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  1. Re: Need a winger. Simao is tipped to keep his 93. I would go for Di Maria if I were you he'll go 88-90/89 later this week or early next week and if he continues putting in hi quality performances a big club will come in for him. Man City were linked with him last month.
  2. Does SM give you the SM Value of the player or do you just have to absorb the loss in your finances, my season has ended and I have the money in for season tickets but have not had any money for Cafu who is retiring ?
  3. Re: For A Few Points More : An Idea For Beating Unmanaged Teams Barracuda you like hard tackle and yokohama wants to play with you keep it clean boys
  4. Re: Togo withdraw from Africa Cup of Nations It sounds very much like Adebayor would prefer to return to the U.K and unless other players change his mind I can't see how they can stay.
  5. Re: Togo withdraw from Africa Cup of Nations I couldn't say for sure that this is old or not but it's being broadcast live on talksport now so I can only presume that it is correct. There not generally known for broadcasting old news but it does seem that some players want to stay some want to leave and the prime minister wants them to leave and they may still go either way ?
  6. Re: Togo withdraw from Africa Cup of Nations Adebayor has spoken to a french radio station and said that the whole team has come to the decision to leave and not take part in the tournament
  7. Re: Togo withdraw from Africa Cup of Nations I Hadn't heard anything of Togo deciding to continue with the tournament. I think that's really good news and a show of strength on there part, let's hope it makes them all pull together and they go on and win it as I'm sure they'll be every neautral's favourite.
  8. Re: Ibrahim Balde- next drogba? The mattress has now been returned to it's rightful owner and Ibrahim is hoping he can put this behind him.When we spoke to him he said "i'm going to sleep on it"
  9. Re: Zidane or Ronaldo? The 2 players obviously had different attributes but for me a player like Zidane who can buy time on the ball is priceless and amazing to watch. If a team mate gave Zidane the ball with 2/3 men around him even if he didn't produce something magic he would never panic he just bought a couple of seconds on the ball with his sway of movement and upper body strengh and found a team mate and for me those players are truely world class Gascoigne and Cantona had this quality as well.
  10. Re: WALLYSON, Ricardo (81) - 8.5D Nice one Mark Thanks
  11. Re: TOLOI, Rafael (84) - 8.5C Thanks Mark top man I expect we will see him in Europe in the next couple of years then eh. I'm a city fan we could do with a quality young CB but no doubt Mancini will go Italian
  12. Re: WALLYSON, Ricardo (81) - 8.5D I had to cash in on Wallyson a couple of months back is he worth me trying to re-sign before the changes ?
  13. Re: TOLOI, Rafael (84) - 8.5C Mark Hows Toloi doing and what might we expect in the next changes? Thanks in advance
  14. Re: GIULIANO, Victor (84) - 9D MSF From your posts just after the changes I kept Giuliano in all my teams is he in for a rise again ?
  15. Re: NEW Young Argentine Talent Yeah quiet right Andy. I Can defo live without player positions when someone else is sifting through a massive league and listing all the risers on one link. As said in life of Brian "there's no pleasing some people" Repped:)
  16. I've noticed the changing valuations of players in my first season as a Division 4 manager. I've reached the end of my first season with a number of clubs and my player average is now up to 87/88 and have gain promotion with them all and I was thinking about an experiment with one of my teams where I sell not just the risers but my starting 11 as well in an attempt to keep my chairman valuing the 80-85 players as high as possible which I'm thinking could result in me making maybe as much as 50 million more on my risers. Does anyone think this is a good theory ? Obviously i'll find it more difficult in Div 3 than if I kept my first 11. What do you think ?
  17. Re: Ibrahim Balde- next drogba? Although Ibrahim Balde's career is only just beginning The shop foreman had this to say about him" Ibrahim is a dreamy character who springs into action but unfortunatley has pillow feet. I'd rate him higher than Drogba though I didn't even know Drogba made beds".
  18. Re: Michel (Sporting) Might have to wait until The English changes next get done as thats what happened when Victor Ramos moved to Standard Liege they then took into account his performances in Brazil when they did the Belgian ratings. I'm gutted as I've got him in a few teams
  19. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Pazzano You did a list off players you recommended a few days ago and on it you had Marchetti on it and I also see you have him in for a +1 rise to 88. Do you tip him to go 90+ in the future I suppose in his mid 20's he's still not peaked ?
  20. Re: Setting Team out on Mobile phone Thanks Rooneyisyummy after messing about for hours on my mobile I have finally got the hang of the tabular tactical and hopefully will practice I can now reduce how long it takes me.
  21. Re: Setting Team out on Mobile phone Can you break that down for me a bit and i'll try it what is tabular tactical format and how do i switch to that ? Thanks
  22. Hi I'm disappointed to discover that Soccermanager doesn't appear to be very mobile friendly, on my mobile an LG Viewty K990 I can access the website and navigate the site OK but can't drag and move players leaving me unable to change my teams I bought my wife an IPhone for xmas and have logged on on her phone and I can't drag and move players on her phone either I'm just wondering if anyone else has these problems or even better if anyone knows a way round this problem i've got. My work has filtered all game websites and I can't select my team on my mobile from work and with recent lagging match fitness in the game it puts me at a massive disadvantage when I'm having to put a team out 2 or 3 days in advance. If only I could drag and move players from my mobile playing the game would be so much easier. Help would be greatly appreciated
  23. Re: Egyptian Premier League Analysis and Ratings Nice one BigGameMo It's great to have someone posting on the Egyptian League who actually knows what there talking about. I wasted money in the summer following predictions from someone who was clueless.
  24. Re: Premier League Team of the Decade Jaaskelainen Terry Carragher R.Dunne Ronaldo Gerrard Lampard Giggs Rooney Zola BergKamp
  25. Re: What to do about my Player Wages??!? Your expense is having 90 rated 2nd choice players as the wages are double that of an 89 rated player, the only 90 rated players i ever have as 2nd choice are ones that have risen since I bought them.
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