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  1. Re: [ *Burton Albion Challenge* ] Jack Ruby [ *English Championship 5029* ] I've got a couple of Burton teams on the go in Div 4 in english champ 4181 i'm currently top after 26 games with 54 points Carlisle 51 and Swindon 50 points are hot on my heels though. Also top in Eng Champ 4420 after 14 games got 32 points with Notts County and cheltenham on 28 points. The challenge is better than the other Div4 teams I've got such as Carlisle Crewe Bradford as every signing is important on such a tight budget.
  2. Re: Section 1 Risers - Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay Andyowls I checked jorge gastelum's stats I was impressed went to buy him and SM have him as retired so something must have gone horribly wrong for the lad either that or SM have messed up.
  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Hi Derbypower Could you tell me plz I was looking at stats for Bragga and Paulo Cesar appears to be pretty much first guy on the team sheet he's rated 84 but with a couple of goals and 10 apps will he rise to 87 ? Thanks
  4. Re: Mid 80 Forwards Brazilian changes aren't for a while but both Nunes 82 and Wallyson 81 are in for rises
  5. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Derby powers sig is a link to his predictions
  6. Re: Would you buy Hulk... For me Yes I think Hulk will get 90 and personally I like players 90 + on the lower wages especially now SM changed the balance system
  7. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Thanks Philippe and Didi you have both been a great help in the run up to the changes let's hope for the best
  8. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Kemba-Ekoko is listed in the team of risers below 84 but his stats for Rennes are 8 apps 0 goals and he's already rated 83 so I'm puzzled.
  9. Re: One month after the Brazilian changes... (the keep/sell thread) Hi Mark I've got a few players that haven't been mentioned yet if you could update me on there progress that would be great Bruno Meneghel 76 Gois Eduardo Ere 75 Nautico Apodi 85 Vitoria Philippe Coutinho 78 Vasco de Gama Elvin Dinda 75 Nautico Fabio Santos 86 Gremio Thanks
  10. Re: Official Russian Premier League '09 Thread Does anyone know what Ananidze might rise too, he's scoring a few but I think that he's being used as a sub mainly ?
  11. Re: Russian Premier League, my predictions Do you not think that Ananidze can rise higher than 80 if he gets good game time between now and ratings. Has he impressed enough to now be starting?
  12. Re: defeders to rise 87-89/88-90 Does anyone else think Andre Santos will get 89/90 ?
  13. Re: Official Russian Premier League '09 Thread Does anyone have an opinion on Milos Krasic's rating ? can he get 91 He has 8 goals in 21 aps in Russia and 1 goal in champions league. Watching him against Man U at the moment and not knowing anything about the guy he looks like he's got all the attributes to make it in the premiership or la ligue He's available at an unmanaged club in my league any opinions would be appreciated.
  14. Re: Goalkeeper for a maximum £13m Alex Manninger at Juventus is rated 88 and for some strange reason Juve's chairman only values him just a little under 3 mil great buy. You can spend 10 mil elsewhere
  15. Re: Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe It looks from the stats he's a regular starter 10 games and 3 goals not bad
  16. Re: Sekou Oliseh Hi uncle's Azubuike,Egutu and Sunday all made a living out of the beautiful game as did his father Churchill who now manages his former club Ebedei. Sekou made his debut for CSKA on the 4th Oct 2009 as a 2nd half sub coming on in the 70th minute and by the 79th minute he had scored.
  17. Re: Post your 10K Star Nolan Roux plays for stade Brestois in the 2nd tier of French football he's rated 70 10k plays cf and has broken into the starting 11 has 5 goals in 9 games with 6 starts there average rating for someone in the starting 11 is 83 so he looks on for a +10
  18. Re: Worst Droppers XI Christian Vieri is still without a club so I doubt he'll be keeping his 87.
  19. Re: Ukrainian Ratings I noticed in a thread I read earlier today that the Ukraine league ranking has lept up from 12Th to 7Th this year is this true and if so does that mean that we will see a general rise for players of say +1 just for minutes played ?
  20. Re: Rating changes schedule Left hand menu on your club overview page go to game world click on player ratings
  21. Re: Bulgarian Update Well done Trent thanks a lot for the detailed info I had Pirgov 74-80 Galev 74-78 Kishishev 79-82 Asamoah 73-76 Kamburov 80-84 Starokin 72-78 Thanks +26 Repped:)
  22. Re: Mehdi Kerrouche, new argelian star What I was actually wondering Mark was if the lads 22 is that a picture of his Dad or do they have big paper rounds in Argelia:)
  23. Re: Davide Astori (defender) - Cagliari's riser Great find good spot. He could get as high as 85 if he avoids injury and keeps his place I've bought him for a couple of my teams. Also your grammer is very good.:)
  24. Re: Section 6 - African and Middle Easten Risers! Ntuka predicted 75-77 No rise Gwar No rise Prince Gyimah predicted 75-80 No rise Kurt Lentjies predicted 75-78 rose +1 to 76 Ngxabi predicted 75-78 No rise Happy Jele predicted 77-80 No rise Thanks lads I now have these guys stuck on my wage bill in 2 of my Div 4 set ups.
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    Re: 80s -> 90s, Must Keep Players and The 90 - Droppers Does anyone have an opinion on what Marco Borriello may move to in the next ratings ?
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