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  1. Re: Gold Championship 81 New Porto and Scotland manager is me. Deals already agreed for Falcao and Hulk. Fernando almost gone,wont be long. Rolando still with me and in no rush to part with him.If I recieve a suitable offer he may be allowed to leave. Bring on the start of the season.
  2. Re: Section 5 Risers - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Eire Sander Puri is currently on a weeks trial with Celtic and rumours Dortmund and Bremen are also after him. Looks like he could have a decent future in the game.
  3. Re: Need a Left Back Insua should be in for a rise.
  4. Re: Gold Member? Is It Worth It Well said.
  5. Re: Gold Member? Is It Worth It I like being a Gold Member and being able to PLAY in Gold Championships but why would someone become a Gold Member now when they cant enter some Gold Championships. Gold Championship 81 has been created with a 200 minimum entry level and I think thats ridiculas.I pay the same as others yet I cant enter a Gold Championship because I havent been a member long enough.Absolute rubbish if you ask me. Being a Gold Member should mean being able to take part in Gold Championships should it not.Well some cant because of this stupid entry level. Gold Championship 82 w
  6. Re: Name your top players Mines would be Georgios Samaras rated 87. GC 67 19 games 18 goals 9 assists and 8 MOTM. GC 75 his stats are 5 games 6 goals 2 assists 3 MOTM. He's a goal machine.
  7. Right before I start just letting yous know I dont know how to be fancy. Seen a player the other night who looked a good player and might have a big future. Sebastian Rudy 19 Stuttgart Rated 79 on here. Played on the right side of midfield and played very well.Scored one and set up the other goal in a 0-2 victory over Rangers. Just trying a gadge some opinions on him as i've recently bought him for a few of my teams on different set-ups.
  8. Re: Simon Ferry The longer he stays out on loan the better as he wont get much game time if he returns to Celtic.I bought him awhile back for 10k and when he rises think i'll sell him hopefully make a few hundred grand on him.
  9. Re: Joel Matip - new Schalke youngster Someone in a GC just paid over £5 million to get him and he was the only one bidding. Must have high hopes for him in the future.
  10. Re: Gold Member? Is It Worth It Im quite a new member maybe joined about 3 months or so ago and I think Gold Membership is well worth it and probably the biggest team i've had so far is Lyon in GC 68 who just happen to be top of the league. I went for Celtic in my first GC and got them that was GC67 and guess what,im top of the league there aswell. I have Werder Bremen in GC71 not top but going ok. Got Celtic again in GC75 and guess where I am in the league,yip you've guessed it top. Took Dundee Utd in the newest GC79 and season starts on Saturday so looking forward to that. Some may say
  11. Re: GC75-Official Thread. News/Match Reports! Celtic Transfer News Transfers In PÉREZ, Matías LB - £1.1M & Lee NAYLOR FERNANDEZ, Alvaro CM - £0 & Landry N'GUEMO LEANDRO, Montera Fwd - £4.4M & Chris KILLEN & Ryan CONROY WILHELMSSON, Christian Wing - £1.0M & Koki MIZUNO WESLEY, Silva AM/Wing - £500k & Willo FLOOD ANTONSSON, Mikael CB - £1.0M & John KENNEDY Youth Added MIYAYOSHI, Takumi Fwd - £100k UZUN, Bülent CB - £85k SEMENENKO, Artem CM - £55k SALIFU, Razak Wing - £15k WESTO, Johannes AMWing - £15k SUNDQVIST, Björn-Erik CF - £15k Still
  12. Re: Gold Championship 75; Transfer news/Match reports CELTIC ANNOUNCE TONY McGROGAN NEW MANAGER More to follow.......................
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