Division - What does this mean for long term manager Jooles? Can he get his Gray army playing football again? He is even making Foolham look good which is quite a feet in itself Also after tonight's game Liverpool go top - Will they throw the l title away again? Have Chelsea, Shef utd and Man Utd got what it takes to mount a challenge to the Liver-birds?
  7. Good game mate well done and a 500 rep account I have this season what I didn't have last season, injuries and suspensions This season my monies on Chelsea for the title
  8. I noticed this a few days ago when trying to bid for a 83 rated 21 year old in 7046, and tried to include 2 lower rated players. I just couldn't get a non cash bid in on the player.
  9. It would effect me as well I'v been around since 2006, however something big needs to change
  10. I would get rid of player concerns Have a squad cap of 25 1st team players and then a squad cap of 20 youth team players but have a max rating of 87 and raise the age to 22 Change the ratings change back to every 3 months for big clubs so its more dynamic Free agents go to there parent club, unless they have already filled there youth quota so then go on the open market
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