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  1. Hi I play a team top of the league tommorrow i'm 3rd and 10 points adrift.

    The manager top has a strong team and always plays 3-5-2 home and away.I've beaten him away using 5-4-1 but at home i've not found a solution he will general go normal-attacking as the game goes on or even attacking-v attacking any advice would be great to help me close the gap on him

  2. Re: club in debt only 21 players?

    Thanks for the help guys. I'm mid season and in the play-off places in Div 4 so it could be possible to keep the current side and go for promotion to balance things out, I can't remember how much winning div 4 is but isn't it only about 1.5mil if that's the case I'll have to take your advise bunder.

    This job could take up more of my time than I thought.

  3. Re: club in debt only 21 players?

    Ahh I didn't think of that,but if I offer the player I can change my squad but I still won't be able to aquire any cash unless the deal comes to me with that as part of the offer.

    But thanks at least it will give me an option to trade

  4. Hi I just took over a team in a competitive league (The only one available)The reason I pressume why it was available is that there are 24 players at the club 3 on loan I tried to sell someone to get my team out of the red but the deal was stopped I guess due to me only having 21 players contracted to the club but the team is 5 million in debt.

    I'm a little puzzled as to how to get out of this situation does anyone have any advise for a quick fix ?

    All I can see is to try for promotion and hope for a big cup tie and let the books balance themselves out over the longer term but obviously I'm limited with formations etc due to the small pool of players :mad:

  5. I manage Bradford in English Championship 4186 ID:31100 and have done since the league started in August 2009.Coming to the end of season 4 and my Bradford side have gained succesive promotions won cups and now won the first Div in there first season so last week I decided to wreck my team I've bought the oldest lowest rated players I could get and sold all my top players and will leave the club with over £400m in the bank and an average rating of about 70.It's a shame after so much success but I manage 13 clubs none of which are gold and wanted to drop one of my teams in order to pick up a gold team with a bigger challenge, there are now only 8 managers in Eng Champ 4186 and none of them appear to be scouts so it has gotten dull.

    I was wondering if anyone else has done anything similar.

    Also if you would like to take over and revive Bradford I'm sure they will come free soon my last game in charge is Wednesday 16th March when I will resign so I'm sure the following Wednesday they would then become free to manage.

  6. Re: Juan Manuel Iturbe- another Messi?

    Tim Vickery the South American expert who reports for the BBC and Talksport has been bigging Juan Manuel up this week he believes a move to Porto would be a great move and at the right time for him.

    He also said that the ball doesn't stick to his feet as good as with Messi at the same age.

    That goal the other night was the first I'd seen of him and being a Man City fan it reminded me of watching Kinkladze.

  7. Re: Vincent Kompany.

    Definitely worth buying if all 90+ defenders are taken in your setup then Kompany is with a team that look well capable of a top 4 finish and Mancini seems to prefer him to Lescott in the centre.

    If Kompany and Toure strike up a good partnership then he could rise into mid 90's over next couple of years

  8. Re: Jovetic or Javi Martinez

    Not seen much of Javi Martinez but I believe from what I've seen of Jovetic that he will go to a bigger club He has great vision buys himself time on the ball like all great players seem to find easy to do and he's strong at shielding the ball he's a big strong lad for a 20 year old compared to Pjanic who's a great player but small and a little weak the 2 of them have kind of risen at the same rate on sm but for me Jovetic ever day of the week over Pjanic.

    I couldn't see Pjanic making a move to a big european club and fitting right away where as Jovetic I think would get better with better players around him.

  9. Re: robiniho

    He's been lucky that while at City he was left 94 and then only dropped 1 in the Brazil changes.He would need to have a great world cup and be the stand out player in Brazil to keep his 93,but then Robinho is capable of doing that.

  10. Re: Good young centre back?

    I would say Toloi if you can get him especially with his move to Milan he'll be able to rise the highest,Insider thinks he's a born leader and tips him to go on and Captain Brazil. If that happens he could go 94/95 looking long term.

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