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  1. Re: Israeli risers Nice one Bezron good work. I'll rep you later my computer at work won't open box
  2. Re: Brazil May Loose Their Place at the World Cup 2010!!?! MSF Elaborate why England might get through out coz Tevez Was owned by a 3rd party?
  3. Re: What song is stuck in your head? Kasabian- Fire
  4. Re: So..Who will be the top four this season? I don't see chelsea,man u and Arsenal finishing outside the top 4 and as a life long Man City fan I hope city finish 4th but on current form Villa and Spurs are looking more likely but I hope someone (kidd or mancini) can galvonize this squad of ours assembled together by Sven and Mark Hughes and all other influences at the club and make use a champions league team because at times this season we've played the most attractive football in the division unfortunatley as everyone knows we've given goals away for fun as well. Liverpool will have to have a mega end to the season from Torres and Gerrard to have any chance of a top 4 place and who in there right mind would right them off.It looks like the best season ever the way that things are set up
  5. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Derbypower what's your latest opinion on Cristian Rodriguez's chances of getting his 91 you've got him down for a 90/91 but that was back in Sept ?
  6. Re: Brasileiro Review AND Class of risers - 2010/11 (Some already on DB) Hi Mark great to have you back I have probabably a dozen players i'd like to ask you about but I'll give you time to update and not harass you. BTW thanks very much for the Aug/sept risers.
  7. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? I agree he should have risen but only to 89 but SM have obviously been influenced by Liverpool's poor start to the season they were 7th or 8th when the ratings were done and he's not influencing games but if Insua can go to 88 I think Lucas should have gone to 89.
  8. Re: Player on the left ? If you can get Andre Santos from Fenerbache he's rated 86 and Turkish changes are just around the corner he'll go to 89 he's currently a lb/lm but should change to lm/lb in the changes if he's not been snapped up you can get him for 3.7mil
  9. Re: Help ! WC 1272 game not being played ?? You ahead of us (gmt) in Singapore But 48 hours is going a bit far. Anyway who had the christmas no1 and how did things turn out in the middle East.
  10. Re: 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1? If Your away from home I think you should play 4-5-1 and at home 4-4-1-1 I also think your playmaker should be Alonso in my experience it works better with your playmaker in cm rather than Am especially with 4-4-1-1 Gerrard is almost a fwd let Alonso make the plays and give Gerrard a free role
  11. Re: LB Riser needed Macedo michel at Almeira is starting every game this year he's either 74 or 75 and should hit 85 when Spain gets reviewed
  12. Re: Sell Jack Hobbs or Werley? Werley is a regular and MSF had advised not to sell on his 'Brazilian one month after the changes thread' I had to cash in on him in a few teams but I believe he's in for a rise again he started 32 games I'm not sure how many had been played before the changes but I do know many people think Brazil will be revised again in section 1 so I would go with Werley. Great work on your Portugal thread you've done yourself proud and hopefully made a few of us a good few mil along with some 1st team regulars.
  13. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) Thanks Pazzano
  14. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) What rating do you think Ever Banaga 88 will get and how do you rate him for the future. Also Diego Forlan Simao and Maxi Rodriguez Athletico Madrid's team's just become unmanaged you see. Thanks
  15. Re: Need a Left Back if you can get Andre Santos from fenerbache he's about 3.6mil 26 rated 86 rising to 89/90
  16. Re: Need a rising RB Heard John Selakho raving about Seamus Coleman earlier today Thanks mate Repped
  17. I need a RB who's rating will rise to high 80's I have Kana-Biyik 82 and stephen carr hopefully going to 85 but my team average is 86 does anyone know a Rb who is maybe 85-88 ?
  18. Re: Romelu Lukaku I get your angel on him Biscuit but the only comparison with Rooney is the age This boy is a central target man towering nearly a foot above Rooney and if the footage of him is anything to go by, he'll be able to handle that admitedly at some point he'll hit a baron patch and have to get through it but that will make him as a man and a player, I'm sure his coach leaving him on the bench from time to time will help him keep his feet on the ground like David Moyes did with Rooney.
  19. Re: Woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me too Gutted I missed the big man on the cross a few years back
  20. Re: Russian, Turkish & Ukraine Youth Risers Great thread well done nice to have people working on these leagues +++
  21. Re: Can I sail legaly my gold account ? Penguin You live by the sea can you see him with a telescope or heard any tales from fisherman ?
  22. Re: Garath Bale BUG on Soccer Manager No I'm a goal member and checked all my game worlds doesn't seem to be a problem in any of my game worlds
  23. Re: Urgent Help needed for backup leftback Andre santos 86-89 in Turkish ratings at Fenerbache. Andre marques in portuguese ratings 81-85 Schennikov at cska 83-86/87 in Russian ratings
  24. Re: Division 4 Risers Tommy smith ? he doesn't come up in the first 50 Smiths which club is he at?
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