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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Just cash(14 M), he in an unmanaged team so I have to move fast. Then I could sell Luisao to get some money back.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... it is a good deal to buy Mexes? I was really enthusiastic with Mexes in my team before his injury, but now I'm confused My another CBs are: Subotic, Kompany, Vermaelen and Luisao. Mexes will be Luisao's replacement.
  3. Re: Official AC Milan Thread I was really enthusiastic with Mexes en my team before his injury, but now I'm confused it is a good deal to buy Mexes? My another CBs are: Subotic, Kompany, Vermaelen and Luisao. Mexes will be Luisao's replacement.
  4. Re: Uruguayan League Juanchitoox ya me dio pereza escribir en inglés ... Una pregunta, y para cuándo serán los cambios de esta liga? Esperaré ansioso esa fecha por los moneymakers
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a sub AM. My choices are VALERO, Borja (26,89) or CONCA, Darío (27,89). Who do you recommend me to buy? Thank you!
  6. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM I want to know when are the changes going to be? I want to sell a player that will rise. Thanks!
  7. Re: The 90+ Rated Risers & Droppers (2010) Excellent work here too. Thank you again.
  8. Re: Potential List Of 89-Rated Players Set To Rise To 90 Thank you for this. Great Work!
  9. Re: Ivica Olic up to 92/93?? 92 is just fine. When he reached 93, Klose will decrease to 91 and Mario Gomez to 92 and Müller has to rise to 90.
  10. Re: Kaka Torres or Aguero ? 1st TORRES He´s a great striker. Not in his best season, but he will shine in the world cup. 2nd KAKA He's playing well in Real Madrid, but he isn't the Milan's Kaka. 3rd AGUERO He's a good striker, but I prefer Torres.
  11. Re: Young Risers Across Europe[RE-MADE] Belgium, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Serbi I'd bought some of these players. I hope they'll rise Thank you!
  12. Hi again. My new doubt is about these players: Alexandre PATO (20/92) Gonzalo HIGUAIN (22/93) I'd already have Pato in my team, but I could buy Higuain (Pato + some money). What do you recommend me?
  13. Re: PABLO HERNANDEZ, MILNER or RAMIRES? I'll buy Milner. Thank you everybody.
  14. Re: PABLO HERNANDEZ, MILNER or RAMIRES? Good advice! But I'd like to read another opinions. Tell who would you buy?
  15. Hi! I'm in a trouble. I've already have MAXI RODRIGUEZ in my team and I also have Santos Ramires. But I'd noticed that Milner and Hernandez are available. So I could sell Ramires and buy Milner or Hernandez. Here are their stats: Dominguez PABLO HERNANDEZ (24/90) £11,790,000 James MILNER (24/90) £12,350,000 Santos RAMIRES (23/90) £11,390,000 what do you suggest me to do? Thaks!
  16. Re: Diego Milito or Torres Torres! Torres! Torres!
  17. Re: Best GK in the world? I chose Julio Cesar. He's the best rightnow! Then Casillas ...
  18. Re: I need a LB: CRISCITO, Domenico or FILIPE, Luís? I said that the well-known players are in managed clubs. My only choices are CRISCITO and FILIPE' date=' Luís, as the title of the thread said >.> Thank you so much. I really find this very interesting. But, in your opinion: who do I have to buy?
  19. I want a good LB. I can only buy CRISCITO, Domenico (22/89) or FILIPE, Luís Kasmirski (24/89), the rest of famous LBs are in another managed teams. I have almost 15M to spend. So I want your opinion about this issue. Who do you think is my best option? Thanks a lot!
  20. Re: 90+ LB Help Plz! I was talking about my Game World >.> Any more ideas for a good LB but not to be the famous ones who are in the bigs clubs? >.>
  21. Re: 90+ LB Help Plz! Thanks inicikirock! I've already had Pereira da Silva FABIO. I know Aly CISSOKHO is a very good raising player, but he isn't available. What about FILIPE, Luís?? I'll buy the player on 15th December so far and I'll have around 13.5M
  22. Re: 90+ LB Help Plz! He's at Inter u.u Westermann he is at Schalke right now and the manager won't sell me Any more ideas?
  23. Hey! I wanna know about 90+ LB. I already have in my Atletico de Madrid team Juan VARGAS 90 rated but he is now LM/LB (I know this is gonna happen). My another LB is ANDRE SANTOS, but I bought him because he will raise if he plays the World Cup. My another possible LB is Yuri ZHIRKOV, but he is LM (the same "problem" as Vargas). I have also Thomas VERMAELEN who can play as CB/LB. In the other hand I'd like to have a good LB, but all the famous LB are in the other teams. I'll have around 13.5M on December 20th because I'll be able to sell some players that increase their rating. So I wanna kno
  24. Re: Looking for a riser RM!!! Yeah I'd like to buy him' date=' but Valencia is managed I made an offer. Wish me luck I searched for Diego Perotti, but he is Wing/AM. Thanks!
  25. Hi ... I have an Atlético de Madrid team and my first choice for RM is MAXI RODRIGUEZ, Pablo (93/28). So I don't have a good RM to replace him. That's why I'm looking for a riser RM. Who do you suggest me? I have 9 M to spend. Thank you!
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