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  1. Re: 'Friend Suggestions' It's the toothpaste effect. The foam doesn't clean your teeth, but if any brand doesn't do it you won't buy it.
  2. Re: Southern European ICON (The ICON Games) I'll aply to whatever is available. Where do I put my dick name?
  3. Re: German Championship 7554 - Discussions,M/Rs & Transfers Took over Union Berlin, and will be making no transfers that the actual team hans't done before. Though I will try my hardest to make Karl Marcus play on the left.
  4. Re: DAiS Genesis | Media Leeds and Espanyol square off for wooden spoon honours As the end of the first half of the season dawns upon all the teams in Dais Genesis, two clubs see themselves involved in a bitter fight for the last place on Division 2's standings table. Yuri Laszlo's Leeds United, who narrowly avoided relegation last season after an inspired late run of victories is again standing on familliar ground as they currently sit bottom of Division 2 with 4 points, coming off the back of three consecutive losses after a promising beginning for the Whites. Tomorrows opponents, the Spanish side RCD Espanyol coached by long date manager Marcos Vitorino, have fared marginally better in the league so far, beating Leeds by virtue of having allowed one less goal in the first six rounds of the competition, as both teams tie on number of points, wins and goals scored for. While the visiting team's only acquisition of the season, Portuguese up-and-comer Flávio Ferreira, should not start the match for the Barcelona side, Leeds' manager Yuri Laszlo used the off season to promote acomplete renewal of his squad, signing no less then seven players of international calibre, while ten former players were given the boot in Leeds' structural revamp, which has proven nothing short of inefective up until this point of the season, with the Whites winning only one match so far in the Leagueand getting thrown out of the Cup on penaltiy shootout after a first-round draw with Div 2 rivals Mainz. With former Division 1 title-holders West Bromwich Albion on a divisional free-fall, currently sitting just above relegation with the same 4 points of Espanyol and Leeds, the latter will want to capitalize on this chance to move out of the last couple spots on the table in tomorrows game. As Laszlo prepares for the match fine-tuning his squad following the recent signing of Ukranian international Anatoliy Tymoschuk off Bayern Munchen, the Brazilian manager will have to find a way to put his now stellar lineup to good use, as the club's payroll continues to escalate on a geometrical progression and theprospect of playing in Division 3 next season will surely hamper Yuri Laszlo's long term goals at the helm of the team.
  5. Re: English Championship 1 Cheers mate, and all the best for you and your team as well this year! I've been looking for any vacant spots in the setup for a few days now, but getting into the oldest setup in the game seems a lot harder these days.
  6. Re: English Championship 1 Well done, Herby. Nice to see Sheffield doing well!
  7. Re: DAiS Genesis | Media LEEDS UNITED UNVEILS S3 MANAGER Leeds United AFC's chairman Ken Bates announced this morning that his club had concluded their search for a new manager following the departure of Craig White back in October,finalising a deal that will see the experienced Brazilian manager Yuri Laszlo take over managerial duties at The Whites just a couple of days before the beginning of the third season of DAiS Invitational's Genesis Championship. With very little time to know the squad and hardly any money to go shopping with, Yuri Laszlo is expected not to diverge too much from former manager White's working style, which led Leeds to a runner-up spot in their very first season in this championshiop, although a few players will probably leave the team over the course of the season while Mr. Laszlo slowly implements his own tactics in the club. Upon unveiling Leeds United's manager for the upcoming season, Mr. Bates was quick to ackonowledge the potencial of the team to bounce back from relegation, saying "Mr. Laszlo is a competent manager and the sort of person a big club like Leeds needs to have in charge in order to deliver the results we expect from the team."
  8. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] Very well, thank you. Hope for the same for everyone involved in your setup. You see, I've just returned to the game, as I often do after a couple months of inactivity (took over my first club three days ago), and stumbled upon this fantastic idea of yours. So if you have an opening and think I'd fit the bill, I can assure you I'd be in for the long term. A long, long term of unfortunate results and disappointment, but hey!, not everyone is supposed to be winning trophies.
  9. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] I tried that "total immersion" stuff once, during a business trip to Ukraine. It felt nice.
  10. Re: The How to be an Idiot on Internet Forums Guide Well, seven years down the line, and I couldn't help but cringe at my appalling English skills back then. God, I almost feel like an IDIOT. PS: I *think* I have erased most of the glitches in the OP this time. Seriously.
  11. Hello there. GxWy7Bvg2xs You last visited: 04-02-2011 at 11:47 PM
  12. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Chillout, anyone? cH40Q5XKqYk
  13. Re: Guide to the 2010 Brazilian season Well, Corinthians and Grêmio should be on your list. Doni (like some other former Seleção players such as Cicinho) started his career at Botafogo-SP in their youth team. But his first professional game (and the largest share of them during his stay in Brazil) came when he became Corinthians' first choice following Dida's leave. In fact, he was one of the best goalkeepers of the 2003 season, but was forced to miss games later on the season after getting a red card in a match against Santos. For Juventude, really, he wasn't anything special. Most people didn't even know he was playing for the team (who got relegated that year after he left them) following two very unspectacular season with Cruzeiro and Santos. Gilberto went to Germany after playing two seasons for Grêmio, so it could be argued that playing for them had a better impact in his carreer than the 67 games he had with Flamengo eleven years ago or the 110 games he's had during his 2 spells at Cruzeiro. Likewise, Kleberson was indeed called to the national team for his games with Atletico in 2002, but it was his performances for Flamengo that got him in the team this year - and it's been 7 years since he left his first club. Furthermore, it was thanks to Sao Paulo that Grafite had his breakthrough (and it was for them that Grafite played most matches among all the brazilian clubs he played for, not Goias). Also, Santa Cruz was only his 3rd professional team, after spending two years with Matonense (who's now in the 4th div. of the Sao Paulo state champiosnhip) and Ferroviaria (3rd div. in the state "campeonato").
  14. Re: Guide to the 2010 Brazilian season Care to elaborate on how the scores are defined, Insider? I mean, I'm a huge fan of Rogerio Ceni, and I do believe he's one of Brazil's finest goalkeepers...but it does seem odd to have him ranked 22nd in that list!
  15. Re: Guide to the 2010 Brazilian season Fernandão is playing superbly well for Sao Paulo since moving from Goias. 4 games, 4 wins, 2 goals and 3 assists. He's already in the starting XI, I really expect an 88/89 for him next time ratings are reviewed.
  16. Re: English Championship 6395 - Discussion Thread We'll bring the beef. You bring the booze.
  17. Re: English Championship 6395 - Discussion Thread Which won't stop you from being steamrolled by the mighty Blades!
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