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  1. Re: Players condition - NMF I still think, that ban NMF player from playing is the simplest way to solve this massive problem..NMF players should not play. I had never used NMF player!!! Mayby SM can change Match Engine (if its easier for them). How its possible to have a form rating 6 or 5 in a game for a player who is NMF And how he can score a goal Its a nonsense!!! They should change it !!! Idea nr 2: NMF player can have max 2 or 3 form rating !!! So the team with all NMF players will lose EVERY match they play !!!
  2. Re: Players condition - NMF I hope, they will focus on it pretty soon It's not just question of fitness. Did you ever played a game with NMF player in your team? I dont think so.. And every wise and normal manager will give a rest to player who is NMF. The problem is also protection and stupid AI of unmanaged teams. Why do we have a teams with min 21 players? To swap them if some are inj, sus or nmf. So why unmanaged team does not swap them too (if they are nfm) ??? Would be more realistic I guess.. It's really frustrating to lose a match with 65+% possession, 30+ total shots, 20+ shots on goal, all players form rating 7,8,9 (even my GK had 9:confused:) and opponent had 3 shots on target (how they manage it), player form rating 3,4,5 and they scored 1 goal and won :mad: As I've said: Lets treat NMF players as INJ, ban them from playing until their condition rise to normal...
  3. Re: Players condition - NMF Like what? Better Match Engine? I guess this is simple and easy to induct..
  4. I´m getting upset from loosing a game with teams (mostly unmanaged) whose players are all NMF (except GK) with condition bellow 15 What does it means Not Much Fit ? How thay can play with condition about 10, when one of my injured player with BROKEN COLLARBONE has condition 18 ? For me these players can hardly walk, so far from scoring a goal !!! Lets treat NMF players as INJ, ban them from playing until their condition rise to normal...
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