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  1. play4fun

    Game World 169414

    Come join this world, 17 teams are available ( Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid, AC Milan, AS Roma, Barcelona, etc ) Season: 8 | Turn: 26
  2. 5 teams are taken, 3 more and we start, join it: 256505
  3. play4fun

    New Game World ID: 256505

    BUMP, comm`on guys, join to start the season.
  4. play4fun

    New Game World ID: 256505

    Only 5 clubs are taken, join it.
  5. play4fun


    If a player is not part of first 11, after how many days he became concerned about his lack of game?
  6. play4fun

    Game World

    I have created a game world but i do not need it anymore. How do i delete it?
  7. play4fun

    Club search

    How can i search a specific club to see in what Game World it is?