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  1. Hi , im Rhino , and this is my first post . I am relatively new to the game , or more to say ,this game in particular , having only been playin for some 20-25 turns , although i am not new to this Online football management genre , for which i has been playing religiously over the past few years . After competing in a few matches , it quickly became apparent to myself that indeed it is far more than a players rating that will affect results , which lead me on to further question the game engine. Soccermanager is far less tactical than anythin previous that i have played , or at least it appears to be , as there are few 100% correct ways to counter your opponents tactics. Of course factors such as a players fitness should affect the outcome of the match , but whether the game programme is advanced enough to recognise the amount of fitness a player has or merely whether they are match fit or not , is an enigma that could change the way managers approach their games. I am unsure whether a players form and morale , have anything to do with the result , as this would create a spiraling effect, which is perhaps highlighted by the team with the high average rating that got relegated and lie lower in Div 2 , mentioned earlier , where once a game is lost , a players form will be directly effected , and say if you had a team of 96 rating players in 6th postion in the league , their next 5 fixtures , are against the top 5 . You lose them all 2-0 , every starting players form will be low , and if this counts for anything in the weighing up of matches , you will continue to lose until you came up against a team with players holding worse form. The same would happen with Morale .Therefore it would suggest that form and morale have to have a small part (if any) to play in the results process as this would cause teams to have sudden and disastourous turns in fortune. Having played and spent a long time studying other types of this management game , i had always hoped that there would become an engine that rewards people for spending longer amounts of time tending to their team ,this being also benefitial to SM as consumers would spend longer on the game therefore longer periods of time exposed to the advertisements , knowing that this would help their team/teams in the up and coming match.The reality is though , that for a game engine to calculate for each manager , time spent online , or , amount of times the team tactics page was clicked , would take some sort of supermachine , which when you consider SM's potential net turnover is not fianancially viable. In my own personal opinion i believe there has got to be a "random" element thrown into the mixer that produced the odd unexpected result , but the more this happens , the less it becomes random . I think teams with better players and not the merely the team names should dicate the result , as i believe Manchester United would beat Burnley regardless of Players , but only to a certain extent , and it is where this certain extent is , ... that i would like to find out. I am sure that i have probably left out some items which need to be mentioned , but i think you'll get bored reading that . Thankyou for your patience. Rhino
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