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  1. Re: Can I sail legaly my gold account ? He has been captured off the coast of Iran now after drifting into Iranian waters SMFA are negotiating with Iran about his safe return in exchange for Iranian league's ratings being increased at the next ratings change. Apparently Goal account had keeled over after getting into difficulty in a force 9.
  2. Re: Rising RBs Have you got an age cap at 25 ? coz Stephen Carr at Birmingham will be due a rise 80-85 in the next couple of days but he's over 30.
  3. I've got David James in one of my teams I'm expecting him to drop this week from 91-89/90 could someone please offer advice on a keeper rising ideally from 89 for wages reasons but anything considered.
  4. Re: Rising CM/AM/LM Biscuit which Melo are you refering to and what rise are they in for?
  5. Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them? My first team was Spurs in world champ 4958 got them promotion in first season into Div 2 still with them and top of Div 2 but it's not as much fun as last season as all my work mates were in Div 3 and none got promoted with me
  6. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Fabio Grosso has 9 serie A starts and 5 cpl starts do you think he can get a 92 ?
  7. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything I've got Emre Asik in a few of my div4 teams will he keep his 88 ? if not will he just drop one or more ? I see he's had just 4 starts this season but I don't know any details on which week Turkey are in If he's injured etc Thanks
  8. Re: AM Jovetic I would say 88-90 and you can play him upfront aswell
  9. Re: Help with rising LB Nice one Schennikov is my man he's a regular for CSKA didn't know about him he's only 3.8mil as well Cheers:)
  10. Re: Help with rising LB Thanks But not only is he not available he's also a little lower rated than what I'm looking for ideally someone 80-85 and rising.
  11. I've got a scout in my league at a bigger club (more cash) and he's got Andre Santos 86-89 and Andre Marques 81-85 does anyone know a rising LB my best is rated 80 with my team average 84 so I'd really like someone rising to 85+
  12. Re: Does SM give money back on Retired players Great thanks coz someone in one of my setups has bought andre santos and andre marques and I don't know of another rising LB but I can get free agent Nuno Valente for 2.1mil but he's retired and I think SM review free agents before starting the summer Leagues but as long as I'll get cash back that's O.K
  13. I've got a few old boys I bought for my Div 4 teams and Cafu and Vieri retired before there transfer bans were up and I could sell them on. SM blocks me from transfer listing them or part-ex Do I lose the money on them or will I get there SM value back? Any help would be great
  14. Re: How to win a 4-5-1 real madrid (Help rewarded nicely.) I play 4-5-1 when away but at home the SM machine appears to punish this system which is fair enough your fans wouldn't be too happy eh. when I use the system against a team playing 4-3-3 the system often fails compaired to good success against 4-4-2. I guess this means that the home side get into the space behind the 5 man midfield.
  15. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Go for Jovetic he's going to rise to 90 and the added bonus you can play him Am/Fwd
  16. Re: Need help on various positions Get Andre Santos for LB/LM rated86-89/90 when Turkish ratings get done in a few weeks if your set up is new and he's at Fenerbache you can get him for 3.6mil if he's still with Corinthians then he may cost you 5 mil but 26 yrs 89/90 still worth it he may get changed to LM/LB but I find they play just as well in there 2nd position also for AM Jovetic will go 88-90 as it's only backup you might consider Varela at porto wing/fwd 85-88 in next few weeks only 3.2mil in most set ups
  17. Re: Fabiano SANTACROCE CB 23 ( napoli ) drop or stay Sell, Jahmes suggestion is a good one Kjaer will rise from 87 -89 Vermaelen will rise this week from 88-90/91 if he's free in your set up or if you want a cheap 88 rated cb you could get emir asik for 3.8mil rated 88 he's only a short term fix as 35 yrs but could help free up cash?
  18. Re: Looking for a rising RM!! A Little lower rated you could also look at Silvestre Varela at Porto he's rated 85 will go to 88 in a few weeks you can pick him up for 3.2mil with the added bonus he can play up front.
  19. Re: Looking for a rising RM!! I'd disagree I think Lennon is a stick on 90 with a 40/60 chance of a 91 this week Spurs doing well Lennon with plenty of assists.He's starting to find the right ball when it's needed now and I think will make the right flank his in an England Jersey.
  20. Re: Andrea Poli - Italian Under 21 riser With 9 starts and 2 sub appearances out of the first 13 games he's got to be looking at going to 85/86. Thats what I'm hoping for anyway after snapping him up for a couple of my teams hopefully he can get on the score sheet before the changes which would do him no harm at all.
  21. Re: which 92/93 rated CB Not exactly what you said your looking for but Vermaelen 88-91 next week will be half the wages if he's available:cool:
  22. Re: Section 1 Risers - Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay Andyowls Ocampo isn't retired according to me anymore picked him up I'm confused .com S.M just making me look like a muppet,hope that isn't a premenition I'll be looking out for a 21 year old Mexican knocking on my door with his leg in plaster telling me that I ruined his career as it was just taking off.
  23. Re: [ *Burton Albion Challenge* ] Jack Ruby [ *English Championship 5029* ] Derbypowers got a good thread with the individual teams laid out on the first page of the thread there's some good mid low 70's into 80's on it if I remember right.
  24. Re: [ *Burton Albion Challenge* ] Jack Ruby [ *English Championship 5029* ] Nice One good luck, check in the morning though coz a lots been written about Mannone and forbes on here so you may well get gazumped on the forbes one with Burton coz your crowds rubbish the players under 70 are great on £300 a turn and £1000 a turn also I'd rather sign someone on 74 who might only be rising to 79 rather than someone on 75 rising to 80 so hope you get Forbes. I got Suliman in goal he went from 60-82 before my first game which helped me massive.
  25. Re: [ *Burton Albion Challenge* ] Jack Ruby [ *English Championship 5029* ] Yeah I wipped them all out and concentrated on players I could get from the next ratings coz you just don't have the money to buy any sort quality to make a backbone to your team or you have no money for risers, You will find that hard as the ratings coming up are the English ones so you'll need to hope that there's a few unmanaged teams. Portugal isn't too far away get Joao Aurellio 75 rising to 82-85 CM I think he's about 450k would be a good start. Good luck
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