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    michalisg13 reacted to Dylan_Wilkinson in Terry Antonis - 16 Year Old Sensation   
    Terry Antonis| Sydney FC| 19 years old

    Name- Terry Antonis
    Age- 19
    Rating- 78
    position- M, AMĀ©
    Club- Sydney FC
    Nationality- Australian
    height- 278 (cm)
    Terry Antonis has been a youth player with Sydney FC since he was around about the age of 16. The guy has an amazing combination of great touches, amazing skills, and a good finish. His last rise on the system seen him rise 3 (75>78). Next time I expect at least another 3/4 maybe even more. This youth player is really talented.
    Terry Antonis was recently reported as best youth player in Asia/Oceania and was also said to be one of the best players of any age in Asia/Oceania.
    This player can be picked up for about 1 million average and will definetely triple your money at least in the near future.
    This was my first scout report let me know if you liked it?
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    michalisg13 reacted to zoze in Stefanos kapino (panathinaikos 17year gk)   
    Re: Stefanos kapino (panathinaikos 17year gk)
    Today fernando santos called him in the greek national squad for the upcoming friendlies , he would be the younger player ever with greece if he take some time .
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    michalisg13 got a reaction from darkblade in Some Olympiakos' players future ratings change   
    Re: Some Olympiakos' players future ratings change
    I think yes! he starts all the matches for his team and he also plays in champions league...if he would have a rating change he will rise up...
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    michalisg13 reacted to HarryAEL in Andreas Charalambous - Very promising youngster   
    Re: Andreas Charalambous - Very promising youngster
    UPTADE : he was also called and played for cyprus U-15 national team
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    michalisg13 reacted to xpratx in ROSSI, Andrea   
    Re: ROSSI, Andrea
    i'd sell him won't be rising imo
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