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  1. Spyros Risvanis is a Greek CB currently playing for Panathinaikos.


    Born in 1994

    He has gained his position in the starting eleven and he was called yesterday for first time in the NT u21.

    Date of birth: 03.01.1994

    Place of birth: Kalamata

    Age: 19

    Height: 1,94

    Nationality: Greece

    Position: Defence - Centre Back

    Foot: right

  2. Re: The New Players Thread

    guys somebody should also add Spyros Risvanis of Panathinaikos.

    He was born in 03/01/1994 and plays as a CB.

    He already made 4 appearances with the first team and in the 3 of them he was a starter.

    I tried to add him in soccerwiki but it says that I need to have reputation 80 or more.

    how do I gain reputation??

  3. Re: Riferimento: The New Players Thread

    What about Abdul Ajagun and Rusnak?

    Abdul Ajagun did a very good U20 World Cup this summer and he earned his transfer to Panathinaikos.

    He seems to be a good player and he will definitely have a full of games season.

    Panathinaikos faces huge economic problems and therefore no great players remained in the team.

    Ajagun will be one of the starters in every match for sure.

    In addition, he had his debut this Sunday in which he scored the equalizer for Panathinaikos...

    He is definitely worth buying since he will at least become a riser

  4. Re: Tactics Help Thread












    which formation should I use to beat this team(he uses mostly 4-5-1 either attacking or defensive)!!!

    my starting XI is












  5. Re: cazorla or arda???

    hi!!!what u prefer....cazorla or arda turan???

    of course cazorla!!

    better rating,

    better stats

    and I could say better team(despite the fact that some may disagree with this)

    the only thing preferable to turan is that he is 26 years old while cazorla is 28

  6. Re: The New Players Thread

    check out TRIANTAFYLLOPOULOS, Kostas who was added today.

    a great stopper for Panathinaikos.

    He managed to play 18 matches this year.

    He made his debut in Europa League against Tottenham and he was extremely good!!!

    He was also a starter in the way of Greece U19 to the final this summer in the Euro!

    I think he is a potential 90+ in the future, especially if he leaves Greece for a better Championship

  7. Re: Which players in your opinion should I keep/sell?

    ha this is where the game is daft, people buy every player mentioned even in a breath from the forum....hence 99% of this list.

    I have highlighted the ones you should 100% keep regardless, sell the rest and shortlist.....

    will be people making cases to keep others but there are only regarded as 'talented', not actually in the first team though....

    thank you for your response mate!! actually I didn't bought all those players after reading for them in the forum but I realized that this is a got way to find out a lot of information about them.....

    Also, I am in a very competitive game world and this sometimes leads me to buy players that I don't really know about them...

  8. Having seen other managers do the same I considered that asking your opinion about my youth squad would be a great idea! which of those then should I keep or sell??

    DELAC, Matej

    ANDRADA, Esteban

    BRANESCU, Laurentiu

    SELS, Matz

    GIL, David

    FOLLMANN, Jakson

    ROBINSON, Jack

    MURRU, Nicola

    RODRIGUEZ, Lucas

    OKORE, Jores

    ARIAS, Ramón

    MALANDA, Bernard

    GÜNTER, Koray

    JONSSON, Jens

    CURTI, Nicolò

    VESELI, Frédéric

    BRESSAN, Matheus

    WEBSTER, Adam


    KANE, Todd

    CISSÉ, Ibrahima

    ROMÁRIO, Santos

    KOHR, Dominik


    COROZO, Eddy

    ESPINOSA, Javi

    WARD-PROWSE, James

    TROMPET, Jore

    VERSTRAETE, Birger

    NGANDO, Axel

    VAN TRICHT, Wannes

    PETRUCCI, Davide

    KALITVINTSEV, Vladyslav

    HOILETT, Jaineil

    ANANIDZE, Jano

    WOLSKI, Rafal

    KAKUTA, Gaël

    FLECK, John

    STEWART, Cameron

    BUENO, Gonzalo

    POLO, Andy

    LÓPEZ, Nicolás

    CASILLAS, Giovani

    VALENCIA, Joel


    SKRABB, Simon

    STĘPIŃSKI, Mariusz

    N'JIE, Clinton

    MASIKA, Ayub

    GÓMEZ, Julio

    CLAYTON, Max

    LUMU, Jeroen

    PAREDES, Leandro

    DÁVILA, Ulises

    ŠPEHAR, Dino

    FOKET, Thomas

    TURGOTT, Blair


    KIKO, Femenía

    GRIEZMANN, Antoine

    BAYKAN, Ensar

    JEAN, Corentin

    VUČINIĆ, Jovan

    ZOHORE, Kenneth

    SANOGO, Yaya

    COFIE, John

    FIERRO, Carlos

    DEPAY, Memphis

    DIOUCK, Oumar

    BENNETT, Mason


    BUENO, Marco

    YEŞIL, Samed

    DE BELDER, Dylan

    MASCIA, Juan

    OLINGA, Fabrice

    KAPINO, Stefanos

    ARÉOLA, Alphonse

    GIBBS, Kieran

    ROSE, Danny

    OPARE, Daniel

    DODÔ, Ribeiro

    GARBUTT, Luke


    JESUS, Juan

    FERNANDES, Mário

    ZOUMA, Kurt

    BELL, Stefan

    WILSON, Danny

    OMERUO, Kenneth

    APPIAH, Dennis

    LASCELLES, Jamaal

    PRESTIA, Giuseppe

    BRISEÑO, Antonio

    DA COSTA, Danny

    ÖZTÜRK, Alpaslan

    NEGO, Loïc

    CAMACHO, Ignacio

    COQUELIN, Francis

    TRYBULL, Tom

    GABRIEL, Appelt

    DEJAEGERE, Brecht

    ALLEN, Joe

    SHELVEY, Jonjo

    RAFINHA, Alcántara

    POGBA, Paul

    GARDNER, Gary


    FYVIE, Fraser

    SUÁREZ, Denís

    DEMIRCI, Muhammed

    CARRASCO, Bryan

    WIJNALDUM, Georginio

    INSIGNE, Lorenzo

    VARGAS, Eduardo

    CABRAL, Jerson

    SVENSSON, Jonas

    VILLALVA, Daniel

    VADILLO, Álvaro

    OCAMPOS, Lucas


    FLORES, Édison

    DUCKSCH, Marvin

    BYTYQI, Zymer

    PRAET, Dennis

    KLAASSEN, Davy

    NİYAZ, Recep

    YATTARA, Mohamed

    RUBIO, Diego

    ARAUJO, Sergio

    RUIZ, John

    MALELE, Cephas

    SLAGER, Denzel

    KADLEC, Václav

    NIANG, M'baye

    LEANDRO, Moura

    BÄRKROTH, Niklas

    BENZIA, Yassine

    OMRANI, Billel

    EZEKIEL, Imoh

    SERDEROV, Serder

    HALLER, Sébastien

    CAMPBELL, Joel

  9. Re: The Future Is...

    I think I can mention some hot prospects from Greece since I am Greek...

    Have in mind...stefanos kapino(gk) and charis Mavrias(wing) of panathinaikos

    taxiarchis fountas(M) of aek

    kostas stafylidis(LB) of paok

    giannis gianniotas(fwd) of aris

    Vellios(CF) of schalke

    those are players that did not got any call for national team but I think they will be definitely in Brazil world cup if Greece managed to pass.

    Papadopoulos(CB) of schalke and Fortounis(Fwd) FC Kaiserslautern do not need to be mentioned.

    the greatest of those in my opinion is stefanos kapino. He is really a wonderfull gk and in few years he will be ready for a step in one of the greatest clubs of Europe

  10. Re: Potential Greek Risers/Moneymakers

    gyus I am a fan of Panathinaikos and I have to say that Ninis Gilberto and Cisse made very good appearances this season!!! Ninis deserves in my opinion a rise up to 89 but I think its difficult! most possible to rise at 88! Gilberto also is one of the best players this year of the team and he absolutely deserves to keep his 91 rating!! Cisse scored 28 goals in all the competitions and he will play another 4 matches including the cup final!!!

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