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  1. Re: Tactics Help Thread J.HART R.VARANE D.GODÍN V.KOMPANY Á.DOMÍNGUEZ L.BENDER M.FELLAINI É.CAPOUE V.MARCELO T.MÜLLER E.DŽEKO which formation should I use to beat this team(he uses mostly 4-5-1 either attacking or defensive)!!! my starting XI is I.AKINFEE S.RAMOS J.EVANS K.PAPADOP.. D.ALABA Y.M'VILA J.CALLEJÓ.. I.MUNIAIN M.HAMSIK R.FALCAO S.AGÜERO
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have an offer for Nani. 40m plus rafael...what do you think?
  3. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 What about Nani and Rafael? I have an offer for Nani 40m plus Rafael and I think its a good deal.
  4. Re: I need a young Left Mid. Please help me check sebastian leto currently playing for panathinaikos! he is a 23 years old left midfielder 87 rating but he is extremely good!! he is a rising star! also chek elia eljiero! he is a winger playing for hamburg! great player too 89 23!!!
  5. Re: Potential Greek Risers/Moneymakers gyus I am a fan of Panathinaikos and I have to say that Ninis Gilberto and Cisse made very good appearances this season!!! Ninis deserves in my opinion a rise up to 89 but I think its difficult! most possible to rise at 88! Gilberto also is one of the best players this year of the team and he absolutely deserves to keep his 91 rating!! Cisse scored 28 goals in all the competitions and he will play another 4 matches including the cup final!!!
  6. I think with his performance at MU now deserves it! Is 24m a good bid to buy him or is too much?
  7. Re: The best 16/17/18yr old + future sry mate! posted by mistake....anyway he is a good CF...
  8. Re: The best 16/17/18yr old + future Dani Pacheco V.Kadlac J.King S.Neymar N.Barkroth D.Aleksic D.Villalba M.Galvan M.Demir J.Fleck A.Griezmann I.Muniain I.Camacho J.Mccarthy S.NINIS (great game for him against ROMA) Z.Ananidze D.Blind D.Bouzanis
  9. FERNANDEZ, Augusto Matías VUKCEVIC, Simon REVEILLERE, Anthony MEIRA, Fernando FRIEDRICH, Manuel KAMENI, Carlos GRYGERA, Zdenek RYAZANTSEV, Aleksandr SAND, José I need your opinion about those players I currently have on my squad!! who is going to rise and who the opposite?? should I keep them or sell them?? thanks:)
  10. Re: michel macedo or sapunaru? clear decision! okay guys thank you! I am gonna sell him now:)
  11. I need to sell players and I am thinking about selling macedo or sapunaru!! the Almeria's RB is a youngster 19 84 who rise up a few days before! sapunaru had a rating decrease! he is now 87!! which one???
  12. hi guys. I recenlty managed a club in cyprus league and of course I have not very much money! Also, the players are not good! I need from you to post me 70 rated players who could rise even up to 80!! thank you
  13. Re: Greece Youth Risers !! check out Matias Bjarsmir of Panathinaikos! Sotirios Ninis will rise up to 88 and mayby 89!!! He starts now all the games and he performs greatly!!!
  14. what about Mpokani?? I think he deserves a rating increase this turn! will he go 90??
  15. I have an offer for BIABIANY, Jonathan and want to know if he is good enough to rise up or to become a star in the future....post your opinion please
  16. Re: Players to sell and who to keep, HELP NEEDED!!! Rep will be awarded you have got a really great squad but you must bring more youth players...check out sotiris ninis and wijnaldum!
  17. Re: Some Olympiakos' players future ratings change I would also like to tell you that jesus leonardo, avraam papadopoulos and kostas mitroglou probably rise up so if you can afford it keep them until they rise up and then sell them...
  18. Re: Some Olympiakos' players future ratings change my pleasant mate:)...if you have any other question for this team ask me free!!! I know everything cz I am a fanatic fan of its great opponent panathinaikos:P!!!
  19. Re: Some Olympiakos' players future ratings change I think yes! he starts all the matches for his team and he also plays in champions league...if he would have a rating change he will rise up...
  20. Re: Some Olympiakos' players future ratings change
  21. Re: Guilherme and Diogo falcao another great player for porto!! arnautovic is a great talent but he has problems with injuries!! search it before make your move...
  22. Re: Guilherme and Diogo nemeth plays good at aek athens and he will have a rating increase in the next rating change...
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