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  1. Re: TOLOI, Rafael (86) - 9C Sorry Insider but that youtube vid is poor quality does toloi score the last goal? And id toloi the defender sliding in twice to have the ball go between his legs on both occasions unfortunatley for him ? I have bought Toloi in most of my set ups but have only seen him on your youtube vids will he get a move to Europe this year or will it be next year?. Juve could do with himthere leaking goals like the tittanic but surely a Spanish team would seem more like home for him>
  2. Re: Bale rating Increase He is playing very well (and as a city fan I'm worried) but SM were also very leniant in leaving his rating while he was injured.So don't expect to much in the next rating changes consistancy is everything
  3. Re: Can't sign into Soccer Manager at all ??? I can't login either. I was logged in earlier on my mobile but can't login on pc now.
  4. Re: Forlan or Di Natale A lot will be to do with the age of the league your in. The older the league and the more people in the league will all affect the true value of the player. So what I'm saying is if your league is competitive and you struggle to buy players rated over 90 then 25 mil would be a good price. If your in a relatively new league with not a lot of competition then theprice is way too much.
  5. Re: German Ratings coming up? They were done in Oct/Nov and so based on that they will be done again in May/June they are a long way off and SM have been lagging with there reviews hence they used to give a guide month wise when leagues would be done but they have removed this of late.
  6. Re: MSL USA low rated players with lots of 2009 minutes Nice thread and good effort. To boost your confidence it's a great help when someone does one of the lesser rated league's, shortly after I joined, the Bulgarian league ratings were due and a guy call Trent who reviewed the league was a massive help to me.Making my Div 4 team over 25 million. If you can produce stats for 70 rated players you can produce stats for players that are getting regular games who are rated under the team average and that would be fantastic for us. Well done and repped
  7. Re: Most underated players in UK Kevin Davies
  8. Re: Victor Moses Talk Sport had a debate on him yesterday on the Adrian Durham show 4-7pm. Apparentley after both his parents were killed in Nigeria when he was 11. He came to Britain as an asylum seeker and has played for the English youth teams and then last week Stuart Pearce left him on the bench for the under 21's so he's thrown the toys out of the pram and is going to play for Nigeria rather than England, So they we're saying ?
  9. Re: How to beat 3-2-2-2-1? If your rated better I would play 4-4-2 as when I've used 3-2-2-2-1 against unmanaged teams playing 4-4-2 I've not had good results myself.Then press him back in the last 30 mins with an attacking formation against his 5 defenders with you being at home.Good luck
  10. Re: what do u think about people who do crossdressing I Think CristianoBallotelli's *** was UFI(up for It)and I would consider that he propositioned you. I personally don't cross dress. Just one or the other for me. If I mix and match I find I get funny looks.
  11. Re: Which Car!? - Help Appreciated Maybe he'll drive over the pitch doing wheel spins and handbrake turns in his Robin Reliant.
  12. Re: Which Car!? - Help Appreciated If I remember correctly you can drive a Robin Reliant at the age of 16 with L plates on it. Probably economical for a student as well, could be an option?
  13. Re: City Fans Revenge On United Fan Who Supposedly Threw Coin I see his Dad took time off work to clean up the mess. I wonder how the 2 prostitutes went down when old Joseph took things into his own hands.
  14. Re: Looking for a center forward?? If you want someone a little higher go for Bukhovac (If it's not spelt like that he plays up front for Rubin). He'll rise from 86-89/88 If you can get him from Rubin he should only cost you 4.5mil
  15. Re: Lb/lm Lb is the primary position Lm is the secoundry position But in my experience they seem to perform almost as well in there secoundry position
  16. Re: denilson good or bad Sergio Busquets 88-90 he will rise early next week if you can get him he's only about 7mil
  17. Re: best songs ever 1.Free bird-Lynard Skynard 2.subteranean homesick blues-Bob Dylan 3.Fools Gold-Stone roses 4.Fire Kasabian 5.Sex on fire-Kings of Leon
  18. Re: The Captain's Daily Caption Giggs: " Can someone tell this middle aged kid to get his arms off me and stop trying to fit in,we've played him in every position, left him on the bench for months at a time and still he keeps hanging around"
  19. Re: Which Car!? - Help Appreciated So I guess Spam has virtual cars as well as virtual football teams. I wish I'd of thought of that years ago I'd of been minted by now had I only spent virtual money on cars, insurance,M.O.T's,fuel,maintenance and road tax.
  20. Re: Wilson Cuero- The 'new Pato' and only 10k! Nice find I'll keep an eye on him, so you think he'll go to Italy and miss getting a rise this time round eh. Just one little correction I think he's 70 Kilo's not pounds, I don't think he'd make it in Italy if he's only 5 Stone.
  21. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10) Kensational I've got a chance of getting Kanoute you have him down for a drop to 93 ? How certain are you? I'm looking at his stats and he's started 5 champ league games with 2 goals,1 assist. In La ligue he's started 7 subbed in 3 with 4 goals and 1 assist. I've not been following the ACN but I did see he scored today don't know how much that matters. That doesn't sound too bad to me and I'm thinking you might have him wrong and he could keep his 94 after all Robinho's stats were far worse than that and SM left him at 94. Your opinion would be appreciated.
  22. Re: Hulk and Di Maria! come on let's hear some feed back
  23. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Derbypower first off thanks for all the risers I would just like to say hulk "I new it " Lack of goals. Well worthy of it but not enough goals this season let's hope he bags another 1 or 2 in cl but i was paranoid that he might not get his predicted +2 coz of Portuguize ratings being lowered and and also his poor league form
  24. Re: Hulk and Di Maria! I Have Hulk In about 8 of my teams and think his 89 rating instead of 90 rating is wrong but lets move on there's plenty more fish in the sea guyz we win and we we lose but most of the time we win and if you got hulk for 8mil from porto you willl stilll win
  25. Re: Wellington - The World at His feet Come on Spam what show he tucked the ball away with his first touch hanging around at the far post and picking up the scraps hardly anything to get excited about
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