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  1. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 Hey I want to know about my compatriots: Jefersón Farfán (Schalke 04), Claudio Pizarro (Werder Bremen) and Paolo Guerrero (Hamburg SV). I want to know about them: will they increase? will they drop? Guerrero suffered an injury, so he won't play for several months. I'm really sorry about it because he was doing very well. So it's almost impossible to get a rise. Farfán, he is playing very well. He is scoring and passing ball every match. He is in his best form. Pizarro, he is an important piece in Bremen. He's scoring regularly. Claudio Pizar
  2. Re: daniele de rossi for ronaldinho!? I wouldn't do it. De Rossi will stay, he is a very good player, he is always in the first team of Roma and his National Team. Ronaldinho could drop is he continues playing bad or not playing. No way!
  3. Hi guys! I need a good 90+ RM, because I already have LUCHO GONZALEZ, Oscar 28 yo / 93 rt but I think he could probably drop because he is playing now in Marseille (he used to play in Porto). I think Porto is a bigger club than Marseille, so LUCHO GONZALEZ could drop. What do you think? Well ... I'm looking for a good RM but not MAXI RODRIGUEZ, Pablo, SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian, ARTETA, Mikel or WRIGHT-PHILLIPS, Shaun, because they are in managed clubs. So, what do you recommend me? I was thinking in NAVAS, Jesús. Thaks for all! See ya!
  4. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 Hey nobody answer me about Claudio PIZARRO ... he's doing very well in Werder Bremen. Does he deserve to be a 90 striker?
  5. Re: Eredivisie Money Spinners!!!! Great work! And when do you think they rt will increase? I need this info in order to know when to buy some of them I'm interesting in Toby ALDERWEIRELD and Dries MERTENS. They must be doing well in their teams, who do you recommend me to buy? I just wanna make some money.
  6. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 Great thread! But ... what about PIZARRO, Claudio? He's playing really well for Werder Bremen. What do you think? Maybe he could rise to 90, he is the best striker in his team.
  7. Re: Rene Adler Yeah ... I'd buy Rene Adler, he has a brighter future
  8. Re: Help my Atletico de Madrid plz!
  9. Re: Help my Atletico de Madrid plz! Thanks for your advices. I'll try that formation. I have to sell Ujfalusi as soon as possible. I thought Vargas was a good choice for mi LB, but know he is playing in Fiorentina as LM. Could you suggest me some names? (remember that all the well knowns are in a managed teams) I'll play with Zhirkov as Lb while I get a decent one. I have to buy an AM, I had Misimovic but I sold him because I didn't use him Could you tell some names for AM plz? One last question, when you told me that I need cover for my left and right backs ... my players aren't good enog
  10. Hi! I wanna some tactical help plz. I have good players, but last season I finished 6th place I'm worried because seasons ago I finished 2nd or 1st. This is my team: And this are my tactics: At the end of the season I changed my Passing Style to Direct and I got better scores I know I have many players, I don't use Wingers, but I wanted to buy Valencia because his rating will raise. Please I really love my team and I want to win every match Wich players do I have to sell? Help me with my tactics, I'll really appreciate your help. I'll read every advise you can give me. Tha
  11. Re: £1M + Zhirkov = Marquez I prefer keep Zhirkov, he is young and now he is playing for Chelsea. Don't forget the excellent development that he had in the last Eurocup. In the other hand Marquez is a good player, but he is older. If you want a CB you could buy another one ...
  12. Re: Guerrero or Crouch? I'd buy Guerrero, he is yuounger and has a better future. But he has injured for 6 months more or less. So his rating aren't gonna rise at the moment. Even Guerrero is injured, he is your best choice.
  13. Re: 13 mill for van der sar accept or reject Sell him! He will retire this season ... but the price is too much ... the SMFA won't accept it.
  14. Re: Villa for Pato ??? I wouldn't do that ... Pato is a good player and his rate will be increase, but now Villa is one of the best strikers and Pato "isn't good enough as" Villa. Definetely I'd keep Villa.
  15. Re: £25 million + Crouch + Fernandinho for Di Natale? It's a super bit but I'm pretty sure it can't be done
  16. Re: Young GK Needed! I agree with lee titterington, a good GK is FIORILLO, Vincenzo (19/74) aprox 400-450K. Another one could be GULACSI, Peter (19/75) and costs 650K. But definetely I'd buy Fiorillo.
  17. Re: asenjo or NEUER, I prefer Asenjo, I think he will be better ... but if you are looking for a GK for your first team, I'll choose Neur ... he is young (23 yo) and 90 rated. Buy Asenjo if you want yo have a GK for the middle term ...
  18. Re: Naldo o Luisao? I have both players' date=' I want to buy another Central Back and my choices are Naldo or Luisao. That's my doubt. Thank you anyway. Thank you. I want "young" players, cuz Ujfalusi is 31 and Lugano is 28. Naldo is 26, he isn't in the NT but he play very well in Werder Bremen. In the other hand, Luisao is 28, he plays in Benfica and he is in the NT ... I'm consufed!!!! I really appreciate your opinions ...
  19. Hello! I'm confused ... I wanna buy a Central Back, I already have: LUGANO, Diego: 28 years old, 92 rated. UJFALUSI, Tomás: 31 years old, 92 rated. CHYGRYNSKIY, Dmytro: 22 years old, 90 rated. THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano: 24 years old, 89 rated. My choices for a Central Back are Naldo (91 rated) and Luisao (90 rated), I wanna read some opinions. I can't buy another player, because the other teams don't want to sell them. In the future ... who will be better? What do you think? What's your favorite? Thanks a lot! Sorry for my English u.u
  20. Re: Eric Abidal To Go Down Maxwell will decide it. I think Guardiola still likes Abidal, but will see what he'll do in the season. I don't like Maxwell, but Abidal is old, that's why Guardiola sold Maxwell.
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