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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Shock horror as managers not in agreement with some SMFA rating changes. Wind your necks in a bit.
  2. Re: ADVICE: Silvestre Varela
  3. Re: Six years later.......... doubt there will be Championship/League 1 players in the England side?!
  4. Re: Dimitar BERBATOV - to rise or to fall Think your stats may be a little bit miles out there mate. Played: 48 Scored: 19 by your definition above. More league goals than similar rated Anelka and Arshavin. He could drop but I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed at 93.
  5. Re: 10... Overrated 90 and above players Lucas - he should never be a 91, at best a 90 ha ha ha ha
  6. Re: THE TIME MACHINE - When predictions fail Can't find it but the one where the guy said Lucas had a great football brain.
  7. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10) Haven't trawled through the thread so may have been mentioned, but what sort of rise will Canales get? Getting a lot of exposure recently.
  8. Re: <£100k risers Gabbarinni 70-78/79/80 altered his spelling for ya. Villalba 72-80/81 which one? Edinson or Daniel?
  9. Re: Hulk and Di Maria! Lucas should be more than an 88! Ha ha ha ha ha.
  10. Re: Over 95 in 2 years Because he's absolutely terrible. Next you'll be telling me Lucas should be higher than 88?!
  11. Re: Over 95 in 2 years Ha ha - nice one.
  12. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? I think 87 is a fair rating for Lucas. I was shocked to learn he's played every game this season as I have hardly noticed him and his football brain. You clearly like the guy and this is possibly clouding your judgement. I'm a Man Utd fan and definitely think Anderson's worth a 91, but again my love for him may be influencing my thoughts. What you've also got to remember is Anderson is clearly a top guy, I don't know if Lucas is but he wears a headband which clearly doesn't help him. Berbatov could have been downgraded but he had a tr
  13. Re: The Redissue League Not in the league myself but just wanted to give a shout out to all the top reds and type nft and kanu where it's allowed.
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