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  1. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. I'd like to return to managing teams again and would love to take part of this cool project.
  2. Re: FFP - Financial Fair Play I'd like to join in as well.
  3. Re: Fix By Mix - Europe's Solution. NEW CUSTOM! I would like to join in too. You can count me in.
  4. Re: New Drafting League I would like to join in, so if there's free spot(s) and I'm acceptable here, count me in!
  5. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Dortmund sell Yakubu to Leeds United Borussia Dortmund have sold their striker Aiyegbeni Yakubu to Leeds United. Lars Sohnwaldt, the manager of Borussia Dortmund decided to get rid of an attacker that doesn't score goals, he was looking for someone more lethal in front. Leeds United were interested in buying the Nigerian player and so the transfer went through. The transfer fee is reported to be around 3,9 million pounds. 15 July, 2011, Season 11
  6. Re: Nickys Custom Championship 2011 - Discussion Thread Won against Manchester City 2-1 I'm Porto by the way.
  7. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Eto'o joins Manchester United Borussia Dortmund have sold their star striker Samuel Eto'o for 40 million pounds and Rio Ferdinand. Dortmund were linked with Manchester United's brick wall Rio Ferdinand earlier this week and Manchester United were said to be interested in their striker as well. Lars Sohnwaldt commented: "The leaving of Samuel Eto'o leaves a big hole in our attack, but fills a one in defence and I'm more into a solid defence, than all out attack and non defensive team." "Ferdinand is solid and experienced as well, I think he alongside with Walter Samuel can really stop things moving back there."
  8. Re: Park Ji-Sung for Gervinho?? It totally depends on how good offer Man City made, but it seems like a good deal.
  9. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Benayoun transfers to PSV instead Lately there have been rumours about Yossi Benayoun linking him with Valencia FC, but now he decided to sign with PSV instead. Borussia Dortmund and PSV Eindhoven reported on Wednesday morning, that midfielder Yossi Benayoun has signed for PSV. A statement on PSV's official website read: "PSV Eindhoven have signed a 2-year contract with Borussia Dortmund's 31-year-old midfielder Yossi Benayoun. The transfer fee is around £5,000,000. We're delighted to sign this experienced and skilled player." Yossi Benayoun commented on the transfer: "I'm happy to have transfered to a team where I can get proper first team football - at Dortmund I was once a first starter and then again a substitute, I wasn't consistently playing."
  10. Re: la Résistance (Official thread) IMO we should relive this setup or start a new one!
  11. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Eto'o race is on Borussia Dortmund reports, that there are a number of clubs interested to buy their striker Samuel Eto'o. Barcelona and Manchester United have been named as the potential buyers of the player, but now it's believed that Newcastle United have stepped in the race aswell. All three teams have made offers for them, but the decision hasn't been made yet. Lars Sohnwaldt commented on Samuel Eto'o's interest: "Yea, there has been some interest from a number of teams, but even I don't know, which way is he going to or is he staying?" "One of the interested teams is Barcelona, but I don't think that it's the best way for Eto'o to go: Barcelona just bought Didier Drogba and they allready have Mario Gomez in their team, I mean, he probably wouldn't get alot playtime there." Neither Eto'o or his agent have made an official statement yet. 12 July, 2011, Season 10
  12. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Benayoun is leaving Dortmund Valencia are reportedly trying to sign Borussia Dortmund's midfielder Yossi Benayoun. He and his agent have been spotted in Valencia on Tuesday and the 31-year-old midfielder claimed that he will be joining them soon. Benayoun signed with Dortmund in the middle of Season 10 and started in 17 matches for them, 13 others were coming to the pitch by a substitution, during that he managed to score only 2 goals and make 1 assist, which wasn't quite impressive, that is probably the reason of him leaving. Manager hasn't commented on the transfer. 12 July, 2011, Season 10
  13. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Dortmund want Ferdinand Borussia Dortmund are believed to be interested in signing Manchester United's defender Rio Ferdinand. Ferdinand's agent has been spotted in Dortmund and near Borussia's facilities and inside information says that there are ongoing talks for Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand. On the same time there has been rumours about Samuel Eto'o going the other way to join Manchester United, but nothing's clear yet. Rio Ferdinand playing for Manchester United. 12 July, 2011, Season 10
  14. Re: Pato or Muller No. Pato's better.
  15. Hey, I need your assistance again, this time Inter have offered me Diego Milito for my striker Radamel Falcao, no money involved. Should I do the deal?
  16. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Jucilei and Pizarro in Dortmund's medicals Silva Jucilei and Claudio Pizarro are reported to be in Dortmund to complete a move there. Both of them have been spotted around Dortmund's facilities, but the club hasn't made a formal statement yet. 11 July, 2011, Season 10
  17. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Nilmar joins with Borussia Borussia Dortmund tied up a deal with Liverpool's attacker Honorato Nilmar. The striker signed a three-year deal with German giants and will get paid £49,650 per turn. Nilmar didn't manage to score alot of goals for Liverpool, but he still pulled of some pretty good performances there. Nilmar joined with Manchester City from Corinthians for 7,8 million pounds before joining Liverpool for 12,2 million pounds. The transfer fee for Nilmar is believed to be around 25 million pounds. Lars Sohnwaldt: "I'm delighted to sign this talented striker. I hope he can set things moving here." 10 July, 2011, Season 10
  18. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Borussia lose again, this time against Ajax Borussia Dortmund lose 2-1 against Ajax in a friendly match. Ajax scored right at the beginning of the match - Mounir El Hamdaoui was believed to be in offside, but the offside wasn't noticed by the referee Mohamed Benouza, so Hamdaoui raced to score the goal on the 2nd minute. Jefferson Farfan equalized on 26th minute after dribbling past the goalkeeper and kicking the ball into an empty net. The teams went to half-time with a 1-1 score. Evander Sno made the score 2-1 on 50th minute of the game and the score didn't change after that. Borussia lost 2-1, but the team didn't look really shaken because of that. 7 July, 2011, Season 10
  19. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Barcelona beat Borussia in a friendly Barcelona have managed to prove their quality yet again by beating Borussia Dortmund 3-2 in a pre-season friendly. Borussia managed to go on a 2-0 lead with Samuel Eto'o scoring on the 22nd minute and Marouane Fellaini on the 33rd minute. But Didier Drogba managed to score a goal before half time on 41st minute. Players went to half-time on a 2-1 score to Borussia Dortmund. Barcelona's Ferreira Pepe managed to equalize due to defensive errors on the 58th minute. And Mario Gomez rounded up a 3-2 win over Borussia with a penalty on 72nd minute. Lars Sohnwaldt commented after the match: "I'm not worried that we've lost, this was just a friendly and I'm trying different tactics and ways for the new season." 3 July, 2011, Season 10
  20. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Borussia tie up deals with 2 German youngsters Philipp Wollscheid and Marco Reus will be on their way to join with Borussia Dortmund's pre-season preparings. The two German youngsters have a great future ahead and even bigger now, because they joined with Borussia Dortmund. The transfer fee for Marco Reus is believed to be around 9 million pounds, but the fee for Wollscheid hasn't been revealed. Lars Sohnwaldt commented on the two new signings: "I signed these two lads for the future and I'm certain they'll be a regular Germany national team players." 3 July, 2011
  21. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Two strikers join with Borussia Dortmund Borussia Dortmund have completed the deals for Aston Villa's striker Darren Bent and CSKA Moscow's Vágner Love. Darren Bent was bought for 11,2 million pounds and Vágner Love for 13,4 million pounds. Bent signed a three-year contract and will now get £44,400 per turn, Love signed a two-year contract and will now cash in £44,550 per turn. Lars Sohnwaldt: "I recieved a great chance to sign these two players and I used it." "They will definetly add some power to our rotational squad." 3 July, 2011, Season 10
  22. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Jan Vertonghen joins with Dortmund Borussia Dortmund have signed Jan Vertonghen from AFC Ajax. The talented Belgian joined with Borussia Dortmund on a 2-year deal with a £44,550 per turn salary. The 24-year-old switched his club alot last season - he joined with FC Porto from Zenit, then went back to Zenit and from there he rejoined with Ajax. The transfer fee is reported to be around 13 million pounds. 3 July, 2011, Season 10
  23. Re: Golborne League Borussia Dortmund Borussia Dortmund sign Walter Samuel Borussia Dortmund have signed Tottenham Hotspur's Argentinian defender Walter Samuel on a long-term contract. Walter Samuel spent 7 seasons in Tottenham before transferring to German giants Borussia Dortmund and this came by a big surprise, because Walter's best seasons were the last ones. The 33-year-old signed with Tottenham on season 4 for 15 million pounds and was there a strong first team player. He signed a 4-year deal with Borussia and will cash in £54,300 per turn. The transfer fee is believed to be around 15 million pounds. Lars Sohnwaldt said: "I'm really happy to have signed him. I was looking for a good and experienced defender and I got one." "He has lots of experience and skills. He's strong and fit as well. He's a great leader." Walter Samuel: "This is the move I wanted to make and I felt it was the right one for me. I'm hoping to finish my career here." Walter Samuel is a regular Argentina national team player. 2 July, 2011, Season 10
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