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  1. Re: Mascherano, 27 mill? Yes or No? Mascherano deal got rejected, really need to find a good DM MY chairman never let the maersca, palacios deal through, dont know why though? Any ideas, mareca is a bit more valuable but a tiny bit that cant be it?
  2. Re: Mascherano, 27 mill? Yes or No? i bought Joao paulo instead
  3. Re: Mascherano, 27 mill? Yes or No? lol well should i buy him then or get the other guy? want someone decent who will rise?
  4. Re: Mascherano, 27 mill? Yes or No? cheers, got Schennikov i think he was a free agent, Might get fabio later on, still got a bid in for rafael, no reply yet Accept my thing on msn
  5. Re: Mascherano, 27 mill? Yes or No? lol just bought mccourt as well, might just have to then, how long do you think ramos will take to increase? And the other 2 Cbs you mentioned are a bit old are they not? And finaly any young and upcoming Lbs? cheers Added you on MSn would be easier lol
  6. Re: Help with tactics for young side! http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1526316&clubid=18911634&sid=22501 there it is
  7. Re: Mascherano, 27 mill? Yes or No? cheers, and other positions to strentghen mate? gave you rep;) and finally i need to selsomeone to keep the funds, who should i sell? When you told me to:L how long before he rises?
  8. Re: Mascherano, 27 mill? Yes or No? cheers it should go through its an unavailable club' date=' im having a nightmare looking for a RB,dont want a dear one, just someone who is in 80s young and will rise? [url']http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1526316&clubid=3542727&sid=15888[/url] what would you seel and strentghen otherwise?
  9. Re: Mascherano, 27 mill? Yes or No? not sure whether to sell him or not then, made a bid for mascherano also bid for palacios, offered maresca for him worth it ye? like for like?
  10. Re: Mascherano, 27 mill? Yes or No? Cheers i also have fred who is nearly top scorer in my leauge, have got an offer for him, what do you think hes worth, if i sell i need to find another good striker?
  11. The guy wants 27 mill cash for him, is he worth it or not? If not any other CDMs i can get looking for a decent one to replace toulouan got 40 mill?
  12. Re: Help on how to get money - Buying and selling!! CASILLAS, Iker GGk 28 96 RUFFIER, Stéphane GGk 22 87 RUBIN, Matteo LB/LM 22 86 ANTUNES, Vitorino LBLB 22 85 M'BENGUE, Cheikh LB-CBLB/CB 21 84 DE SILVESTRI, Lorenzo RBRB 21 86 MEXES, Philippe CBCB 27 92 LEO, Renan CBCB 21 88 SAKHO, Mamadou CB-LBCB/LB 19 87 SIDNEI, Rechel CBCB 20 87 CHICO, José Manuel CB-DMCB/DM 22 86 GUNGOR, Eren CBCB 21 85 MAZUCH, Ondrej CBCB 20 82 VUKCEVIC, Simon LM-AMLM/AM 23 89 VITALE, Luigi LM-LBLM/LB 21 86 TOSKI, Faton LM-WLM/Wing 22 83 NINIS, Sotiris RM-
  13. http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php?action=squad&clubid=18911634 Any tips on formations and styles to use for this team, also does young age give you a disadvanatge?
  14. http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php?action=squad&clubid=18911634 as you can see i have inherited a young squad, problem is i dont know many young players just know some so do not know potential risers and whos not gonna rise, but i want to make some money to buy some more higher rated experianced players to balance the team out, help would be appreciated thanks! PS: when do ratings change, how often?
  15. Re: Quick help Please!! Should i Sell? I have plenty of DM anyway, plus i dont have much money, Il be bale to buy someone if i need them, but i need to strentghen other positions first
  16. Re: Quick help Please!! Should i Sell? http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php?action=squad&clubid=3542727 thats the rest of my squad anyone you reccomend selling? Not to sure who to sell, and the players i want rid of are TB
  17. I got an offer for toulalan for 45 mill should i let it go through?
  18. Im in charge of lyon just now, played a few games already drew my first one but won the rest which is good, i want to buy some players though, but the last person who was manager left very little many 5 mill, ive managed to get it up to 20 mill now, but the players i want to sell are transfer banned, so i need to buy a CB, and a good striker, dont really know who to get and dont know many great young players, i wanted pato but it seems hes really hard to get, Also how does match fitness work, how long until a player gets back to 100%? Thanks
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